Auburn Counterprotests Offer Peaceful Distraction From Aggressive Antifa [VIDEO]

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Written by Gage Fenwick

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On Tuesday April 18, 2017, Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer held a speaking event at Foy Hall on Auburn University. The event was shadowed in controversy as the university cancelled the event out of fear for student saftey. Spencer then took the university to court to ensure his speech would still take place. Local news and community leaders began to worry that this event would create a riot situation like in Berkeley, California.

Soon word spread that members of Antifa from Atlanta would be present to aggressively protest Spencer and his supporters. Auburn would then maximize the police force necessary to protect innocents. Out of the hundreds of students that gathered at the protest, only one confirmed fight occurred between two men, leading to the arrest of three men for disorderly conduct. The protests were overall peaceful and that is in thanks to the student body of the Auburn Family and the Auburn Police Department.

What aided the peaceful atmosphere were the number of individuals that were protesting the protest. Many with signs saying “Shamwow was an inside job”, “Cthulu loves The Tigers”, or “Tuskan Raiders are people too”. There was one student that decided to dress as a carrot with a sign saying “I Don’t CARROT ALL About Your Outrage”. He would then proceed to dance directly in front of the Antifa group throughout the duration of their demonstration. As one pink-haired Antifa member banged on a drum and delivered his sermon against Spencer, Carrot Guy would proceed to give a jig around the protester as he paced. Soon chants of “Krusty Krab is unfair!” would ensue to show that the students did not believe in the violent rants of either Spencer or Antifa.

Several student groups, including the Auburn University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty,  held their own protest event on the opposite side of campus. This event offered free pizza, water, and music from local bands, The event would be called Auburn Unites. The Black Student Union made a performance of chants, and other groups provided prayers. Peace won the day with only one confirmed scuffle.

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