Weird Sh*t I Saw When I Infiltrated A Donald Trump Group

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By: Liberty Laura

I’m a troll. It’s my job.

Last month I found two of the largest Donald Trump support groups on Facebook– both with memberships around 50,000 strong.

Mostly, I just observed. I thought I had an idea of what was in there.

But in reality, the hate, racism, and sycophant mentality I witnessed blew me out of the troll’s water. Plug in the word “jew” for any black person or Muslim in this group’s comments, use “Donald Trump” in place of what would be “Adolf Hitler,” and you’ve got restored Nazi Germany propaganda.

First, the racism…

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.20.03 AM

In regards to President Obama:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.17.30 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.17.21 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.08.09 AM

Next, the bootlicking…
Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.18.25 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.13.32 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.14.14 AM

My personal favorite is the Ayn Rand quote followed by a nationalist prayer for “our fearless leader:”

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.10.11 AM

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  • Kat121

    Wow – guess what – I saw this in Hillary and Bernie groups too. Funny how its everywhere!

    • Larry Underwood

      Exactly all sides have racists so let’s stop with the racist racist racist when all candidates have at least one racist supporter. Candidates are not supporters. So guilt by association is pointless and a distraction. Only low info voters resort to obsessing over racism.

      • Jodie

        Funny Health Trump has a lot more

    • Idolator88

      The example of racism was missing any racism from the responder. The original poster had plenty. Sooooooo, what is this supposed to prove exactly?

      • Kat121

        I don’t believe his rant proves anything. I simply stated I have seen such examples on all sides of the coin. Does that bother you that it comes from all sides? It does not bother me, I do not take offense – as words are just that – words. You know my grandma used to say “sticks n stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you” I was not offering any examples as I am tired of seeing folks push Clinton, Bernie, Trump, etc as racist. They are just “vote mongers”

        • Idolator88

          Not, you. The writers screed . He stated the first was an example of racism. Just, it didn’t include any racism .

    • Jodie

      Trump supporters suck. They are so ignorant

  • livingfiction

    Politics seems to bring out the worst in people. A couple of common behaviors I’ve observed that are worthy of over-emotional six-year-olds are name calling (“Hitlery,” “Rethuglicans”) and the equivalency standard (“the other side does it, too” – see prior comments for examples). This isn’t the way mature adults behave in normal situations. Apparently politics is not a normal situation and every effort should be made to avoid and limit it.

    • Kat121

      VERY good advice. I know that I have personally had to “step away” to clear my head and reorganize my thoughts. Limit the time online to benefit yourself, your mind and your mentality. It gives you a much clearer picture of the “whole” I want what is best for our country. I am tired of seeing all the hate seethe from both sides. I am sorry for making a comment as such. But I have always been one to believe in research, looking at all sides, all issues. Therefore I joined all groups, listen to all sides, and try to keep my anger in check. It is easier to think logically when emotions are not involved. (Mr. Spock 🙂 ) But unfortunately we are not all Mr. Spock.

      • livingfiction

        Thank you for understanding and for your good advice, too. I guess I’m trying to take a similar position; step away emotionally and don’t choose sides. I’m trying to stay critical of the wrong stuff instead of the left and right stuff. And also, looking inward for guidance (and sanity) instead of outward for alliances. It’s a challenge I fail at more often than not.

        • Kat121

          I have taken to planning things when I am home (not working) to keep me offline. Simple things. LOL – I got a dog! So walking him keeps me sane, and away from the low tolerance, and constant desire to “see what is going on” ALSO – shut off the notifications from social media as to when someone comments/replies to your posts. This (discuss) is one of the few I keep on. But with that – my picture is how my brain feels sometimes when I read things! Like it is going to explode! If it is something that you feel strongly about, keep your comments on, but remember to distance yourself from the thoughts of others. Or learn to just ignore them. So many will spew violent things, just for the shock or reaction value. I was just told that I should die and I am a slut and have too much privilege because I cannot in good faith support a group I see as hateful. I saw the post, but did not ponder. Deleted the email in my inbox, ignored, and moved on. Everyone won’t agree with me, but arguing with them, with the ignorance, causes too much pain and ill feelings. There has to be a control point. I do fail too. Alot. But just by trying, and by reading your post, it has made me feel some hope. To know there are folks out there, that just want the truth. Want what is morally best for ALL the people of our country and our world. Thank you.

    • Jodie

      Piss on trump. I pray that Trump doesn’t become president