Vice Chair of the LP: Service Members are Moralless Murderers

It has become very clear in recent weeks that the Libertarian Party Leadership just can’t keep their feet out of their mouths…and like it that way. This should come as no surprise coming from the same party who quotes the Satanic Temple Tenents during A Christian Holy week, sells their principles in a pay to play scheme, or announces that abortion is a non-issue to a party which is clearly divided in the issue.

In the latest incident, Libertarian Party Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra had the following to say regarding troops and veterans.

A common excuse to join the military, despite disagreeing with every single thing that it does: the military pays for college.

Translation: I agreed to kill innocent people because I wanted the money.

That type of decisionmaking is below the lowest threshold of any kind of morality that I know of.

Financial benefits do not justify killing strangers and destroying countries.

Before you join the military, the DEA, or other organizations that use violence, first decide if you actually agree with their mission. If you do not, “I wanted the money” is not a moral excuse at all.


Of course the internet reacted in the predictable ways. Some started calling Vohra names. Some stuck by his side. Others tried keeping the peace and helping each other see the other point of view.

We know one thing: active duty troops overwhelmingly supported Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for president in 2016. If they are new to the party, what message do you think this sends them, coming from a party figurehead? Many troops (who haven’t murdered anyone) now disagree with conflicts they participated in – both past and present – after seeing things from the inside. They once thought they were doing the right thing. While they might not be proud of the conflicts they were involved in, they are still proud, or at least not completely ashamed, of their service for one way or another. Although the military is used for many atrocities, it also accomplishes some good. With Veteran suicide rates at an all time high, we should be not be prying away the last shred of pride and dignity they may have left. Instead we should be empowering them and sending them forward with a new mission: to fight for liberty.

Mr Vohra should stop to take the temperature of the room before making a statement of this nature.  He may or may not be talking to some underage folks who would maybe consider joining the military at some point in the future…who knows. Who he is definitely talking to, however, are tons of active duty service members and Veterans already in the libertarian party who already face adversity from fellow members. Their service usually is what LED them to libertarianism. They look to LP leadership for guidance and direction.

“It’s frustrating because many of us are “converted” in part because of our experiences. I’d say, if we have joined the LP, we don’t agree with the way the military is used either. We were all once less informed and individually minded. Holding our past decisions against us is not conducive to our joint cause.” states one veteran from Tennessee.

“As a registered Libertarian and current reservist I am shocked by the comments made by our vice chair. Personally I think Mr Vohra should step down.

This is not a freedom of speech issue, but rather a fundamental misunderstanding of the armed forces. How am I supposed to explain this to my battle buddies?” states a service member.

A short time ago, Vohra was soliciting from LP Veterans reasons why they enlisted in the military. The responses were thoughtful, honest, and respectful. It seemed as if the LP was finally going to do some smart outreach.

We should have known better… We deserve better.

  • Anthony Dlugos

    The party is not divided on abortion. That implies something on the level of an even split, which is factually untrue. The party is overwhelmingly pro-choice, and the platform is explicitly pro-choice. Deal with it.

  • Somewhere between 0 and all US armed service members have killed innocent civilians. If no US soldiers are engaging in immoral acts then all can say that Arvin Vorha is wrong and go their merry way voting and supporting the Republican and Democrat parties. What percentage of current US armed service members would you say is innocent of killing innocent civilians? To end the discussion of the issue by saying “Not all US soldiers are like that” is insufficient in addressing the immense ongoing wrong that is perpetrated by the US Army on innocent people.

  • akboss

    Well I used to be a Libertarian, hard corp and dedicated to Libertarian values, but no longer.
    The party like all the rest has become overrun with liberals.

    The LP can bite my ass

  • True Citizen

    Oh my suffering word. Anyone giving any kind of defense for this piece of garbage is wrong. I’m sure most of y’all will cite the Iraq war as a conflict that we shouldn’t be proud of. Probably couldn’t tell me anything about about Iraq dating back 50 years much less anything from the 90′ war to present day. I’ll throw a bone. Look into the sanctions against Iraq starting in August of 1990 that lasted till 2003. That was our attempt at diplomacy verses military removal of Sadam. This dudes comments are so devoid of any kind of intelligence. It is not The military’s intent to harm non combatants. Unfortunately in asymmetric warfare that is a very challenging problem. I joined the military to serve the United States which means fighting our nation’s wars and enemies. Not to kill innocent people. This dude is a moron and needs to not speak ever again.

  • NormB

    I used to consider myself a Libertarian. In principle, at least, made some donations to the party, voted for the LP candidates in the 1990s.

    Then the LP showed up side by side at several LGBTQXYZ (and sometimes W) events in major cities where police/fire personnel were forced to attend and NAMBLA had their disinformation tents set up.

    Tacit approval of the unspeakable by faint damnation and/or none at all. They’ve supported Planned Genocide and “a woman’s right to choose” [murdering her unborn child].

    And now this, and several other missteps like it have become more the norm than the exception.

    Their “open borders” policy is what really turned me away after seeing what importing criminals into our inner cities was doing to the economy and violent crime rates there; the native criminal populations had to step up their game: more violent crime, drive-by shootings, EBT card fraud, drug use and prostitution just to compete for the same amount of journalistic representation in the mainstream media.


    “Service members” are simply extensions of the right to keep and bear arms the LP once touted so highly as a core principle. Military strength reflects the right of the people to bear arms in defense of not only self, but of nation. LP is all about destroying nations. One planet, one people, killing babies in the womb and supporting pedophiles to do what they will with the ones who survive long before the age of majority (or pubescence). Von Clausewicz got it right about when diplomacy fails, but our military is often abused, used as a weapon when DIPLOMATS fail, or our leaders have longer-range agendas to wear down our military. Hell, in EX President Obeyme’s eight years he had our military dropping bombs at the rate of one every 23 minutes on at least seven different (muslim) nations. Who and what cause did THAT benefit?

    Soldiers serve. Like any other brotherhood forged in fire and direct peril, like police, firefighters, EMTs or college freshmen facing the horrors of opposing opinions and viewpoints (tee-hee), those bonds are strong, the experiences SHOULD make them all stronger, unsupportive assholes like this guy and his party help create an environment of cognitive dissonance for the soldier (the cop on the street and others) fighting as they’ve been trained to do.

    Military is as necessary to the survival of a nation as is the immune system of our own bodies.

    This kind of talk is the HIV/AIDS of social decay and demoralization.

    Hopefully others will catch wind of this insult and flee LP with THEIR moral compass intact.

    [first draft, pre-caffeinated stream of consciousness]

    • Pat McGilvary

      In other words, they became jew infiltrated.

  • wjr123

    Libertarianism is, effectively, anarchy that hopes for individual self control. Like communism it is theoretically interesting but, in practice, a disaster.

  • Alan Tattersall

    To bad this asshole doesn’T know what the word freedom really is? That is what our military has given this great nation over the last 250 years. It,is,quite,apparent this guy has never served in the military or he would know better.
    I would say about 85% of the military since Vietnam doesn’t/don’t care about the money for college. I/we/they joined to serve their/our country.
    One more statement like this and this guy will be gone.

  • Alfie Tennyson

    Vohra has damaged the LP with his idiocy.