Trivia: How Well Do You Know American Presidential History?

Liberty Viral is hosting an American presidential history quiz. How well do you score?

How well do you know your presidential history?

Liberty Viral is having a presidential quiz. How many can you answer without cheating?

Who was the first Jewish female candidate to receive an electoral vote?

Hillary Clinton

Toni Nathan

Emma Goldman

Isabel Paterson

Which president was caught naked by a reporter while swimming in the Potomac?

Barack Obama

John Quincy Adams

George H. W. Bush

Andrew Jackson

Which president served four terms in office, causing congress to force presidential term limits?

John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

George Washington

Which presidential candidate ended up killing the first treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton?

Aaron Burr

Thomas Jefferson

Abraham Lincoln

Lee Atwater

Which president passed the Alien & Sedition acts, which criminalized criticizing the president after someone referred to him as “His Rotundity”

Grover Cleveland

Theodore Roosevelt

John Adams

William Howard Taft

Which president served the shortest time in office?

Abraham Lincoln

William Henry Harrison

Zachary Tyler

Angela Merkel

Which would-be presidential assassin was released to live with his mother after serving time for shooting Ronald Reagan?

James Guiteau

John Wilkes Booth

Lee Harvey Oswald

John Hinckley

Which president personally walked into a nuclear reactor to prevent it from melting down

John F. Kennedy

Jimmy Carter

Ronald Reagan

Gerald Ford

Which president was allegedly (but not truthfully) caught escaping invading forces while wearing women’s clothes?

James Madison

Woodrow Wilson

Jefferson Davis

Thomas Jefferson

Which president recommended to US citizens that they grow hemp?

Gary Johnson

Abraham Lincoln

Thomas Jefferson

George Washington

A failure of presidential proportions!

Epic fail! You failed at history class. Go back to school, kid. And until you do, please don’t vote.

Not good

You’re not passing history class anytime soon. It’s time for you to brush up on your presidential history trivia.

Passing grade

You passed the class… but barely. You definitely know a little bit of history, but not enough to be a real winner. Try taking it again after you’ve studied up a bit.


You’re a history buff and paid close attention in class. You’re pretty smart. Maybe you should run for president instead of the clowns currently seeking the Oval Office?