Trump Signals Return of CIA Black Sites in Stunning About-face


Written by: Squiggly Line Guy

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President Donald Trump has signaled a possible return to the era of CIA Black Sites conducting torture. His position on torture has been precarious at best, having changed positions several times now.

During the Republican Primaries, Donald Trump called for not only a return to waterboarding, but also a hell of a lot worse. However after winning the election, he appeared to change his stance on torture after having nominated General James Mattis for Secretary of Defense. Trump had insisted that General Mattis had helped to change his mind on torture. Citing a conversation he had with Mattis, Trump appeared impressed with Mattis’ remark:

“I’ve never found [torture] useful. Give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and I can do better.”

If that turn of evens feels recent, that’s because it was recent. Trump’s shift to be against torture happened 2 weeks after election day. Unfortunately that turn of events was short lived and turned back the other direction, again. President Trump changed his stance on torture yet again, and not a much more than a moment sooner after Mike Pompeo was confirmed for the head of the CIA. Pompeo stated he was suprised by this change in Trump’s policy, but Pompeo himself has been an advocate for torture .

A draft memo that was passed around the administration was leaked to the public followed by a statement the same day from Trump stating torture absolutely works. The draft memo proposes opening the door to reviving CIA Black Sites in foreign countries where the CIA would conduct torture.

Former Presidential Candidate and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul appeared on CNN refuting the idea that torture works. He cites a Senate Committee report concluding that torture does not work, and an alarming 20% of people detained in the secret CIA Sites were innocent people with no terrorist connections. Whatever information that was given by them was completely unreliable. They were innocent and wanted the pain to stop, and said anything to make it stop.

Trump cited speaking with experts in regards to his once again policy shift.. But he should listen to the actual expert, General Mattis, who draws from actual experience in his conclusion that torture does work.