AP4RP? 2018 Party Choice ‘No Easy Bake Decision’ for Libertarian Sweetheart

Written By: Alex Furman

Published in a closed Facebook group early Saturday evening (made public with his permission), 2016 Presidential candidate Austin Petersen expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of the Libertarian Party citing specifically low expectations and divisive infighting. Petersen then made a more serious suggestion- that he would rather “kiss the Trump ring” than associate with the “bake-the-cake leftists” with regard to a possible 2018 Senate run. Obviously the Trump ring thing was an allusion to the Republican Party whereas “bake the cake” is a reference to a part of Gary Johnson’s controversial platform which was endorsed by a majority of LNC delegates earlier in 2016 (edging out runner up Petersen himself).

If Austin Petersen does choose to run as a Republican in 2018, he could very well join the increasingly influential list of libertarian wing Republicans like Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, and Conservatarian darling Rand Paul. Ordinarily Libertarians running for major political office are usually long shots, and maybe this one still is, but Petersen has been attracting major Conservative attention with his generally pro-life stance. Perhaps enough attention to dethrone incumbent Claire McCaskill.

This could, if true, turn out to be one of the slickest moves in Congressional politics we’ve seen in a while. Think about it. The Gary Majority would love nothing more than to see Petersen leave the party; they were so afraid of the 35 year-old candidate that they tried to block him from a number of debates. That and the fact that most of Petersen’s young, energized base also happen to be big Rand Paul supporters and would likely salivate profusely over the idea of their candidate sharing the Senatorial stage with Rand Paul. Additionally, if Petersen wins, his first term as US Senator will end just in time for the 2024 presidential election leaving him some interesting options.

If that was all needlessly wordy: The libertarian party doesn’t want him, the Republicans do, his supporters seem to be down with whatever, and the timing is perfect.

I for one, am giddy with excitement.

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Alex Furman

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  • Tracy ✓Fᵉᵈᵉʳᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Gotta say, I hoped this election would have propelled the LP into a bigger share the vote, but what a disappointment it all was.

    Go be a Republican, we are stuck in the two party system but you can do more good and actually get elected as a Republican rather than a Libertarian.

  • Carson Seeger

    He’d never win the GOP primary.

  • Daniel Vondohlen

    With an emphasis on if.

  • B68W

    I don’t recall seeing anyone suggest AP leave the party. Though there was a lot of infighting, as will always happen with a party that stresses individuality instead of party unity.