What in the World is Larry Sharpe Up To?

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The 2018 election season is already building momentum in the liberty world, with announcements coming from key players like LNC Vice Chair, Arvin Vohra announcing his bid for a senate seat, as well as the almost shocking news that Austin Petersen is also vying for a senate seat under the Republican banner after more than a decade in the Libertarian Party, along with numerous other campaign kick-offs to come from the liberty movement. But what in the world is Larry Sharpe up to?

Ramping up for his big announcement on July 12, speculation is growing around what that announcement might be for the New York native. Is he going to run for an LNC seat? Senate? Governor? No one really knows, but one thing I think we can all agree on, is whatever he is planning, it is sure to be an exciting time for libertarians and liberty lovers.

Sharpe is one of the liberty movement’s least antagonistic heavy hitters, preferring good rhetoric to cutting tweets. The Libertarian Party, and the liberty movement as a whole has faced some divisiveness on many issues but Larry has been a voice of reason and unity in it all. Earning the respect of everyone from Radical Anarchists to Conservatarians is no easy feat, but when Larry speaks, we listen. He has experience that commands respect, and a way of connecting that unites millennials with baby-boomers on issues we never thought we would come together on.

So, whatever you are up to Larry, we are listening!

To be a part of the live announcement on July 12, please visit his website at http://larrysharpe.com 

The liberty movement is firing on all cylinders and it’s good to know the east coast has a man in the citizens’ corner. However you lean within the broad libertarian spectrum, Larry Sharpe, and his coming announcement should be in your mind. He is surly not done making waves.

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