The CIA and Other Nefarious Groups Can Take Over Virtually Every Smart Device You Own

Written By Gavin Hanson Wikileaks, the clandestine international cyber investigators and pirates of state secrets have recently struck again, releasing the second batch of its Vault7 collection of secret CIA materials. The most recent release of government secrets, entitled “Dark Matter,” includes emails and computer code demonstrating and describing the ownership, discussion, and use by government

A Libertarian Twist on Women’s Issues

Written by Alyce Auman There have been some arguments/debates flying around both outsides and inside the Libertarian Party about the topic of Women’s Rights. Let’s address some of these. You still make less than a man for doing the same work. I won’t deny that there are times that women are paid less than men. 

Bush on Trump Inauguration: “Weird Sh*t!”

President Donald Trump‘s inauguration day certainly was one for the books. From the protests to #savemelania, the entire shindig went about as well as it could but was still reminiscent of a three ring circus. Everyone remembers former President George W. Bush was present. How could you forget his wrestling match with the poncho? It

Attorney General, A Planned Parenthood Donation Recipient, Charges Journalists With 15 felonies

The state of California charged David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress with 15 crimes on Tuesday, March 28th. David Daleiden’s undercover videos sparked the #PPSellsBabyParts hashtag across various social media sites as well as the push to defund Planned Parenthood in Congress. The now infamous series of videos show Planned Parenthood

Feminist Author: Women Need to Stop Playing the Victim

Ask most feminists who the foremost victim in society is and they will likely say women. Fay Weldon, British feminist and author of The Life and Loves of a She-Devil likely would have said the same at one point in life. Now, however, she suggests that women are clinging to victimhood they no longer have

Girl Killed in Car Accident Receives Bill to Repair the Roadway [VIDEO]

A Tennessee family has received a bill addressed to their deceased daughter. The state was demanding nearly $3,000 for the cost of labor and materials used to replace a 20 foot section of guardrail. The guardrail impaled Hannah Elmers’ car, instead of buckling or deflecting the vehicle, killing Ms. Elmers who was just 17 years

Milton Friedman on ‘the Major Fault of the Collectivist Philosophy’

Economist and University of Chicago professor Milton Friedman (1912 – 2006) spent more than 30 years teaching, and won the Nobel Prize in 1976 for his contributions in the field of economics. He was also one of the first intellectuals to see cracks forming in 20th-century collectivism. In his 1951 essay “Neo-Liberalism and its Prospects,”

SD Lawmaker asks ‘If it pleases the crown’ on the House floor

Republican House Representative Daniel Kaiser, made a bold statement on HB 1072 in front of South Dakota lawmakers on Monday. HB 1072 would “repeal and revise certain provisions relating to permits to carry a concealed pistol” as defined on the bill’s history page. The bill was introduced to the House on January 23rd, 2017, and

Police Runs Over and Kills Gun Wieldng ‘Most Wanted’ Fugitive [VIDEO]

Twenty one year old Madison Sueann Dickinson was killed while attempting to evade police. In recently released dash cam footage, Dickinson can be seen running on foot away from mounted police officers. They chase her and eventually run her over. According to Tulsa World News, Dickson was implicated in a string of gun-related crimes a

Preschooler Gets Week-long Suspension for Picking Up Shell Casing

Once upon a time, a 7-year-old boy was suspended from school for making his pop-tart into a gun. With the outrage that ensued over such a punishment, one would have thought that common sense would have returned by now in regards to harmless incidents with little boys and guns. Kristy Jackson’s 4-year-old son Hunter is