Watch This Liberal Priest Squirm When Confronted About Hobby Lobby & Birth Control

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A conservative activist approached a liberal priest who was protesting over the recent birth control case involving Hobby Lobby. Watch him squirm when asked about why he thinks employers should be forced to pay for their employees birth control.

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  • Arthur Knowlton

    Seriously, I need to know more about this pos, if he is a priest, which I doubt then his superiors need to be informed of his misdirection. Wearing a Roman collar and faux chasuble does not one a cleric make….

  • Skylar

    Ah yes, “And God said, let not the marginalized pay for their own services, but let the pharaohs pay for them instead.” -Bullshitticus 4:20

    Would these people be ok if Hobby Lobby took the $9 a month birth control cost out of their current paycheck, and then handed it back to them with a note that says “This is for preventing the implantation of a fertilized embryo”?

    You have a paycheck, just buy it yourself!

    • Tracy A. Goode

      No, but He DID say, “‘When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Leave them for the poor and for the foreigner residing among you. I am the LORD your God.” It doesn’t mean everything is handed to you on a silver platter, you DO have to do some of it for yourself; with 16 forms of birth control available to choose from, FOUR shouldn’t have been an issue.

  • GTP

    I think some people have “rights” confused with “wants”.

  • Joe Marwil

    Healthcare is not a basic human right. To care for others is a virtue, but this is not a guaranteed right. The only guarantee in life is death!

  • Typical liberal hypocrite. Claims he’s for protecting the innocent and the marginalized yet supports a woman’s ability to murder her baby.

    • David Manhart

      IUDs, the contraception that Hobby Lobby wanted to, and got, an exemption for prevents the fertilization of the egg by damaging or killing sperm. It prevents sperm from fertilizing an egg. The egg never gets fertilized.

      This is “murdering a baby”? How is using a condom also not “murdering a baby”? Or oral sex?

      Additionally, Obamacare also covers Viagra.

      If an unfertilized egg is a baby, does that mean that each month, women commit mass genocide when they menstrate?

      • I’m referring to his “pro choice” declaration as evidenced by his sign, not the particular types of contraception the state was trying to force Hobby Lobby to pay for.

      • Robert Johnson

        You’re quite missing the point, David, which is the use of force. If the most recent science on IUDs were convincing that it’ll never work in an abortifacient manner, that would be fantastic. But with ACA, persuasion, choice and acceptance are sidelined by force.

  • Richard Anderson

    Well… If we give you the right to defend yourself how are we supposed to steal all of your stuff?

  • Alex858

    I really liked that line she used, I had not heard it yet. “The second amendment guarantees my right to bear arms, should my employer be forced to buy my ammunition?”

  • Sam IAm

    IF the government is going to mandate healthcare insurance, such as in the form of the ACA, THEN a minimum standard should apply. I don’t think anyone would argue that Band-aids and Bacitracin constitute comprehensive medical coverage. Would most argue as passionately against coverage for blood transfusions (Jehovah’s Witness), antidepressants (Scientologists) or any coverage at all (faith healers, various denominations?) Should a potential employee do a background check to learn any theological leanings about “the boss” or leadership before an interview? Or ask about it during an interview?

    Now, whether the government should mandate that coverage is a separate debate, but it does seem to be legally settled at the moment.

    Furthermore, I have seen statistics which say that as many as 20% of fertilized eggs (pregnancies, in other words) spontaneously abort. It’s difficult to pin down, because a woman may not even know, she may just think she’s simply having a heavier than normal flow. Should we be giving every heavily soaked maxi-pad a name and a funeral?

    Lastly, her analogy of the 2nd amendment is a straw man. I am about as pro-2nd Amendment as you can get, but it is my choice whether to exercise that right. I also have freedom of speech… should an employer buy me a megaphone? I have freedom of press… should an employer buy my pencil & paper, or an offset printing press? If I choose to keep my mouth shut, should my employer pay for a roll of duct tape?

    Just as with Citizens United vs the FEC, I think the court got it wrong. Hobby Lobby, whether public or private is indeed a legal entity, but not an individual. The Bill of Rights should be seen as applying to INDIVIDUALS… to human beings. A person may use a legal entity, (such as The Associated Press) to exercise their freedom of press, but a piece of paper (corporation) has no more legal right than the tree stump in my back yard.