New Wikileak Exposes Vast CIA Meddling in Elections

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Wikileaks has just unleashed an assault on America’s hypocritical world-meddling. Many conspiracy theorists have been vindicated in their suspicions that the CIA has deep involvement with foreign elections. The United States of America was directly involved with influencing France’s 2012 election. And unlike the claims against Russia, the American people actually have proof.

The seven page CIA leak shows that all political parties were infiltrated by spies for at least ten months leading up to the 2012 election of Fracois Hollande over incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy. The spying and infiltration continued for at least three months after the election, while Hollande was setting up the new French government. Wikileaks shows the infiltration was both achieved through electronic and human measures, meaning actual CIA agents were likely inside the French campaign and government.

The exposed documents do nothing to prove or disprove Russian involvement in US elections, nor does anyone support the action. The latest leak only goes to show that spying and infiltrating is a common practice. The United States certainly has no moral authority to vilify anyone, including Vladimir Putin. It proves a great deception of the shadowy governments against the people of the world, as well as the the high level of sanctimonious bullshitting by the media and government officials.

Hillary Clinton was the United States Secretary of State at the time of the CIA involvement. She would have definitely known and possibly orchestrated the fall of Sarkozy and his Union for a Popular Movement. This in support the French Socialist Party. How disgusting to watch Clinton and her inner circle claim victim-hood in a game they so willingly played.

The hypocrisy is unnerving. Instead of holding their leadership to task, democrats bemoan the leak of Clinton’s highly illegal private e-mails that show proof of her corruption. Now the left is obsessed with making a connection from Trump to Russian intelligence. However, is Russian spying and hacking a new phenomenon with President Trump’s election win? No. Can we honestly judge Russia for spying and interfering with free elections when we have a monopoly on the policy? No.

Now compare how much of this you see in the media compared to claims about the Kremlin.

We can’t expect anything good to come out of such a secretive and corrupt government. It is kind of like your pretentious friends on Facebook, bragging about a some good deed they’ve just done next to a selfie beside a homeless person. If the state was doing right by the American people, they would be braggadociously honest and transparent.

See Wikileaks for more.


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