Whiny, Crying Vegetarian Liberal Gives Nutty Speech In Chicken Restaurant

An emotional woman walked into a dining room and gave an impassioned speech about a “little girl named Snow,” who just happens to be a chicken. Kelly Atlas, a California based activist of Direct Action Everywhere is an animal liberationist, and her viral video stunt to raise awareness about “speciesism” is firing up the hearts of vegetarians and the grills of carnivores all around the world.

Kelly Atlas cries loudly while describing her chicken Snow, and how everyone in the restaurant is committing violence by eating her sisters. “Her name is Snow! And she just wants to live!”

From Direct Action Everywhere’s website: Direct Action Everywhere’s mission is to empower activists to take strong and confident action wherever animals are being denigrated, enslaved, or killed, and create a world where animal liberation is a reality. We use creative nonviolent protest to tell the animals’ story. We are not afraid to push boundaries and even polarize the debate. We integrate the latest technology and most innovative research to most effectively advocate for the liberation of our animal friends. And we use the power of an open and welcoming community to make all of us more inspired and confident activists. Writer James McWilliams tells us we’re doing today’s “most compelling animal activist work”!

  • Jon … a Baptist

    And if she is your typical liberal this attitude about protecting life flies right out the window if the life is that of a human baby in the womb

    • Dysmondad

      First, You don’t know what her views are with regard to abortion.
      Second, you are projecting her views onto other persons.
      Third, you are making a ‘straw man’ argument by conflating the two issues into a single point of view that you have created.

      • gabriel_ca

        It’s not entirely his fault, just look at the head line, how do they even know she’s a liberal? She’s just an animal rights activist, who has a pet chicken that’s all.

        Some might identify me as a liberal due to many of my views, but I also chop the heads off chickens, pluck them, butcher them and eat them. Why even bother with the over generalizations except to further incite and divide the people of this nation.

        • Chuck Russell

          Yeah, just because a woman runs into a restaurant and says she has a little girl that was abused doesn’t make her liberal. It’s not like she misrepresented anything. I for one was thinking “chicken” from the first moment she said I have a little girl. Also, lots of conservatives are known to be making very similar speeches. So yeah, there’s really know way to label her a liberal. We need to stop profiling and trying to figure things out. Never label anything or try to ascertain anyone’s position.

        • bobfairlane

          Why bother me when I’m ordering fried chicken?

  • JC

    Snow would have been good with mashed potato’s cole slaw and gravy! as her sisters were!!!!

    • John Hogan

      I prefer fries with my chicken.

  • Mark

    Is she the same moon bat that was crying in the forest about the old-growth trees? Or do all liberals have that whiny sniffling tone?

  • Grouchy Old Fart

    Oh please… Remember the good old days when she would have been arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing?

    • Duncan Hill

      damn that pesky freedom of speech

      • Grouchy Old Fart

        Duncan –> Sadly, you are not alone in your ignorance of what freedom of speech means. Let’s see if we can clear this up for you.

        That woman entered a restaurant, which is a private business. While during certain hours it is open to the public, it is still private property.

        The owner of the property has the right to establish and maintain standards of behavior on the property. Anyone not living up to those standards can be barred from the property and arrested for trespassing (just for starters) if they refuse to leave.

        Don’t think so? Head on down to your local mall and start wandering its corridors waving animal rights signs, yelling Snow’s story at the top of your lungs and video taping the whole thing. Once you bail out of jail, let us know how that worked out for you.

        Or go to some night club and see how long it takes you to get thrown out for preaching politically correct behavior among all that drinking, dancing and hooking up. Something tells me the bouncers may not be as kind as the mall cops.

        This is a lesson the occupy clowns and others have really got to learn. Everyone does indeed have freedom of speech and the freedom to assemble in public places. (Again, not private property and within the rules set for that property.)

        Freedom of speech does not grant the person speaking the right to be listened to. The point where your speech interferes with my right to pursue my life unmolested is the limit where that right ends. Preach what ever cause you like to your heart’s content. But don’t disrupt my business, my home, my travels or even my lunch with it.

        When that line is crossed you become a criminal. I think some call that civil disobedience. One thing many of these protestors are forgetting is that some folks may not wait for the police to remove the impediment to their pursuit of happiness.

        Joe Public is getting a little bored with putting up with these disruptions in their lives.

        • Duncan Hill

          so was she asked to leave and did she refuse?

          • Grouchy Old Fart

            Completely beside the point. In response to my comment that she needed to be in jail, you said, “damn that pesky freedom of speech.”

            My point is in these circumstances this is not a free speech issue.

          • Duncan Hill

            Not at all. She cannot be arrested for what she says, but she can be arrested from refusing to leave private property. She still has freedom of speech. Your proposal is to arrest people for being in a public place without giving them the opportunity to leave, as is the current situation. In that case what is she being arrested for exactly? To apply your positioning would result in arrests being taken to arbitrary lengths because say the people on the next table were talking about how awesome Obama is, and the owner is Republican.

          • disqus_lc7KycmONp

            Duncan, you claimed freedom of speech as the reason she is not being thrown in jail. Your statement wasn’t even valid in this circumstance because he wasn’t saying she needed to be thrown in jail for her words, but instead the way they were delivered. Let me clear a few things up for you since you seem the intellectual type.

            Almost every state has a disorderly conduct law that includes “disturbance of the peace” and loitering in certain areas. It is often used as a catch all for behaving disruptively but presenting no serious public danger.

            Trespassing was achieved when she entered the property and didn’t follow the rules of said property. I am almost certain that yelling and disrupting other patrons is against the rules set forth on this property. It also covers committing an offense against another. She did that by trying to drive away his business.

            Now if he had said she is a loon and needs to be locked away then you would have been correct in saying “damn that pesky freedom of speech,” but since he didn’t say that in any way you just look like an idiot that doesn’t really know what either of the two terms he posted are or freedom of speech for that matter.

      • MarkH_TX

        First Amendment rights do not apply in a private establishment! First Amendment rights only in the governments’ attempts to infringe upon your right to free speech. The proprietor does not have to listen to this chicken song in his own establishment.

  • Danllo

    Wow, she’s going to regret this when she goes for that job interview. A healthy sex life would also cure the will to do something so … “crazy”.

    • I would hire her. There is nothing crazy about the compassion for other beings. What is crazy is the justification of it for personal gratification. I applaud her display – it’s courageous and helps (some) people want to see what she’s talking about. In addition, it helps the fight against unnecessary animal torture. Don’t just selectively love a few animals but allow slaughter of others: it’s modern-day holocaust.

      • Grouchy Old Fart

        She needs to be in jail for disorderly conduct.

      • Frank Chalupa

        Let me get this straight Roger, you believe that a chicken is a being? the same as a human being? if that is the case you have absolutely no idea what the definition if being is.

        • A ‘being’ is any living element of existence. Yes, this ‘chicken’ is a being. No human is the same as any other human, only in the physical sense: same as animals – chickens, dogs, cats, etc. There are many variant meanings of ‘being’ – you just choose to select what is and what isn’t.

      • scottajones

        I love my dog lokey he is a great companion for my son and If my son was starving or even really hungry and I had no other mean’s, I would bar-b-que his arse slow on the pit with a special rub I have and some homemade wine! How’s that for your selective theory? We as people for the most part don’t eat dog’s and cat’s because of the availability of other food sources and the companion quality and ease of care for them compared to say a pet chicken or cow! I think what you will not ever find in countries with starving people is a problem with stray dog’s or cat’s! I don’t remember seeing dog’s or cat’s in background pic’s of anyone with starving children! There is still people that Know where there food comes from and don’t hesitate to make it so!

        • scottajones

          P.S. even with your IDEALS I’m more than sure if you were hungry enough I would’t have to ask you twice to pass the butter! lol

          • Yes, you would have to ask me more than twice. I know how to find the right foods for what my body needs without harming animals. Again, just doing my part to lessen the impact of murder and providing myself the sources necessary (available or when faced under ‘dire’ circumstances as you may put it) to eat what I need and not go ‘gluttony’ on myself. As well, I’m certain that if I provided you with a portabello-mushroom sandwich and starving, you may not hesitate either 🙂

        • Simply, the availability of all other foods is easier to come by when the world is taken care of: it costs a TON more resources to raise animals for slaughter – by all means, do the math and research. In addition, high-poverty areas tend to have ‘forced’ vegetarian diets because they can’t afford meat. With this, their lack of water resource (another staple of the animals that we slaughter need) is not readily available to the majority of them either – food for thought: women and children have it worse than men in poorer countries. Your opinions may look valid, but when faced with the circumstances of being poor and starving (been there, done that), our brain’s guidance doesn’t look to murder or slaughter, it looks to eat: whatever is available and easy to eat – that would Naturally be anything BUT meat in most cases.

  • Philip

    Wish I was there so I could have shouted “ah shut up already!”

  • joshtoth83 .

    I suddenly want chicken now

  • JC

    I would have yelled Fried, Baked, BBQ’d or Broiled!!!!

  • John Hogan


  • stevie six

    I think a little Snow Parmesan would taste mighty good right now.

  • Greedy P Martini

    People like this should be euthanized…

  • toyguytn

    As is my custom, whenever PeTA types show up on my newsfeed I celebrate with a bucket from KFC. It seems somehow even more appropriate today. Thank you Snow. You will taste great in original reipe.

    • Judging by the looks of you, you won’t be celebrating long, so we don’t have to worry about that (ahem) ‘affecting’ our campaign.

      • Duncan Hill

        Your love for fellow humans is very clear.

        • Thank you. It is. There wasn’t ‘humanity’ in that comment I remarked on.

      • Shaun Atkins

        Do you enjoy Game Of Thrones Roger? simple question and it’s completely unrelated to animal rights 🙂

  • hiker359

    Snow. The other white meat!

  • Mark

    I feel bad for my previous comment- She obviously suffers from Pellagra- the vitamin deficiency brought on by a lack of protein. You know- the same condition North Korean political prisoners suffer from as a result of 3 meals of boiled cabbage daily. Poor girl. I wonder if she even knows what her incisors are for anymore!

  • ggg

    you know nothing chicken Snow

  • Ruth English Aucoin

    I just wish they would all just shut the hell up and go see a therapist…better life through medication. I’m tired of seeing a minority of people with issues that the majority of the population don’t have make fools of themselves in public. Join a legitimate organization that cares.

  • Joe Marwil

    Save the chicks, kill the babes!

  • Marvin

    All of these nutjobs should spend some time in a third world country. They’d be happy to eat “snow”.

    • The same third-world countries Monsanto and the like promised to help with it’s advances?….Well then….

  • scottajones

    she would trample a baby to save a cat she need’s to grow up take some classes maybe meet a chick move out of her parent’s house!

  • scottajones

    While I don’t condone animal cruelty I also understand we live in a world where children starve and their ganna wine about me eating chicken’s ? There’s a entire religious faction cutting our people’s heads off and the best you got is “Snow the chicken want’s to live”?Listen up buttercup I could give a rat’s arse about your So called “Cause” because it seem’s preety freakin low on the totem pole of important shit!

    • sisserydoo

      I don’t think she is mentally well enough to follow your line of reasoning, which makes perfect sense. I feel sorry for her, it’s clear she’s suffering from borderline personality disorder or something very similar.

  • acates11


  • MarkH_TX

    Let’s eat Snow! I have a great Chicken Enchilada recipe!

    HMMMM, mmmm! Good!

    We can ring her neck, chop off her head, or shoot her with a shotgun!

  • MarkH_TX

    If we have fried eggs with Snow, then are we eating Mom and daughter together?

    • As Hedley Lamarr would say…”Kinky”.

  • She was trying REALLY hard to cry.

  • venicementor

    LOL – Too much cockadoodledoo and not enough pork-ing.

  • obamahater

    How much you want to bet that she is pro-choice?

  • James Phillips

    “Her name is Snow!” Should have been snow flake!