X-Ray Of A 900 Pound Man Released

Have you ever heard someone say they are overweight because they have big bone structure? A Twitter account called SciencePorn released an X-Ray of a 900 pound man, the size of his bone structure might surprise you.

  • William Brown

    Nb4 dick jokes…

  • Papi

    Not a real X-ray. It is a CGI representation of a man named Keith Martin. He was the subject of a British show 70 Stone & Almost Dead.

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  • davidkennerly

    something to print out and tape to the ‘fridge door! Would make a great refrigerator magnet.

  • Goddamned X-ray weighs fifty pounds.

  • herop derpo

    that’s not an xray buddy. better check your sources

  • KenMacMillan

    What does this have to do with liberty?

    • Josh

      Nothing at all. The only purpose is to make money on all the obnoxious, ridiculous advertisements plastered everywhere. They’re doing nothing more than trolling and cashing in on a noble purpose others believe in. Just my opinion.