Thom Hartmann: Libertarians Are Just Republicans Who Want To Smoke Pot & Get Laid!

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Thom Hartmann invited Austin Petersen on his radio show this week to debate a recent Pew Research poll which showed that a majority of people who identify as libertarians don’t even know what it means. Hartmann whines that libertarians are really just Republicans who want to smoke pot and get laid. Well just what on God’s green Earth is wrong with that? 


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  • Nathanael Ginn

    Thom Hartmann just looked beyond ignorant for saying Libertarians are Republicans…. Obviously he has never truly talked or listened to a Libertarian since they are the farthest thing from a Republican or Democrat. Also, the Constitution speaks nothing to collectivism except for the Declaration of Independence. Austin did well, but I want to smack Thom Hartmann around now….

  • ashley

    This guy is an idiot. Republicans are just libertarians who want to use the force government when it suits their personal preferences.. and it is this kind of philosophical hypocrisy that has disenfranchised droves of people from the Republican party. And thus people who are otherwise “conservative”/ classically liberal have sought refuge in the only other available political party (D). Its this kind of idiocy that makes me dislike the Republican party just as much as I do the democratic party. Fools.

    • Matt Freitag

      A thousand times, yes. This is spot on.

    • Rework Oh Ryan

      Liberals are just Libertarians who want to take peoples’ money to be used for social programs, and deny unborn children their rights to life. Hartmann is such a moron, he doesn’t realize this can go many different ways.

    • Bayou_Bull

      100% agreed. Modern Libertarianism IS Classical Liberalism.

  • Layla Godey

    I have to take it that he thinks everyone is just a Democrat or a Republican then, huh? Does he really want to go there?

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    And who listens to Thom Harmann anyway? His whole 4 viewers? Big deal.

  • Robert D. Garrard

    I don’t know anything about Thom Hartmann. Is he stupid? A liar? A stupid liar?

  • Liberal talking points used against libertarians since 2008 for $500, Alex

  • Williams StrangeFest

    It’s easy ,True Libertarians never vote for the Two-Party System and just because you like Ron or Rand Paul doesn’t make You a Libertarian ,The Pauls are Republicans.True Libertarians vote for The Libertarian Party not the Republican Party.

    • Bayou_Bull

      True libertarians support the candidate that will champion liberty….not the party.

  • Lina Bryce

    your view is “me/my”..Austin replies “you/yours”. FTW

  • Bob Matthews

    I am assuming everyone that in making a comment missed the point that they were commenting on a poll of people who claimed to be libertarians but didn’t know what that meant. In the context of that poll, Hartmann is spot on.