Cop Fired After Threatening Little Girl on Facebook [PICTURES]

By: Jeff Caldwell

Overland Park, Kansas Police Department immediately fired a police officer for his Facebook comment on a woman’s photo of her child.

Lanaydra Williams lives in Dallas, TX. She says she doesn’t know anyone who lives in Overland Park.

The former officer’s comment on William’s 2014 photo came a couple hours after the recent Dallas shooting. It read, “We’ll see how much her life matters soon..better be careful leaving your info open where she can be found 🙂 hold her close tonight, it’ll be the last time.”

OPPD Fires Officer

Shaken by the comment, Williams saw the post came from a police officer and was outraged. She reached out to the OPPD and prompted an investigation by the Overland Park Police Chief Francis Donchez Jr.

Donchez states, “I immediately initiated an investigation into the officer’s actions and requested it be completed in a timely manner. This quick action demonstrates our commitment to our core values including integrity and respect.”

“I want to assure our community, and those outside our community, that our highest priority is the safety and welfare of the citizens of Overland Park, and the men and women who protect everyone. I will continue to hold the employees of the Overland Park Police Department accountable for its actions on and off-duty,” he continued.