Biden Named Chair of National Constitution Center Board of Trustees

Former Vice president Joe Biden has been named as the Chair of National Constitution Center (NCC) Board of Trustees replacing Governor Jeb Bush (please clap) who’s term ended in early 2016. I guess the trolliness of 2016 is certainly rolling over into the new year.

Vice President Biden’s love for the Constitution, and passion for teaching all Americans about its enduring principles, have inspired people around the world,” said Jeffrey Rosen, President and CEO of the National Constitution Center. “From his service in the Senate to his time in the White House, Vice President Biden has devoted himself to educating all Americans about the founding principles of the Constitution and their timeless relevance today. The National Constitution Center is America’s leading convening place for non-partisan constitutional education and debate, and all of us here are thrilled and honored that Vice President Biden will lead us as our Chair.

According the the NCC’s website, the organization is the “first and only institution in America established by Congress to disseminate information about the United States Constitution on a non-partisan basis in order to increase the awareness and understanding of the Constitution among the American people.”