Trump Supporters Threaten to Kill Utah RNC #NeverTrump Delegate

By: Jeff Caldwell

According to NBC, Kera Birkeland used the restroom at the Republican National Convention and emerged to a group of Donald Trump supporters threatening to kill her unless she leaves the state of Ohio, where the convention is taking place.

Birkeland is a Republican delegate pledged to Ted Cruz and called for the Roll Call Vote that
was turned down by the Convention. Kera is a day care center owner, competed in the Mrs. Utah Pageant in 2012, is a foster parent, and has five children.


She says her favorite living politician is Ron Paul. “I love the idea of personal freedom and personal liberty. That’s why I got into politics years ago. He’s one of the few politicians who really seems to stay by that, no matter what happens in politics.”

  • Joseph Ahner

    To hell with those morons.

  • Pyrran

    This should be their new motto—RNC-The Party’s Over

  • This entire story is messed up. How could you guys get so many parts wrong?

    From Kera’s page:

    Friends: thanks for the kind words. Yes, I was threatened, so to speak. I went into the bathroom and came out of my stall and there I was confronted by two women. [IN THE BATHROOM] They yelled at me, called me names. They said I should die. They said the police should be pulled from the Utah delegation and we should all die. They never touched me. They did not say they would kill me. They just said I should die.

    It shook me at first. I came out of the bathroom crying, which is how people from Utah found out. The story spread. News crews caught me crying. I was just in shock. But I was and I am ok. Yesterday, while riding the bus downtown, A DEMOCRAT said to me; “You’re a young republican, we should kill you before you produce off spring”. It’s just been a great two days. ?

    This behavior is horrible, but I won’t let it get me down. I’ll stay involved and keep fighting for what I believe. Our society really needs to change and start treating people with respect and decency.

    And for the record–I am NOT Never Trump. The role call vote was never about Trump. It was about the National Republican Party showing transparency. I believe a role call vote would have helped unite the Republican Party. But the RNC doesn’t seem to want a party for the people.

    • thanks Ed

      • Nick

        We have to start respecting each other again, no matter what the issues are, We also need to learn the art of compromise or we all go down hill, This name calling and threatening has to stop!

  • Nikc Harding

    What a load of crap!! Over sensitive, whiny little rejects. That’s all the “Never Trump” people are. Scared of their own shadow. She just got told she’s stupid, and useless. Cry me a freaking river. So now they look for pity, to gain support? WAAAAAAAAHHH!!! No one cares!! Go to a protest lady, you’ll hear worse. Oversensitive, sheltered little Mormon girl, not used to hearing harsh words. Poor wittle baby….. awwww…lol.

    • DeoPatria

      It’s people like you destroying this country more than anything. You ought to be ashamed.

    • Oathkeeper Extraordinaire

      You are just another turd in the punch bowl!

      • Brandon

        The turd sir is actualy the shit stain on soceoty you have lefty behnd

        • Oathkeeper Extraordinaire

          Hang in there! One day, if you try really, really hard, you might be able to hold a coherent intelligent conversation.

      • Nikc Harding

        Hahahahaha!!! Says a punk bitch!! How do you go around with that “Oathkeeper” bullshit? You know you’re a joke to “real”, PATRIOTS, right? Where were you for the Maher standoff? Where was your oath then? Oh, let me guess……..(crickets) Must have missed that call to arms, from your bitch assed leader, huh? Doesn’t really matter. You would have just run away too. You’re the whole reason we haven’t fixed shit. Fake assed wannabe. What did you take an oath to? Jerkin off? Take your fake patriot ass, on down the road. I don’t care how long, or if, you worked for the U.S. Inc (dunn and bradstreet). That means very little, and sure doesn’t make you a patriot. Just an idiot. Doesn’t mean you have to be violent, to be a patriot, but you better put your big boy pants on. This “turd”, and many like me, will have you inside out, in short order. I’ll be happy to demonstrate personally. Just leave your buddies, and badge, at home. I know how you pussies like to jump mfrs, and use weapons in the unarmed. Weapons, or not, is your choice. I ACTUALLY use, only necessary force.

        • Oathkeeper Extraordinaire

          You are a practiced basement badass aren’t you?
          It is easy to threaten in cyber space. The internet has given many a coward, voice from their parents basement. You hold your rank among them. Commendable I’m sure, in your cultist Trump circle jerk. However, in your own words, you prove yourself as just another coward du jour.

          • Nikc Harding

            Assume away, fake assed, poser. Ain’t shit, and ain’t about shit. You seem familiar with basements. Maybe, stop blaming others, for what you are, and your lack of conviction. Perhaps YOU should stop claiming what you could NEVER be. Eat some more poptarts, and dream of mattering to anyone but yourself. Dreams of grandeur, are all you have…

    • Aaron

      Very conducive to creating unity. The lack of self governance on display this election cycle does not bode well for the future of this country.

      • Nikc Harding

        You are correct. She needs to toughen up. It’s only going to get worse. Stop being so weak. It’s rather pathetic. People should really learn to control their emotions. I mean, it’s not like she was hit with eggs, and punched, like the other Woman Trump supporter. I am impressed. You ALMOST got it right. You just huddle in your house, and toughen up a little. Real men will properly defend the women of this country. We for it. You just stay home and sip your latte, and talk about your feelings. We got it, little guy….

    • Tracy

      The face of the new Republican Party right there. Tell me, how is that different than the Democrat party?

      I’m done with this fraud of a uniparty.

      • Nikc Harding

        Sorry. No party affiliation. Just common sense. You, and those you vote for, hate him so much? Think he did so much Wrong? How come they never changed the laws to stop him? They have the power. Ooohhhhh….. that’s right. He didn’t break a single law they made. They never took action. Not his fault. I hate to burst your bubble, moron. He’s done nothing illegal. Now you want to vote for those that let him do it. He even said he felt bad numerous times, but it was how the laws worked. They had no problem taking his donations. You are stupid, and should just sit down. You’re going to hurt yourself.

        • Tracy

          You seem like a bitter person reading all your posts.

          • Nikc Harding

            Your point?….
            Oh wait, you don’t have one. Just run at the mouth, and serve ZERO purpose…. Move along…

          • Tracy #SMOD2016


    • otaybob

      You Trumptards really should keep a low profile. It will be easier for you to deny that you supported Trump should he somehow become president and makes you ALL look like the idiots that you are. Just like all the morons that now say they didn’t vote for Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. A lot of you Trumptards will deny voting for Trump. Of course, that’s assuming Trump wins. If Hillary wins, you Trumptards will still be to blame. You all chose a HITLER wannabe.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        It’s amazing how so called sane and rational people result to Godwin’s law and the “Hitler ate sugar” fallacy when it comes to politics.

      • Nikc Harding

        Wow. You are complete moron!! You do realize, your dumb ass, is comparing politicians to a businessman, right? I don’t see how any intelligent human being, is blind to this. I don’t think Trump is a good man, by any means. Still WAY less vile then ANY politician. He never voted to kill babies, or cut vet benefits, or S.S., or Medicare, or any wars, or any bailouts, or any billions of our tax money to countries that would destroy us. No pile of bodies to save his ass from jail. Never claimed incompetent, to get off of charges. Never got his dick sucked by a secretary, in the Oval office. Never schemes millions from a charity for earthquake victims, under a phoney foundation named after himself. He’s just a successful business man. You can hate him all you want. He followed the laws. The same laws, made by the politicians that despise him, and you want to vote for. He’s the only one who ever had a real job. That worked like a normal person. You untitled brats, have no respect for that. Grow the FUCK up!!

    • Steven Diamond

      You Sir are a disrespectful man, lacking charity. If she were your wife and someone threatened her in this manner, would you say these same things? I f so, you are suffering from short man’s syndrome. Your words are more a reflection of how you show up in the world. I hope you will reconsider your words and defend this woman’s Liberty instead of berating her.

      • Nikc Harding

        I lack charity? Mfr, you don’t know me. You can kiss the whitest part of my ass. Charity is not pity. Charity is not subjugation, and charity is not complaining. I never said I had no love for the woman. I love all of mankind. Doesn’t mean I have to like what they do, or how pathetic we have become. I said she needs to grow her whihey ass up. I wouldn’t have to worry about my wife. She would have smacked the broads. She isn’t a coward, weak, or soft. I dare a dumb broad to step to my wife. My daughter is young, so she would probably behave the same. That’s what little kids do. Grown folks should know how to control themselves. That is, unless they’re sheltered little morons, that think hiding from the world around them, makes them better people. So much better, in fact, that they can not operate in today’s society. They are the true believers, used for their ignorance and self righteousness. Only those they support, are mearly using them for that ignorance. Thinking they are doing good, when they are just tools for profit. Defending them is stupid. They need to be educated, and slightly hardened to reality.

      • Nikc Harding

        I bet you believe global warming was coined to “save”, and “help”. Money scheme. What about the poor “refugees” that are killing everyone around the world? They just need “charity”, and want to do “good”. We should “love ” them, huh? That way you are a good, loving, charitable, unislamaophobic, anti- racist. Right? That’s what I’m getting at, moron!! They will “love” you to death, in return. Works out so well, doesn’t it? You die like good little sheep, crying, and gnashing your teeth. There will be much of that. You have no clue, of your own stupidity, and ignorant arrogance. Just remember. When someone says “What would Jesus do?” That flipping tables over, and bearing people with a whip, is not out of the realm of possibilities…….

    • Ivana Claughu

      Ha! Someone calling Kera sheltered and not used to hearing harsh words clearly does not know this woman. The press may be using her story for pity because she had a tiny moment of fear in a bathroom, but she is not out for pity. She is one of the toughest women I have ever known. Small town politics and being a foster mom who actually cares about and advocates for the kids, is no place for the faint of heart.

      • Nikc Harding

        I’m sure her kids are just as sheltered, and whiny. You have problems, if words hurt that bad…. She would have died from panic if she had tomatoes, and eggs thrown at her face, as well as a sucker punch to the jaw. That’s what happened to the last lady that was attacked. You over offended, cry babies, beat toughen up. If things keep going this way, it’s gonna get a lot worse. I just said she should quit being a cry baby. They all of you threw a tantrum…pathetic.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      Her fb post may change your mind – she clearly states that she isn’t a never trump delegate and that the threat actually came from a democrat. She also never identifies the women who told her she should die as trump supporters, and supports her parents who support trump.

      Don’t let the lamestream media rob you of your ability to read – they are just pot-stirring to get trump supporters upset.

      • Kim

        No. Read it again. She said those ladies in the bathroom harassed her on top of the democrat outside of the convention. It seems your strange name for the media has nothing to do with reading skills at all….
        “It shook me at first. I came out of the bathroom crying, which is how people from Utah found out. The story spread. News crews caught me crying. I was just in shock. But I was and I am ok. Yesterday, while riding the bus downtown, A DEMOCRAT said to me; “You’re a young republican, we should kill you before you produce off spring”. It’s just been a great two days. “

        • Gregg Braddoch

          “She said those ladies in the bathroom harassed her on top of the democrat outside of the convention.”

          So now we are playing the leftist game of “harrassed = threatened” and changing the definition of words to fit personal bias? Curious that you saw fit to remove the preceding text which describes the incident – cherry pick conveniently for your web retorts much?

          “It seems your strange name for the media has nothing to do with reading skills at all…. ”

          It seems that you are a skilled interwebz(TM) sophist who is conveniently accustomed to partial quotes to make pedantic and childish points about…. whatever your confirmation bias wants the situation to be. Congrats, you are no better than reporters who can’t get their facts straight.

  • Grumpy Guy

    If you ‘love the idea of personal freedom and personal liberty’, you should probably get the Hell out fo the GOP at this point and join the Libertarians.

    The GOP and Dems are just two similar flavors of Fascism.

  • Katsam!9

    NOT for Trump, but unless I have audio, I have to not take sides
    because I can’t know if this is true or if it’s to hurt Trump. It’s been
    like that since he entered the race.

  • docmerlin

    She broke rule one. NEVER GO ANYWHERE ALONE. Sigh, we tell people how it is every year, and people think we are exaggerating. If you aren’t with the presumptive nominee, never go alone. At least she wasn’t tackled and manhandled by security (as some RP people were in 2008.)

    • Kim

      Seems this is almost a blood sport now.

      • docmerlin

        Always was, politics is a sort of mock-battle that you do where numbers you can bring are what help you win.

  • bill coleman

    What is the case number of the police report?

    • Gregg Braddoch

      Probably not any, because some people like the lady in the article, don’t make a big deal out of it. Only the leftwing media and anti-Trump people want to make any sort of deal out of it.

  • Biologyteacher100

    Gee–it’s ok for Trump if he doesn’t get 100% support. I am usually skeptical when I hear about elections where one cadidate gets 98% or 100% of the vote. That happens in communist and authoritarian governments.