Why Libertarians Should Not Seek Support of BLM

Written By Grant M. Deltz

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Recently, I have noticed that in libertarian circles the idea of a Black Lives Matter endorsement of Gary Johnson has gained traction. But, why? Why would we seek this endorsement? Is there a reasoning besides pure opportunism?

I believe that racial injustice and an increasingly militarized police state are both major issues. This is a fact. Black lives do matter. However, libertarians supporting BLM would be the equivalent of an evangelical Republican supporting the Westboro Baptist Church. We can support the message that drives them, but we can not support them based on their actions.

Do libertarians block ambulances on the highway? Do libertarians riot in the streets, destroying private property of others? Do libertarians reign hatred over certain groups of individuals of which they do not personally know?

No, we do not.

Some oppertunists will sacrifice principle for votes. Oppertunism has been a roadblock for libertariansm. While black lives absolutely do matter, supporting the Black Lives Matter organization is a true contradiction of libertarian principle.