WTF? United States Senator Says, “Due Process Is What’s Killing Us Right Now”

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By: Laura Meyers

Hastag: Not The Onion.

Just this morning on Morning Joe with MSNBC, United States Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia said, “due process is what’s killing us right now,” when speaking on newly proposed legislation to ban people placed on the federal government’s terrorist watch lists from purchasing firearms.

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  • whargoul

    You would think that in this day and age the options for volume control in widgets would be more than just on or off.

  • Joshua Spears

    This jackass cannot be serious. Due process, as in, the only thing that keeps citizens from arbitrarily being prosecuted for NO REASON, is what is killing us?

    What does this idiot want, to do away with due process altogether and strip rights away without cause or proof of evidence? Perhaps trial by combat with spoons would suit his unconstitutional and anti-gun garbage agenda. Lose, and you lose all of your rights for a minimum of 5 years, win and you get to keep your guns…for the time being.

    Idiocy. Pure madness and extremism has taken root and consumed our government. This and more is what we free men have to look forward to in the coming days by this tyrannical regime of nut jobs.

  • Liberty_or_Death

    What else do you expect from either party but statism.

  • maxrights

    Has tag? Also that’s a big ass overly complex sentence .

  • Torpedo8

    You’re killing me, Smalls!