Turning Chicago from the Worst City to the Best City in America

Written by Nathaniel Cole

A few weeks ago President Donald Trump sent 20 AFT agents in to Chicago so they could help with the illegal firearms coming in to the city. Is this really going to stop anything?

To put it simply: no, it will not stop anything. As we all know Chicago, Illinois is notorious for their crime rate. The liberal policies that are implemented in this city and the phony “war on drugs” are mainly to blame.

Here are three simple solutions that will make Chicago one of the greatest cities in the United States.

1. Make guns easier for citizens to obtain.

There is something about rules which makes humans want to break them. The cities with the strictest gun laws have the most gun crime. Instead of banning guns and making citizens vulnerable to attacks, we should be encouraging them to be protected and teaching them gun safety. We need background checks, of course, to make sure the people who have guns are mentally capable of having them or have not committed crimes with guns. However, strict gun control has never worked. In Russia where handguns are banned, the murder rate is 30.6 per 100,000, while in the US the rate is a mere 7.8 . This is a study coming from Harvard University. The United States is not the number one country in gun crime either. We need to make sure the people are safe, and making guns unavailable to the people has obviously not worked.

2. End the phony war on drugs immediately.

The reason all these gangsters in America have so much power is because they have been given the power of the black market on drugs and illegal firearms. You would think the alcohol prohibition of the 1920’s would have taught us a lesson, but unfortunately it has not. People should be able to put whatever they want in their bodies as long as they are not hurting anyone else. However, people should receive harsher punishments if they commit a crime under the influence. The war on drugs is putting people in prison for victimless crimes. If we were to end the war on drugs and decided to tax and regulate these drug sales, we could even choose to use the money, in combination with the money we were using fighting on the war on drugs, to build and make rehabilitation centers easier to afford or even free. Not only could we help people get clean but we could also take away the gangs of the U.S.’s power away and make the streets safer.

3. Give the Chicago ghettos resources.

Let’s be honest, the American ghetto has very few resources. A lot of these kids have nothing to do after school and especially in the summer. A lot of them feel alone because they come from single parent, and dysfunctional households. We need to build community centers that have resources for the community. Obviously we need money to build these centers so the only way we could is see what we have in the budget and once we use that money we will have to get the money through donations and volunteer work at first. These centers should have productive activities like performing arts, sports, game rooms, etc. They should also have afterschool programs and free tutoring. And instead of the city governing these communities the community should elect locals from the neighborhood to organize and manage these centers and give these centers a balanced budget for their community.

If you do all three of these things then Chicago will be the best place to live in the United States within 5 years.