Why Healthcare is Not a Right

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Written by Grant M. Deltz 

Associate Editor of Liberty Viral & The Libertarian Republic 

Last night I was watching two senators, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, as they debated the future of healthcare in America. Senator Sanders decided at a point to ask Senator Cruz if he believed healthcare to be a human right. Cruz responded by basically saying he believes the opportunity to have healthcare is a right, but not simply to have healthcare. I would take a stronger stance on this – saying that healthcare is not a right – and here is why.

You are not entitled to the fruits of anybodies labor besides your own – regardless of their profession. An example of this would be, what if there is only one doctor on an island that has a modest population? Would it be logical to require this doctor to treat every person on the island as a new health issue arises? The doctor would have no life, and no time. He would be held enslaved to the population.

Many people counter that argument to say that some people can’t afford healthcare, therefore it must be a right. Now, as Dr. Ron Paul has spoken about before, nearly every doctor would choose to see the sick person coming to them even if they cannot afford it, simply out of goodwill. This is why they chose the profession. However, holding healthcare professionals with their hands tied behind their back by either the law or by the limits put on them by Obamacare and similar variations of socialized healthcare, they no longer have an option to exercise goodwill.

Last night a woman from the audience brought up to Senator Sanders that she employs 49 people, and cannot afford insurance for them. Sanders’ response was, simplified as, ‘you need to give them healthcare anyways.’

It’s this type of thinking – putting the cart before the horse, and expecting the ends by ignoring the means – that consistently proves socialism, socialized healthcare, and similar economic structures as invalid.

It’s simply my opinion, but a feee market healthcare system without restricting government regulations seems to be the best way to give more power to the individual when seeking healthcare. Competing rates always results in lower prices – take competing gas stations for an example. When the gas station across the street lowers their price by three cents, you’re going to lower yours by four cents.

If we had this with healthcare we would be in a much better place.

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  • DanR

    I have zero doubts that Cruz believes what you stated above, but he strategically did not say it in this way. Although what you are saying makes perfect sense, there are many people who would be immediately turned off and stop listening after hearing him say “healthcare is not a right”. They’d already be shouting and throwing things at their TV or vandalizing a Starbucks.