Senate Candidate Loretta Sanchez Dabs at Debate

Written By Alex Furman

In a setting normally reserved for menthol cough drops and and caffeine-free diet coke, senatorial candidate Loretta Sanchez broke out her millennial salute and “dabbed” on her debate opponent.

While her form was a little off, indicative of a person who doesn’t know the herbal nature and/or origin of the “dab,” props goes out to Sanchez for going for it. As one can tell from watching the video, no one in the crowd knew what she was doing and ostensibly did not grant the immediate reaction Sanchez was hoping for, but in the internet age, these things tend to get we’re they need to go.

Hell, you’re watching it right now. And besides, the still photo is all most people are ever going to see so I think this is an overall win for the California House Democrat.

Here at Liberty Viral, we like to give credit where credit is due. So the next dab’s on us, you crazy Congresswoman you.


Alex Furman

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