Twitter Favors ISIS Over Gay, Conservative Icon Milo

By: Liberty Laura

The alt-right, gay conservative activist, Milo Yiannopoulos, has been permanently banned from Twitter because of a negative comments against Leslie Jones and her new movie, Ghostbusters.

This is not the first his account has been suspended, but the first permanent action. Before now, he has had temporary bans and lost his verification after reportedly calling a female social justice warrior a “loser.”

In an interview featured below, Milo points out that Twitter will host ISIS-related accounts, ISIS sympathizers, and tweets that call to kill Donald Trump supporters, but permanently suspends Milo when he harshly critiques a new movie.

Milo acknowledged that Twitter is a private company, and is free to ban whichever users it please, however, “What’s going to happen, if Twitter does change its rules to clamp down on all the most fun people on its network, all of the most interesting people on its network, is that people are going to leave,” he said.