Who Did it Better: Lady Trump or Lady Obama?

By: Kara Johnson

In case you were not counting down the minutes to celebrate the official GOP nomination of Donald Trump, last night marked the beginning of the Republican National Convention. As we all know, with Trump comes controversy. This time it wasn’t the Don, but his wife Melania. During her speech, people noticed a striking similarity to Michelle so they took to twitter. No, Mrs. Trump didn’t steal Mrs. Obama’s look. If she did, we all know the model would win that fight. It appears Melania borrowed a huge section of Michelle’s 2008 DNC speech.

Some have come out to defend the beautiful Slovenian.

Most have come together in unity to laugh and share memes.

Several have accused the speech writers of being epic fans of Rick Astley.

Many have been attributing credit to the former model for well-known lyrics and movie lines using hashtag  #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes

So, who said it better?

I’m going to have to go with Michelle Obama. Not only did here team write her speech first, but her delivery was noticeably more charismatic. Sorry Melania. What kind of world do we live in when billionaires can’t even hire a team of people to write an original speech about the importance of ethics and hard work?

Who do you think said it better? Let us know if you are team Melania, team Michelle, or team Astley.