Free Market Innovation: V.I.Poo, the Pre-poo Toilet Spray [VIDEO]

Whenever there is a problem that needs solving, the free market is there to the rescue. Sometimes when we poop,…well, the room smells. The smell can be sort of masked by room sprays, although that usually ends up smelling like floral feces rather than fresh freesia.

As the graphic depicts, V.I.Poo is easy to use. Just spray in the toilet before use and PRESTO! Go from smelly sh*ts to scented stools with ease. It is also discrete, as it is packaged in a bottle small enough to fit in the average purse. This could be put to good use at the homes of friends and family as well as in public restrooms and other close quarters combat-crapper areas.

Check out the video below to view a real advertisement for V.I.Poo.