Watch Officer In Ferguson Point A Rifle And Threaten To “F**king Kill” A Journalist

Video has emerged from Ferguson, Missouri where a police officer wields a gun at reporters who are there to cover the events. The officer threatens them, saying “I’ll f**king kill you” as he points the gun directly at them.


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  • Ken

    Reporter is an asshole.

    • Buck

      Maybe so, I don;t know him. But you and the cop are bigger assholes.

      • Ken

        Oh you precious little thing, Go bait a cop. It will be fun. You will enjoy it, Send the video.

        • Cecil

          Reporter was baiting the cop by walking down a public street with a video camera? I’ll also add that “being an asshole” is in no way a threatening behavior and therefore the cop was completely unjustified to raise his weapon at him. Rule #1 of gun safety never point your weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot.

          • Ken

            He was obviously baiting the cop. Are you conveniently deaf to his snotty comments? Just another asshole looking to for his 15 minutes on the net.

          • Noot Zoot

            You’re missing the point. It is unacceptable for an officer, or any one else, to point their gun at someone without a reasonable justification. “Being an asshole” is not enough, and “reporters” baiting cops is not enough to warrant being threatened with a gun.

          • Ken

            You’re missing the point. “Reporter” was a snotty little bitch. Intelligent people don’t bait people with guns.

  • RMartz

    Self – aggrandizing reporter is obstructing an officer of the law from doing his job and is only adding unnecessary stress to an already high tension situation. That said, the officer should not have said that but it is understandable that he would need to assert authority when outnumbered. Wish he would have had non lethal protection device to teach that annoying “gnat” a lesson.

  • Mark

    Well I think we found all the cop apologist here on this thread. Baiting a cop, screwing with a cop NEVER EVER gives a cop a reason to point a gun and say I will fucking kill you.
    What a bunch of idiots to defend the indefensible. Morons are everywhere. Give a dweeb a uniform, badge, and weapon and all of a sudden he’s a badass.
    Screw cops like this. They totally give law abiding police officers a wrap they will soon be unable to overcome!