Freedom Fighters on all Fronts: NJ Proposes Bill to Return Tax Money to Homeschooling Families

Written by David Fisher

Jersey City Assemblywoman, Angela V. McKnight, has proposed legislation that all anti-statists should celebrate. Under its current verbiage, Her bill will give taxpaying parents who choose to homeschool their children $1,000 back per child and up to $3,000 in total for qualifying educational expenses. McKnight, a democrat, explains her reasoning behind empowering personal choices,

“If parents decide that the home is the best learning environment for their children, a tax credit can help offset the cost of the many expensive yet fundamental educational resources they will need.”

Yes, taxation is theft. Yes, it is immoral to take the fruit of our labor and force us to ask permission to have it back. However, the lessened expense of state theft will help parents who want to remove their children from public indoctrination, but cannot afford to homeschool. All of this without more taxation or regulation.

Celebrate wins for liberty all this week. #goodnewsweek

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