Top 10 Libertarian Beards (Bearditarians) of 2016

By: Lauren Mckinnon

Are you a Pogonphile? (That’s Greek for “beard lover.”) Who doesn’t love a burly man with a beard? We have found the Libertarian Party’s hottest of the hairy manbeasts, and compiled a completely gratuitous list for your enjoyment! These studly men are far from follicularly challenged, and sure know how to rock their whiskers!

10. Michael Pickens



Michael is the author of Libertarian Leadership and one of his favorite quotes is “What you are willing to lose will be proportionate to what you are able to win,” by Marshall Sylver. We just hope he doesn’t lose that dreamy stubble! Michael has been active in the liberty movement for years, served as the Northern Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of California from 2011-2013, and helps groom Libertarian candidates across the country during local and state runs for office.

9. Mark Tebbets


Mark Tebbets

Mark says he is “all the bearded bro anybody needs,” and with a scruff like that, he just might be right! He created the #Tubbies4AP Facebook group, which has a huge following of foodies and liberty lovers alike. In addition to his culinary livestreams, he has helped fundraise for delegates to attend the Libertarian Party convention last month and remains active in the party. Mark has been known to dye his face-fluff pink from time to time, but you didn’t hear that from us!

8. Mohammed M. Shaker


Mohammed M Shaker

Mohammed, also known as the Mideast Beast, is an advocate for Liberty who has quite the impressive facial foliage. Here he is with the man himself, Ron Paul; The Don of the Liberty Mob, if you will. Mohammed is active in his community with Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and also served in the U.S. Army.

7. Bob Owens


Bob Owens

Bob is the punk rock Wolverine of the group. Just look at those chops! Bob is a killer bass player, gym rat, and Libertarian from Maryland who loves to livestream with his buddy Kyle on all sorts of Liberty, gym, and beard-related topics. We love him for his individuality- and that’s what liberty is all about, is it not? You’re killin’ us, Bob! (Wait… does that violate the NAP?)

6. Tom Arnold


Tom Arnold

Tom is our resident Libertarian Santa, he brings freedom and joy to all the good girls and boys. He is quite a jolly fella, but lucky for us, he is around all year long! After leaving the GOP in 2012, Tom took to fund raising for the LP, delegates, and Austin Petersen’s campaign. He is currently running a state and local PAC, The 100, for Libertarian candidates in Tennessee, and plans to run for Chair of the Tennessee LNP next year. Tom is also the founder of the Facebook group: Old Farts for Austin!

5. Blake Thies


Blake Thies

Blake rocks a man-scruff that screams, “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME CLIPPERS!” But seriously, please don’t give him clippers. We love the beard! And the swords are a nice touch as well, am I right, ladies? Clearly a proponent of the 2nd Amendment, we sure hope no one plans to tread on him or those rebellious bro-bristles!

4. Matt Kibbe


Matt Kibbe

On to a more sophisticated look, Matt sports a neatly coiffed beard that looks quite debonair. Or should we say, debon-hair? Matt is a leading advocate for personal, civil, and economic liberties. Oh, and beard liberties too! He is the founder of and has some very inspirational and educational videos on He lets his silver man-mane flow with pride. And no one is telling him what to do!

3. Zach Garretson


Zach Garretson

This Chris Stapleton doppelgänger is a member of the LP Bearded Caucus. Seriously. It’s a thing. Look it up. I’ll wait… But while you are doing that, I will tell you a little more about him. Zach worked tirelessly for Austin Petersen’s campaign as a delegate coordinator for the convention, head of AP’s security team, and now he is continuing his march for Liberty as the Vice Chair and Treasurer for the Ninjas for Liberty PAC.

2. Ian Rolf Fassnacht


Ian Rolf Fassnacht

The hair from his head has migrated to his face to create this beautiful ginger chin-halo that may or may not be home to a family of song birds. (We are still investigating). Ian is a die-hard libertarian who spreads the word about liberty wherever he goes through dank memes and live streams. Ian was inspired to join the national and California LP when he was introduced to Austin Petersen and has been a donor to his campaign and delegates to help them be able to attend the 2016 convention. He also attended the Libertarian debate in Las Vegas, where he got to meet one of his favorite celebs, and debate moderator, Penn Jillette, while squealing, “SELFIE!!”

1. Vermin Supreme


Vermin Supreme

How can you have a list of notable Libertarian beards and not mention the glitter-bombing, pony-gifting rubber boot-hat wearing man himself? Well, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say that, even though you might be a little cray-cray, Vermin, we appreciate your originality. You, sir, know how to liberty.




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