Is Living Life Better As A Man Or Woman? A Transgender Tells His/Her Story.

A reddit user who verified their identity as a transgender told her story about what it was like to live life both as a man and a woman. What s/he experienced will definitely shock you.

From Reddit:

You can call me D.

I’m a 22, almost 23 year old transgender male living in the US. I lived the first 17 years of my life as female, and have spent the last five presenting as male, and I have seen exactly what is different when it comes to how men and women are treated.

I have always felt like a guy. Even when I was little. My parents had no problem with me being a ‘tomboy’, or acting mannish – fishing, karate, lifting weights, kicking the shit out of other kids in competitive contact sports like football, baseball, whatever. This wasn’t something that anyone saw as ‘strange’ – which I now see as a huge double standard, as, if it were reversed with a male-assumed child acting feminine, he’d be ridiculed to shit, but I digress. I grew very tall, very wide, very ‘masculine’, very fast – I topped out at 5’9″ by the time I was 14, and I am taller and broader in the shoulders than my father. I have a very square head/face shape, which at times made people peg me for a lesbian, which was whatever – but my face DOES have some feminine qualities that now, as I pass as male, are a source of ridicule, mainly from women. I only mention these things because they are pretty integral to how I’ve been treated.

So many things that I was told to be proud of as a woman, now are a source of shame and teasing. Women can like and do whatever they like, but as a man, you are so god damn limited in what is ‘acceptable’. The more I see women screaming about wage gaps and how women are so limited and men are higher than they are in society, I could just vomit.

When I was presenting as female, I consistently got higher wages. Seriously. I have worked at a few gas stations in my time (because I am stupid and dropped out of school – any young redditors that are reading this, don’t you dare drop out of school, it SUCKS), and, shit you not, as female made close to $0.50 HIGHER, in the same county, same store chain (different branch). Why? Because a “single young female living on their own” deserved a bit more money than a single dude would. Simply for having a “F” on their ID.

When I identified as female, I was somehow awesome for being on the taller end of femme, but now? Now I’ve been called a “manlet” for being a hair under average male height – because apparently men get to be treated like shit for something that they can’t control. I’ve also noticed that, while dating women, a lot of them won’t even go NEAR you if you’re under 6 feet tall. Which is bullshit. As I’m bisexual it didn’t really matter too much to me, but I did notice something anectodally interesting – gay men and bisexual men don’t generally give a flying flip if you’re short or tall as long as there is chemistry between you. But of course, men are the judgemental ones, right guies?

Now, I like a lot of typically dudely things, but I also really like cooking, crafting, and (currently) being the stay-at-home husband that I am. These things are all consistently ridiculed by ‘friends’, former coworkers, and even family. As a woman, I could be as manly as I wanted, as butch as I pleased and no one batted an eye, but as I transitioned into male? It was “unacceptable”. I needed to “man up if I was going to be a man” – what the hell is this shit?

As a woman, I was free to be as shitty as I wanted, in personality, as well – in my (very stupid) younger man-hating years, no one was mad, and people even ENCOURAGED me to be a man hater! Now, as a man, I am apparently not even allowed to voice my opinion on women’s rights. Doesn’t matter that I still have breasts, a vagina, and two X chromosomes – nope. Because I pass as male, I have suddenly lost my ability to understand the plight of poor womenfolk.

There are SO many double standards between males and females, I could go on for the entire 15000 character limit, but I’ll leave it here and stop rambling.


  • V8

    doh being guy sucks big time, women have it all easy yet still manage to bitch about everything

    • Natty Kadifa

      I’ll be honest here – I’d rather be a guy and a than gal and I think that is where the hate towards her transitioning comes from

      • V8

        Yeah just don’t be a shy guy like me or only girlfriend you ever gonna have is gonna be your hand and everybody will be telling you to stop being shy and man up like if it was easy, or doable at all for that matter.

        • Dalton Reid

          “I have porn for sex and my dog for emotional support.”
          -Some guy on Yahoo who might be Aristotle

          • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

            I think you got the two mixed up, but hey, that’s cool. You do you, bruh.

      • Nathan

        Did you read his account of what changed AFTER the transition?
        While a lot of women might THINK they have it worse, walk a mile in a guy’s shoes, and you’ll see that actually, society is bending over backwards for you, and giving the guys around a backhand.

        • Natty Kadifa

          As a supporter of MRA I completely get what you refer to, yet I’d STILL rather be a man.

          • Shay Waters

            Me too, Natty, I completely understand. I don’t support the MRA, mainly because I disagree too strongly with their leaders and their motivations (profits), though I agree on a ton of their points. They definitely have some of the better debaters on their side, that is for sure.

          • Randall Nelson

            Which are?

          • ThomasER916

            You have mental problems.

          • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

            Well, anyone who’d WANT to be a man seriously does have mental problems. MRAs of course have the worst, most epic mental problems of all humankind in all of history. In fact, I bet they test for mental problems before they allow inductees to wear fedoras or goatees.

          • ThomasER916

            Everyone is magically an “MRA” all of a sudden. My God you’re stupid and indoctrinated.

          • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

            Son, you’ve accidentally confused your mirror with your keyboard again.

          • ThomasER916

            There you are being stupid again.

          • ThomasER916

            Everyone is a magical “MRA” when they dare to disagree with the Cult.

          • Randall Nelson

            It’s just a form of social censorship and shame tactics to extract resources from men.

        • False. It is impossible (short of a body/brain transplant) to walk a mile in the other gender’s shoes.

          The purely fictitious person from reddit that this article is written about does not show someone walking in men’s shoes as a man, but rather someone who walked in men’s shoes as a trans* person. It would be akin to YOU getting the special privileges and treatment you’ve been accustomed to your whole life (to which you seem oblivious), then you start to “walk in women’s shoes” and see that you WON’T get treated like a woman — you’ll be treated as a man wearing women’s shoes, and you will be treated horribly as a consequence.
          We are still at the stage where trans* people are not yet treated as the gender they portray outwardly, they still get treated like abominations and freaks, NOT as the gender they are.

          PLUS, come on — this was written on the men’s rights board, which automatically gives it a 99% himsteria score, AND it’s writte on reddit, which automatically gives it a 99% probability of being a lie score.

          • Nathan

            So…no one can know what it’s like to be the other gender without a ‘brain/body transplant’ but you can assert, not only that I have special privileges and treatment, but that I’m oblivious to them?
            Make your mind up, please.
            You claim that it’s on a Men’s Rights board and reddit so it’s a lie and ‘himsteria’??
            Does that mean anything on a feminism board is also a lie? Or does it have to be on a reddit board as well?

            You have given us an ugly glimpse into transphobia, but you’ve hardly hit the discussion points I think you’ve meant to.
            For example, are you really claiming that his wage dropped after transition because his employers pay trans people less?
            Or that women were citing his height as a reason not to date him?
            Or that he was ridiculed for liking arts and crafts cause he was trans?

            Cause it seems to me, I”ve heard all of those complaints from men, who were born men, not trans.
            As to Carrie’s comment that women get it worse than men, it would appear, from this article, that no, they don’t.

          • “So…no one can know what it’s like to be the other gender without a ‘brain/body transplant’ but you can assert, not only that I have special privileges and treatment, but that I’m oblivious to them?
            Make your mind up, please.”

            Those two unrelated facts do not conflict with one another; there needs no making up of the mind.

            Yes, transphobia is indeed a very ugly and unfortunate thing. I hope that as more and more people transition, society’s bigots will relent and realize that gender ≠ genitalia. Until that time, we must put up with falsified accounts of F2M transitions as told by people who have apparently never so much as met a trans person.

            “are you really claiming that his wage dropped after transition because his employers pay trans people less?” Hmm, absolutely yes. Undeniably yes. Unequivocally yes. Trans folk very often earn less money… than cis-women! And that is a travesty. But since those trans people are by definition something other than cis-het males, no violins will be played for the unfair treatment they receive.

            “Or that women were citing his height as a reason not to date him?
            Or that he was ridiculed for liking arts and crafts cause he was trans?”
            I never said either of the things (nor frankly any of the things) you’re strawmanning me with. Women know that shorter men are better for relationships, maybe the purely fictitious person this fabricated article is about has not yet learned the art of picking up women? I dare say that most cis-males also do not know this art, hence the proliferation of reddit culture & MRA culture, which both focus solely on woman-bashing for the sake of woman-bashing, and how women simultaneously “never give out sex” yet “are nothing but filthy, used-up wh0res” {shakes head}. The trans men I know and love have pretty darned respectable love lives!

            “Cause it seems to me, I”ve heard all of those complaints from men, who were born men, not trans.” YEAH! I HAVE HEARD ALL OF THESE CIS-HET MALE-ONLY COMPLAINTS FROM MEN TOO! And we absolutely, positively have NOT heard them from trans guys… because they are not written from someone who actually KNOWS what being an F2M trans is like. Thanks for finally getting it!

            “As to Carrie’s comment that women get it worse than men, it would appear, from this article, that no, they don’t.” Hmm, you showed you got yourself a little [more] lost there for a sec… you forgot you were addressing Carrie when you accidentally began talking third-person about Carrie. (<— See how awkward third-person speak is now? Don't accidentally slip like that again.) Again, "this article" is fully b.s. by any metric of any authentic person who has lived post-transition from female to male. You keep forgetting that.

          • Nathan

            Those two unrelated facts do not conflict with one another; there needs no making up of the mind.

            You said that no one can know waht another is experiencing, and then said that I have privledge and don’t know it.
            By your own words, you can’t know that.
            You invalidated your own premise.

          • I did not invalidate my own premise… and you need to learn some cogitation skills before getting back onto the Internet.

          • Nathan

            Because you say it doesn’t make it so.
            You claimed that no one can know what another goe through….so you cannot know that I have privilege or that I am oblivious to it..since you are not me.

            That is your logic.
            Quite frankly, I’m over your rudeness, so this is my last post.
            Have fun.

          • springer5

            “Hmm, you showed you got yourself a little [more] lost there for a sec… you forgot you were addressing Carrie when you accidentally began talking third-person about Carrie. (<— See how awkward third-person speak is now? Don't accidentally slip like that again.) Again, "this article" is fully b.s. by any metric of any authentic person who has lived post-transition from female to male. You keep forgetting that."

            Very childish and nothing to do with the debate.

          • Well, thank Zeus that everyone’s favorite patriarch was able to swoop down from his imaginary Mount Olympus and behave very childishly by adding “nothing to the debate”.

            None of us know what would have happened had your childish, nothing0-to-do-with-the-debate opinion not burst onto the comments section so condescendingly.

            At least none of us have to take our irony supplement after that.

          • springer5

            There you go again.

        • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

          Even though almost every politician and every senator and every person in power is a man? Let’s change things so that all politicians are women then. All people who can vote for anything must be women. Then they’ll have to suddenly start bowing down for no reason whatsoever to the opposite sex too, right? No more men on all-male panels deciding women’s fate, we can have it your way, with all-female panels defining men’s fates from now on. And men will become women’s property upon marriage, signified by taking their wives’ surnames. (OK that’s not entirely accurate, as any woman’s surname is just her father’s property-owning name.)

          And the person who may have written this (if it’s even true or real, which it hardly passes for) isn’t being treated anything like a man. He’s being treated like a woman in man’s clothing. Do you honestly think that Caitlyn Jenner gets treated like a woman? NOPE. CJ gets treated like a trans, not like a woman. And that is sad. I hope one day in my kids’ future at least that trans people can be treated as they wish, rather than as they were born.

          • Nathan

            I thought we believe in equality now?
            IF you want female supremacy, go for it, but I don’t like your chances of it happening.

            Most of the crap you wrote, like the ‘property on marriage’ thing, isn’t actually historically accurate, but hey, don’t let that stop you.

          • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

            Really?? You thought we (society) believed in equality now??? How could you possibly believe that? If we did believe in equality now, then we wouldn’t have nearly every position of wealth, power, or high office occupied by men. I suspect you were trying to make a sarcastic AF joke with your “but we believes in equalitee now, right?” line.
            Putting aside how you refer to “most of” what I wrote as ‘crap’ (when it is factually accurate and easy to verify), how could you know so little about historical marriage and the wife taking on her new owner’s name (after having been born under her first owner’s name, i.e., her father)?
            Why do you troll sites like that?

          • Nathan

            Ok, first off, a quick google on ‘Female leaders of countries’ might give you some interesting reading.
            I suggest you do that, and then you’ll realise that ‘every position of wealth, power or high office’ is not occupied by a man. Hell, the Prime Minister of Britain is a woman.

            As ot marriage being ownership, it depends how far back you go, but again, I think a little research might show you just how silly saying things like ‘her new owner’ actually are.

          • if not now, then when?

            When men start taking their wives name en masse, as the standard, you can start calling facts silly. Women have historically never been allowed their own surnames. They go from Father’s possession to Husband’s possession.

            Yes, perhaps you ought to do a quick google on ‘Female leaders of countries’ too. The only thing interesting is how few countries are being held up as Unicorn Status (woman-led). Heck, even Dylann Roof boasted he had black friends, and only a google-reliant simpleton would think he was therefore not a racist in any way.

          • Nathan

            You are considering them to be a possession..that you think it doesn’t make it so.

            Hmm…the UK, Germany…both of these countries currently have female leaders. Australia has had a female leader, ad has had female leaders at the state level.

            That’s three first world countries just off the top of my head.

          • if not now, then when?

            Just because I think the sun rises and sets every day doesn’t make it so either.
            And so what that you were able to laboriously abuse Google to “think of” three countries? Now go right back and Google how many countries the planet has.

            And go out in the streets and protest women being expected to take on their new owners’ names after the father (original owner, per surname “gives her away”.

          • Nathan

            No, but I can watch the sun rise and set if I want and verify it for myself. If you DON’T think the sun rises and sets everyday, it will still do so. I

            How about you do your own Google searches? Oh, and those three were just off the top of my head, no searches needed.

            I seriously think you need to go read the text of hte marriage laws if you are going to keep insisting on this ‘owner’ bullshit. It’s not the case, hasn’t ever been the case, and it’s not as one sided as you like to think.

            At this point, you are not listening, nor presenting a decent argument, so I think we’re done.

      • You’re absolutely 100% correct. This trans*man was not treated poorly for having been a man, but rather because he was viewed as a trans* person. Women get things so much worse than men… but trans* folk get it worse than us all.

        • Randall Nelson

          Sorry, but by no objective measurement do women get treated worse than men. You’ve just bought into bullshit without any facts to back it up.

    • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

      No, being stupid sucks big time. You forget that not all men are stupid and therefore their lives suck. Many men aren’t stupid, and their lives don’t suck in the least.

      Moral of the story: Don’t be stupid; your life won’t suck.

  • Danllo

    “F” that. I’d never want to be a woman.

    • Natty Kadifa

      I agree! I am a woman and I’d rather be a dude

      • NotAGangster

        I’m so sure you’d enjoy having parents stare at you when you’re around kids because of presumed stereotypes.

      • Pvblivs

        Go under the knife. Get your wish. No takebacks. As a women, you are treated by society as having an inherent value. As a man, you will be treated as worthless unless you actually achieve something. Maybe you think there is some other benefit. But when it comes to how people treat you, you are much better off as a woman.

        • Samantha Elon West

          I have to say that where I’m from it’s the other way around. Men get the better paying jobs, and are seen as worth more. In my workplace, I had three years of experience when I was hired, and my coworker, who was hired after me, is a male and makes as much as I do, starting out, with no experience. I also live in a state where women are encouraged to stay barefoot, pregnant, and uneducated. I guess it all depends on perception. There is sexism of all kinds, and I don’t think men or women experience it any more or any less than their counterparts. People need to get used to the idea that life sucks and is not fair, and try to accomplish equality instead of demonizing one sex or the other.

          • NukeWaste

            So move. Any place that values undereducation is ghetto.

          • mbravo00

            men should get paid more because they do the harder work.

            and women are losers because of their inherent value.

            a man either fails or becomes awesome.

            i prefer to be awesome.

          • You’re correct. Remember sometimes you’re arguing against a Misogynist’s Rights Activist who believes women get some sort of glorious life while men get no benefits, when in fact the benefits men get far outweigh the paltry nonsense that women get.

            BOTH genders can die in war now, and only because men lost their fight to keep prohibiting women from joining the military.

          • Randall Nelson

            Did you have to sign up for a death lottery to get all your rights?

          • Ian Sean

            The radical feminists will be the first to go barefoot and pregnant for the warlords who fill the power vacuum after the economy collapses, because most men aren’t working full time, because they have no incentive to marry and start a family that can be taken from them –with all their future earnings– on the woman’s next whim for the mailman.

          • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

            “Incentive” does not mean “chance”. Men have no chance at marrying, since feminism has been teaching females for the last 50 years how marriage offers zero benefits. MEN benefit from marriage, women do not (not since women were allowed to go to work and earn their own pay anyway).

            Men’s unemployment numbers far exceed women’s unemployment numbers (in the US at least). Women are not signing into Long-term Dating websites at near the number men are (and something like 75 – 90% of LTR dating websites fluff the female numbers, making it appear as though they have twice or three times as many women as they really do), women are content to live alone and support themselves, while men have to save up a year or two in salary to focking PURCHASE a wife from some impoverished Asian country JUST so he can have a damned wife. Even then, once her greencard comes through, she’ll dump him faster than the American woman would.

          • disqus_sUltx2pHQm

            Dating websites are even worse than that! Ashley Madison was found to be 99.999% male members!

          • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

            High five!

        • Natty Kadifa

          I have been monitoring MRA and mens issues for ages, I know all about how men are being treated. Despite this, I’d still rather be male.

          • I’ve been following men’s rights since the days of Mel Feit appearing on Phil Donahue with long hair and wearing dresses.

            I would alter your last line to despite BECAUSE OF this, I’d still rather be male. Because men get superior treatment, hands down, across the board. Yes, men sometimes have a booboo in life, the difference is they do not realize that for every negative men must live with, women have more negatives. Women comprehend this, yet men focus on their own instead.

            I wish we could go back to the early days of Men [REAL] Rights. Today it has all turned into crybabies who accomplish NOTHING, because they are not even TRYING to accomplish anything. Crybabies and finger-pointers claiming women have things better. Sheesh.

          • Natty Kadifa

            men do not get superior treatment across the board. disagree.

          • You’re correct, I exaggerated by accident with that. What I should have specified is cis-gendered, white, middle-to-upper income, heterosexual men. Being Xtian also helps them currently, but luckily that whole superstitious belief system is disintegrating more and more every day.

            Be those things, and you will be “blessed” with stunningly superior treatment to your societal inferiors: women, gays, people of color, trans*, and the poor.

          • Randall Nelson

            You didn’t actually say anything there. Just a bunch of baseless assertions.

        • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

          you are clueless, you have NO idea about which you speak.

      • ThomasER916

        That’s because you have mental problems.

        • Natty Kadifa

          really? why? You’d be surprised at how feminine I am, I don’t act ‘male’ at all – yet I still think I’d like to be a male. explain thanks

    • GS Talbert

      Damn str8 God bless.

  • Alli Hart

    i don’t care if you’ve seen it from both sides. you still can’t delaminate the experiences of women who feel they need feminism. when he talks about how women are allowed to act masculine and men aren’t allowed to act feminine, that’s NOT a sign of greater privilege for females. it’s a sign that society honors what it considers masculine and degrades what it considers feminine, nothing more.

    • KvakkSalversen

      Really how can you turn this around? When men get treated as shit compared to women it is NOT women who have the short stick.

      • someperson

        This is the proof that sexism affects men as well,not that it isn’t sexism.

        • Lacy Marie

          Of course sexism affects men as well. But that’s because people don’t seem to realize that you can be sexist TO men. Not because “Sexism against men is still sexism against women, too!” No. None of that. Sexism is sexism, regardless of gender, and men can, and do, experience it as frequently as women do.

          • GS Talbert

            Sometimes women have greater privileges than men depending on the situation, that is all thing considered they had it kind of sweet. In fact Roman founded it’s city on the rape of women. They kidnaped a bunch of virgins from a neighboring town and they sat them down and told them all the stuff they’d get hitched and if any of them wanted to go back they could safely. So the ladies thought about it and said deal and they got hitched and then on their wedding night the roman women voluntarily raped themselves.

          • Tiberian

            Do you know what else the Romans had? They had a horse appointed senator, a war against the sea, and an annual festival that included kicking all of the guys out of Rome. I think the moral of the story is that the Romans had a lot of weird stuff and you can’t really use examples of what happened 2700 years ago as examples of what’s happening today.

          • GS Talbert

            Well that is not what I was using the example for but that is kind of what I am trying to say anyway. 4/10.

          • GS Talbert

            “They had a horse appointed senator”

            It was appointed to the position of a priest but the Emperor apparently made it look like he was preparing it to be appointed consul of the senate, Nero had a wicked sense of humor. Successful troll is successful.

          • Tiberian

            Oh, Nero. Fun things happen when your royal line has genetic insanity. At least it’s not Coligula, amIrite?

          • GS Talbert

            At the very least.

          • Lea Tapp

            Learn what sexism means, “Lacy”. It does not mean a personal prejudice.

          • Lacy Marie

            I know damn well what sexism means, and it has nothing to do with power. Sexism is prejudice against someone because of their gender, and no amount of stomping around to try and change the definition is going to make that less true, “Lea”. Look, I can do it, too. Do you need video proof that I’m the woman in the picture? Because I can give it to you. Try me.

          • Lacy Marie

            And if you think my words have any less truth just because you’re assuming I’m actually a male, then that just shows what a petty and pathetic human being you are.

    • Torvos

      You should have stopped at “I don’t care”. Everything afterwards was twisting things so that they fit under the feminist perspective. Only, it doesn’t. It fits into what MRAs have been saying. The feminist crowd will do everything they can to discredit anything that agrees with that camp though.

    • A B

      My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, “If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately.” Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake. He gave it up immediately. Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was really sad and destroyed me. My mother said to me- “Don’t ever smoke. Please don’t put your family through what your Grandfather put us through.” I agreed. At 28, I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because your post gave me cancer anyway.

      • Lao Zoot

        We have a winner!

      • Lucian Vâlsan

        Sir, you just won the internet! :)))

    • Jordan Huckel

      Ahhhhhhhhh, okay, so it’s this double standard shit.

      When it happens to women and people don’t like it then it becomes widespread mizogoknee. When it happens to men and people don’t like it…. Well, toughen up baby. Act like a man… You’re like, still privileged and stuff so it doesn’t matter when it happens to you.

      How is this “de-laminating” female experience? It tells it EXACTLY how it is. Women can do whatever they want, in fact, in no matter what they do, they are encouraged in it…. Men have to follow strict traditionalist standards. That would be liberation of women and…. Well I guess you could say men are oppressed. *GASP* Did I just dissent from the feminist society and suggest that men don’t have it all? I did, deal with it.

      • Natty Kadifa

        but why are feminists so desperate to become male?

        • 30SilverHorses&30GoldenKnights

          Feminist don’t want to become male. Feminist don’t care about equal rights (bar the “Second Wave”). Modern day Feminist have victim complexes so large they make the Sun look like a pea.

          It’s not about them being equal to men. If you actually just listen to the things they say. Just listen to the words, and not the message they say they support. It usually turns into the most sexist, and sometimes racist, things you couldn’t even imagine.

          They attribute every success as a female to being impowered and independent and strong, which is fine. But, then when something as simple as a girl didn’t make a high enough grade on her test then “Look out! It’s the Patriarchy! It’s OPPRESSING this poor young girl!”

          I mean, whenever a Feminist/SJW talk about rape they only talk about it as if only women can be victims. All while stretching the definition so far that if I were to look at you too long I’m actually raping you with my eyes. (Look up “The Male Gaze”)

          Then when someone goes “Hey, this is nice and all, but can we add male rape statistics to the conversation. Get some awareness about the fact that men are actually raped more, and maybe start telling men that they don’t have to feel ashamed about their rape.” The Feminist will, 99% of the time go berserk, and somewhere in her shit flinging fest she’ll lay this golden nugget down “Stop trying to take the spotlight off of women!”

          At first I didn’t really think anything more about that line. Well, y’know, except for the fact that it completely disregards male experiences of rape. (Mine included) But, the actual thing they call being a victim of rape is “the spotlight”. THE FUCKING SPOTLIGHT! Can anyone be any more of a Jackass??? Being a victim of rape is not something anyone who’s actually been raped feels like should be a spotlight. It’s a horrible moment in their life that for most people we just want to be over with.

          Feminist are so out of touch with reality, and I know I’m generalizing here, but seriously. They take something like rape, and then make it the biggest thing about you. None of your actual qualities or characteristics matter to them. You’re just another rape victim, and you are nothing more, but probably less.

          I really don’t know where you even get that thing about Feminist being desperate about becoming men, because everything I see that Feminist seem to want is about hating men. Oh, and don’t even tell me that Feminist are for equality, because *insert stupid list of things they fight for while throwing in some problems that effect men*. Because, Feminist aren’t fighting for anything that hurts men, and there isn’t a right (here in the West) that men have that women don’t. They fight for more entitlement. The spoiled brats.

          • You hit the nail on the head!! Great post! I agree with you 100%. We need equal rights, not men or women rights. We need to take all womens rights off the table and turn them into human rights. If feminist continue the way they are, men will have no rights very soon. Oh, I am so sorry, men are about 3 rights away from losing all their rights as it is. And, I am a woman, not a man! Some women truly believe in equality, not women’s or men’s rights.

          • Cuivie

            Hmmm.. women who truly believe in equality are as invisible as male rape victims….

          • 30SilverHorses&30GoldenKnights

            I know of plenty, and I love listening to Karen Straughan (Girl Writes What?) and Christine H. Sommers (Factual Feminist and also “Based Mom”). Those two instantly come to mind when thinking about women who truly want equal rights.

          • Samantha Elon West

            While I have to agree that a lot of the feminists I have seen recently fit that description almost to a T, there are those of us left that resemble the second wave feminists who actually would like nothing more than to see equality.

          • Ian Sean

            Name one right men have under the law that women do not.

          • NukeWaste

            The right to pay child support that doesn’t go to the kids.

          • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

            That’s not a right, nor is it a law. If you marry smart (marry a woman who earns more than you do), she’ll pay YOU alimony + child support. Happens in every non-southern state. Mostly because southern states only grow idiots who don’t earn enough to pay support of any kind.

          • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

            Child support goes to the grown up caring for the child, you dolt. When both parents die, the person named to care for the child gets the money to care for it, NOT THE FUCKING MINOR. The fucking minor does not EVER “get” the money, nor should s/he. ONLY the person who has 51% custody should, whether male or female parent.

          • Morrison

            That makes no sense. All child support goes to the kids, specifically to the kids’ caretaker. And plenty of women pay both alimony and child support. And the money goes to the kids’ caretaker (her ex).

          • NukeWaste

            I don’t know about that “Plenty”! I’d say very few. You would have to look that up. As for Child Support, NONE of it goes to the kids. It ALL goes to the mother. I used to listen to court fights over Child Support all the time. Charlie almost never ruled against the female. It had to be a very extreme case.

          • Morrison

            OK, well I used to listen to court cases all the time too and saw it the other way around. See how silly it is to pretend that something you SAY is something that’s REAL? Look it up online, googlesearch it, it’s no secret that men who look for custody GET custody very often (it’s just that we don’t often ask for it), and that in cases where the woman makes more money, she’ll be the one paying HIM. It isn’t about gender, it’s about money. If you feel the need to play the victim, you’ll have to choose some other topic than marriage, divorce or custody, bro.

          • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

            Men can get our ‘tubes’ tied at any age, but women are required to have had two or more live births, OR they must wait until they’re older than 30. If they’re married and dumb enough to include that on their paperwork, they need to get hubby’s signature to “permit” her to get her surgery.

          • Robert Franklin

            I’m glad to hear it. I work for a non-profit that promotes equal parenting post-divorce. Can we count on a donation from you to further that cause? Failing a donation, will you volunteer your time to help us? If the answer is “yes” to either question, reply to this and we’ll figure out how to connect.

          • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

            Sure, what is the name and phone number of this non-profit that promotes equal parenting post-divorce? What state(s) is(are) your non-profit in?

          • Robert Franklin

            National Parents Organization. Google it. Our website lists our state affiliates and provides contact information.

          • Nathan

            THey don’t want to be men, they want the imagined privilege and power they are convinced men have, but they want absolutely none of the trade offs that come with said imagined power.

          • NukeWaste

            At Pitt, the fat ugly, disgusting pig accused an innocent male of raping her. It went to a student court. His live-in boyfriend was a surprise witness with pics of the party that they attended that evening. Why the surprise? Guy #1 drank so much that he was passed out most of the evening with the party going on around him. He made a funny table.

          • Natty Kadifa

            Some of them do.

        • fidelbogen

          Because they covet the kind of power which they believe men to possess.

          • Bewildered

            they believe

            This is the root of all mischief that has been created to cause an artificial divide between the sexes.
            It’s like how kids imagine that adults enjoy the best of life.
            Just because you earnestly believe something that doesn’t necessarily make it true or real.

          • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

            But men covet the kind of power they believe more powerful men have too…

        • Chanel Cotton

          The ironic thing about feminist is that they are so obsessed with men. They have it built in their mind this phantom ” boys club” that holds them back from living life. They are nothing but lairs and hypocrites. They don’t want men telling them what to do, but anything male centered they have to destory it and “back down barriers.”

          I’m in the comic book, action figure collecting world which is just about all men. And you get these hand full of women crying about how evil men are not including them into their social circles and how that has to change. My response is so what, leave the boys alone and go make your own fan club. But that’s not what they want. Feminist want to force their way into the boys club because they perceive the boys club as better. Feminist will make a girls club and label it as empowerment, while the boys club is oppressive toward women.

          As a black woman who collects action figures ( I know, right). Many other collectors are mostly white men. And I’ve never had any issues with them. There are some rascist, but as a whole they are welcoming. Even If there is a boys clubs, I will never allow myself to be a victim. Feminist try hard to convince other women that we are born with a disadvantage. I think the American women has it so easy that they have to create problems just to have something to fight for. When I see a beautiful blonde women, 5’7, thin, well educated, great job,men falling at her feet, born from a well off family and she comes to me talking about oppression. It messes with my head.

          • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

            Actually, no. Feminists don’t spend a hot second thinking about men, worrying about men, wondering about men, etc. Try attending a feminist workshop or lecture, and you won’t might not hear a damned peep about men at ALL.
            Instead, what you’ll hear is goal orientation for women, better methods for dealing with sexism (no bashing of the purveyors’ of sexism though!), and better networking for women and girls.
            What you’re definitely confusing is how feminists feel about men, with how MRAs feel about women. They can’t say two sentences in a ROW without bitchin’ ’bout wimminz.

          • Chanel Cotton

            Wow. A room of mostly women seem like hell on earth. No thanks. You see dollface, I’m what you call, a free thinker. I don’t do the groupthink. I don’t think like all women, I don’t think like all black people, I don’t think like all Christains. You will never box me, and I know you racist liberals love putting people in boxes. I don’t need to be to be told what to think about myself or another group. I live my life and come to my own conclusion. And what I do know during my life is that women makes terrible bosses, they are gosspy, catty, and whiny. I, in my 20 odd years of working never had any issues with a male boss. And. I will never join any group that encourages women to snuff out their own kids for a job, they’re going to end up hating anyway.

            Women who kill their own children and deny its their kid is what we call sociopaths. Maybe instaed of focusing on women not group you should judge someone by the content of their character. This is why as a black women I never do all black functions or groups. Because I don’t think like all black people. I don’t think like most women. I like to be with like mined people no matter what gender or race.

          • Morrison

            A room full of women is hell on earth to you, and you’re a free thinker. No, you’re a free hater. Just like many of the other men on here pretending to be women.

          • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

            I can’t think of any websites, books, articles, or seminars dedicated to feminism where any mention of men occurred. I think you’re not too good at reality.

          • Chanel Cotton

            Ah how cute. Not good at reality, huh? Look at you all snappy and stuff. The reason why you never read any articles, or book about feminism is because you never read any books. No. Feminist like you go on Tumbler and look at pictures. Apparently you don’t nderstand that the phrase ” stop the patriarchy” means MEN!

            Oh, and hunny, can you please tell you feminist friends to stop comparing the ” struggles” of the American white women to the struggles of black people? It’s getting really annoying my little american princess. Check your privilege.

          • In Landica Veritas

            Ah how cute. Look at you all snappy and stuff. Look at you regurgitating all of the ignorant garbage that only the most ignorant of MRAs ignorantly think that women think and do. I must say that I have seen men doing better at “passing” as women when they pass out drunk at parties and their friends slap some lipstick on them.
            Dudebro, “Patriarchy” does not mean “men”. It means the systematic rule BY men, FOR men. Patriarchy has countless rules and demands OF men as well as OF women. Men would be better off if they weren’t burdened by patriarchal demands too. If you were a woman you’d know that.

      • chromecommando

        Hey hey. It is only sexist if men do it. If a woman hits a man, the man probably did something to deserve it. If a man hits a woman, he is a woman hating abusive piece of shit.

        No doublestandards here, not at all… * whistles. *

        • NukeWaste

          If a man gets drunk with a female he is charged with rape. Why? Because she says that she passed out and he had to have sex with her. No she doesn’t remember it but it must have happened. Why, why not? Her female lawyer said so. It actually went to court.

      • NukeWaste

        Alli’s comment is typical for a feminazi. Blame society for using rules that have made sense and worked for eons. When she climb a 40 foot lader with a 50 lb fire extinguisher on her back, then she can support her opinio0n. Until then it is just femisist ranting.

    • Natty Kadifa

      yes, exactly – the thinking comes from this – who on earth wants to be female?

    • Mickel Wagen

      You’re probably one of those people who will go fishing for the logic that will benefit you the most, while making you into a victim. right?

    • thales

      wah I don’t care that you have you proof im still brainwash fool lol

    • Alli, you are a complete ******* when it comes to any common sense. I am a woman and will always fight for men to get their rights back. Women like you who have no common sense to reality, you need to realize that you can not take over the world. This world needs to be equal, not women rights or mens rights. People like you are why womens rights are so out of hand and men are to the point of taking their own lives because of what has been taken from them by people like you for no reason at all, just to say you did it, because you have a right to everything he has, but, he has no right to yours. If people like you continue to run this ignorant world, then our world will become nothing!! You seriously need to get a clue!

      • Bewildered

        Be rest assured she will never get it . Why ? Because the cultural zeitgeist actively promotes her BS.

      • In Landica Veritas

        You’re a woman who will always fight for men to get their rights back????
        Get their rights back from whom? I am just curious because if I live long enough to hear of men having lost any rights, I would also want to strive for them to have those rights returned.
        So again, which rights have men lost, and to whom?

        • Morrison

          I think men have only lost rights and stuff to the machines which have slowly been taking away men’s importance in society.
          Machines are replacing men, but not replacing women or children or pets.

    • And also, it is a sign of double standard!!! I wish you could live the life of a man for 1 year, figure out the differences!

    • Jack

      Actually society honors both, just depends who cashes it in. Women get to cash in either. Men can only cash in masculinity. Don’t make it seem like you’re afflicted because you’re not. If a woman acts feminine, she won’t be discriminated. She might even be able to cash in her sex bonus, meaning because she is a woman she gets better treatment. Look at the scholarships. Look at the sexual assaults being created. Obama started new policies and will pour in more money to combat sexual abuse. There are also lots of obstacles facing men, such as lower enrollment numbers. See when it was reported that very few women are in STEM fields, a campaign to get them was started, even Google. Men in general have lower enrollments in college. Imagine how preposterous, how disgusting it would seem if a campaign to increase the number of men in college came about. No one would let that occur. There would be mockery and protests. The point I make is that as a woman, your issues become everyone’s issues and must be fixed(as the sexual assault ‘epidemic’ might suggest) but when it comes to men, his issues are just his and evening publicly complaining about them will get criticism of misogyny and sexist.

    • omgwtfbbqhax1

      Go fuck yourself in ur smelly ass with a coke can, vile feminist cunt

      • In Landica Veritas

        Yeah that’s just about standard for an MRA’s mentality. All name-calling and no substance.

    • omgwtfbbqhax1

      Vile feminist cunts like this is a reason, if there ever is a hitler like dictator that sends feminists into concentration camps and gas them, id fully support him

      • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

        Of course you would. That’s probably exactly why the so-called “Men’s Right (ha!) Movement” is imploding, hemorrhaging support, and causing more male suicides than we had to put up with before the MRM. Paul Elam’s site has been experiencing a dwindling number of hits every month, plus he’s been losing $$$, PLUS he’s been losing staff (if you can call them that… they weren’t getting paid, so they left). Not to mention that he bans what few members he still has as soon as they point out he was lying in his opinion pieces!
        Anyway, those losers sound just like you. And that is funny!

    • LOL …. that was great … tell us how wonderful it is to see men blown to pieces in war while you complain that your latte is not quite hot enough.
      Feminism is the only taxpayer-funded hate movement in the first world.

      • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

        Hmm, except it’s an anti-hate movement, plus it is most definitely not tax-payer funded.
        Somebody’s been getting his “facts” from the MGTOW sites again, tsk, tsk!

        • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

          That is precisely what I was going to say!

      • In Landica Veritas

        Do women (and children, for that matter) have magical bomb-proof vests that nobody but you knows about? Because as it stands, more women and children are murdered in war than men are. And on top of that, those women and children didn’t even sign up to die like men do.
        Next time think about how much of an ignorant you want to look like before you choose “Most Ignorant Possible”.
        If you cared about people dying in war, you’d join the feminism movement to abolish war.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      I bet you didn’t even realize you just proved everything depicted within this story.

    • Michael Horsman

      ‘it’s a sign that society honors what it considers masculine and degrades what it considers feminine, nothing more’ nonsense, it’s a sign that men and women are different and don’t like to be compared to one another, it’s simply that today women have more choices. You’re a woman and want to stay at home and raise kids, then that’s fine, want to have a career, that’s fine.

      Not for men, nor do men have reproductive choices, men’s options are very limited, if they weren’t then women would have to take full responsibility for their reproductive choices like men do. Men pay the majority of taxes but reap a fraction of it in terms of health care, social welfare or disposable income. Men make up 80% of the homeless, account for 98% of workplace deaths, face 60% more time for the same crimes as women, men die 5 years younger than women, men get screwed over by family courts in huge numbers. Men gain only 37% of college degrees (and falling), yet still we only talk about empowering girls in education.

      The ‘you throw like a girl’ type of ‘degrading’ of femininity you talk about is no more than the natural comparisons made between the sexes in a sexually dimorphic species. Neither men nor women generally find it flattering to be compared with the other sex. In our society women get plenty respect and have privileges with no responsibilities, men are expected to be responsible, no options, no choices. Your view of what constitutes a sign that society honors masculinity and degrades femininity is facile and stinks of mindless dogma.

    • mbravo00

      your comment is proof of why we need mens rights.

      • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

        If men get any more rights, they won’t have room to store them!

    • Don Dehart Bronkema


    • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?


  • Lonnie Trevino

    There is def a double standard, and women def have the better end of it.

    • Holy shit you are mislead. Happily, merrily ignorant of reality.

      LOL, ignorance of reality is just one more benefit of living as a man!

      • ThomasER916

        LOL! You’re stupid!

      • Randall Nelson

        Try using actual facts to back up your statements. I bet you can’t find any.

        • In Landica Veritas

          Why do you only say that to the seemingly female posters here, and not the male posters who respond with nothing but vitriol or insults? You would look significantly less “MENRULE/WOMENSUCK” if you tried employing a modicum of integrity.

  • Eli Garcia

    This just proves one thing… The grass is not greener on the other side.

    • james flanigan

      I was born a man but live between the sexes I carry a purse and wear women’s cloths and pretty much live as a woman but have a man’s name and I’D . I have lived this way for 20 years , yes its cost me a marriage but have remarried to a woman that understands my way of life . And yes both sides have many down sides but I do think woman has a little better or easyer . For example clothes girls wear anything they want skirts dresses jeans or almost nothing . Guys ya they can go topless in public but how many can wear a skirt or sun dress ? Or a very small bikini ? Also purses or wallets guys aren’t supost to carry anything but wallets girls can do what ever they want ? Who made the rules here ?

      • frankie 4fngrs

        You do not live between sexes. You’re a man in drag.

        • springer5

          The fact that there are no female equivalents highlights James’ point.

      • In Landica Veritas

        “guys aren’t supost to carry anything but wallets girls can do what ever they want ? Who made the rules here ? ”
        The Patriarchy, that’s who. I say down with the Patriarchy, so men CAN wear what they want without other men criticizing them. There is literally NO REASON that men shouldn’t be allowed or even encouraged to wear feminine things or pursue classically female endeavors… other than “men will berate me, call me names, harass me, and otherwise begin to treat me in the same awful, AWFUL way that women get treated”.

        • Alexis Shaw

          The entire article was about how women get treated better than men. But that would derail your whole patriarchy boogeyman, so yeah, better to just ignore the things that don’t conform to your limited worldview.

        • ralf

          Alexis Shaw said it already. But just to emphasis that: you have lost contact with reality and live in a “feminist-victim-complex-man-hating-bubble” and no amount of facts and reality will burst that bubble.

    • Gas Bucket

      Depends on the person. It certainly is if you’re a woman and you need medical care. Good luck getting past the “bikini medicine.”

  • Tag

    It was a really good reddit discussion too

  • Mariya Nonya

    This is a ridiculous concept. One person can not say this is an accurate study to discern that being a woman is easier than being a man. Firstly, better wages in a gas station as a woman, that’s a joke right? Were you a cute leggy blonde who presented herself more confidently? As a male can you do the same? I somehow think this transition from one to the other would have some impact on that. Try something a little more difficult like corporate America and say that. There are too many varying factors. I can tell you I wouldn’t trade anything to be anything other than what I am, but you’re choosing to be the opposite so please don’t whine about how hard it is now.

    • The title states a question, and then says “shares his/her story” not “Being a man is easier than being a woman, end of discussion”

    • Gregy buu

      She isn’t whining, she’s telling you about her experiences and it’s funny how you avoid everything eke she talks about. I’m guessing you’re a feminist

    • Oliver Closeoff Johnson

      Shut up whore

      • Guest

        I decided to donate $50 to a woman’s shelter every time I saw the phrase “shut up whore” in response to intelligent posts in comments sections online. I had to stop after a few days, or else put my home up for sale. “Shut up whore” has simply become the “Men are right and women are wrong no matter what” mentality in severely damaged people.

        Now when I see you severely damaged people’s most intelligent comment, “Shut up whore”, I just go to a random website and post that in the US, men are responsible for 90% of welfare dollars going down the drain, i.e., men are 90% of this country’s prison population, and they suck just under $100,000.00 per prisoner, per year out of tax-payers’ wallets. Why do men have to steal so many of our tax dollars when there are legitimately law-abiding citizens who have small children who go hungry at night?

        Anyway, I’ll just donate $10 to women’s shelters when I hear your stupidity online from now on. My next donation to women will have your name on it.

    • ThomasER916

      There’s a mountain of laws, literature, television, and media that is simultaneous gynocentric and misandrist while posing as “equality.” It’s called Feminism.

      Seriously, STFU.

      • Guest

        You’re out of your batsh!t mind. Come to America if you hate “gynocentrism”. You won’t see a fucking spot of it here. Feminism? Yes. Misandry? No. The culture here is man-man-man, oh, and there’s an occasional little bone tossed to some women if the menz think she earned it.

        • ThomasER916

          You’re so indoctrinated you’re beyond stupid.

          • In Landica Veritas

            Wow, what a completely valid, well thought out series of researched rebuttals that was to his/her points.

            Seriously though s/he makes a valid point, you should try coming to the U.S. if you hate gynocentrism so much. I have an OK house in the U.S. How about we make a trade for 6 months. You come live in my American house and see what an andro-centric country is like, and I’ll go to whatever planet you live on and see what a gyno-centric culture is like for the first time I my entire life.

          • ThomasER916

            Wow! You’re autistic but not in a good way. You’re literally so pathological you’re inviting strangers you accuse of hatred to live in your home.

          • In Landica Veritas

            And more of the same complete dearth of validity.

          • ThomasER916

            There you are being stupid and indoctrinated again.

    • chromecommando

      I personally wouldn’t say it is even trying to be that much objective view on the whole thing. But see the thing is men are really unrepresented in modern society in all truth if you look at the media and how people look at women as contrasted to men. Who is the evil one?

      When this is just inequality. But so feminism continues going further and further in the inequality field. Not that there aren’t women issues, but at the same time the movement only enforces and strengthens this kind of discrimination further and further.

      But your comment is incredibly telling that I am right. Dismissal, ridicule, diminishing attitude towards someone else expressing varying or different opinion from your own experience. You do not care about the true equality. You are all about supremacy, or at least that is the message your comment illustrates. Which is nothing new really.

      I am in no position in saying who has it worst but is this really relevant? Shouldn’t it be equal for all in any scenario.

    • Jason Aaron Moran

      corporate America is tough on everyone. When equal experience at equal jobs women make within 2% (within the margin or error) of men. The bigger pay difference that people whine about is because women tend peruse fields that pay lower wages…

  • Dalton Reid

    Welcome to the club. You get your draft card yet?

    • Elliott D

      They don’t let trans people serve just yet, transmen that are in the age group that must register get a waiver. It sucks, I am 3 generations military and 98 on my asvab…. but no Navy or serving the country for me….. Because I’ve transitioned to male. (otherwise fit.)

      • frankie 4fngrs

        That’s because you have a vagina and sexually you are female. The military could give a rat’s bottom if you think you’re a man because you are not and never will be a man. Thanks for playing the politically correct game , back to your liberal fantasy land.

        • Elliott D

          I don’t actually. I’m not sure you know everything about medicine.. God bless you, may he replace your ignorance and need for hateful speech with grace.

          • Shay Waters

            cool frankie, I am a republican (though borderline libertarian) and backwards thoughts like yours is exactly why our party can’t win anything these days and this country is going to shit. We were already on the wrong side of history with slavery, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of history with this. Trust me. Even if it is against every moral bone in your body.

            Anyone that wants to serve and possibly die for this country deserves my respect, regardless of gender. The fact that you trolls constantly bring up liberals as if you are the anti-liberal or you represent what “non-liberals” are is idiotic. You are not being conservative, you are conserving nothing. You are just being a prick. A stance that respects true conservative ideals would be removing marriage from the state altogether.

          • Shay Waters

            “Wrong side of history” refers to the fact we were way late on abolishing it, not a knock at the republican party, as we both know that the Republican party was nearly entirely against slavery (only certain small sects in the South agreed with it.)

          • frankie 4fngrs

            Gender dysphoria is a mental condition and should be treated with therapy, not surgery and hormones. Body integrity disorder is a condition where people wish to be an amputee. Should we start slicing and dicing people at their whim? No. No, please go get your big boy pants on before speaking to an adult.

          • Shay Waters

            How about letting people do whatever they want because it is America. The state should have no concerns in such matters. Who cares if it is a mental illness? Just let it go man, it is a fight not worth winning, because there are far more important issues going on in the world that need to be addressed, such as crony capitalism killing the free market. We need to separate government and business, and the only way to do that is to limit the government’s overreaching grasp and unfair regulations that keep corporations untouched from realistic competition. These are the issues destroying the US. I don’t frankly give a damn about some gender confused kid whining on the internet, but enough people do to vote democratic time and time again.

            Everything could be solved by removing the state from the institution of marriage altogether. This is a libertarian principle.

            Though you seem to be more on the Male Rights bandwagon, which forgets often that libertarian ideals help men’s issues too. Sometimes we need to say “to hell with that battle” because that battle will remove too many troops needed to win the war. Frankie, I no doubt believe you are a rational adult passionate about very real ideas, but I am as well. Nothing you say will change that fact.

          • frankie 4fngrs

            Sure, let’s let do whatever they want and demand special treatment from the state, which is what trans people are after. We should let people chop off their limbs and then ask for disability. We should let people dress up as dogs and shit on your front lawn. Don’t you dare yell at them because they are trans-species and it’s not their fault. No, at some point the BS needs to stop and the political correct circle jerk of accepting everything without question needs to end.

          • Shay Waters

            No, they want special treatment from the state AS WELL. You already receive special gratuities for being a straight person in marriage and otherwise. Such incentives are not worthwhile. There is very real discrimination taking place against the LGBT community. People should have the right to criticize them, but they shouldn’t receive special priviledges for it. I would just abolish the hand in hand partnership between marriage and the state altogether. Let the church’s decide what is right and wrong for them. Capitalism = Equality of the law. Republicans = Socialists for themselves and let the rest fend for themselves. Vote libertarian.

          • springer5

            “Sure, ….and demand special treatment from the state,”

            Like feminists you mean?

          • Yes, just like feminists get special treatment from the state… you know, that whole closing down record number of abortion clinics and passing into law dozens of abortion/reproductive restrictions was oh, so special, pro-feminist treatment.

          • springer5

            No not that. . I was thinking more of the whole thing of ‘women shouldn’t get the same severity of punishment even if they commit the same crime, women should almost always have the children following divorce, women are entitled to assault men and men mustn’t defend themselves, women must be given priority when (not!) competing against a man for a job, women insisting that female circumcision is wrong but male circumcision is OK etc etc etc etc.
            It’s a tough life for western women under the ‘chivalric justice’ of the patriarchy. Still., plenty of good old fashioned , ‘damseling’ helps too whenever you need a break from the ideology.

          • “women shouldn’t get the same severity of punishment even if they commit the same crime, women should almost always have the children following divorce, women are entitled to assault men and men mustn’t defend themselves, women must be given priority when (not!) competing against a man for a job, women insisting that female circumcision is wrong but male circumcision is OK” If any — repeat ANY of that was true, you’d have the beginning of a point. However, they aren’t true.

            ~JURIES of men and women decide penalty, NOT any laws or “rights”. Perhaps a woman threatening to punch a cop’s teeth down his throat is less realistic to those male jurors than when a male threatens to knock a cop’s teeth down his throat. Jurors (and sometimes judges) are called upon to determine severity of charges based on the severity of the crime.

            ~Women “get the children” following divorce because fathers more often than not DO NOT ATTEMPT IN ANY WAY to get custody in over 70% of cases. In those cases where fathers ATTEMPT to gain primary custody, men ACHIEVE that custody in 50% of those cases. That’s what is called EQUITY. Do not chew out mothers or courts for FATHERS’ decisions (although that is what the anti-feminists solely rely upon doing). Most fathers earn higher wages than most mothers (why don’t you fight to change THAT if you dislike mothers’ custody so much?) and they work more hours (at more important jobs) — making it absurd for them to get custody just so they’d have to pay babysitters to watch the kids because he’s working during his custodial time. If women earned more $$ and had better jobs than men, then MEN would be primary custodians of the kids. <—-OBVIOUSLY.

            ~Women are not "entitled" to assault men. <—-Another lie that the anti-equality brigade propagandizes.

            ~Men mustn't defend themselves? Rely upon lies much? Many women DO get arrested for having assaulted their husband ("first"), yet men liars overlook this. Not to mention when a small MAN hits a large man, the cops give THAT the same weight; that is to say, when a puny, harmless MAN hits a large, menacing man, the cops judge the severity of damage and/or risk, and move on from there. Most men are larger than women, have more muscle than women, weigh more, are taller, stronger, filled with more testosterone, etc., etc., and like it or not — a small, unarmed woman gets arrested FEWER TIMES than a large, menacing man just like a 10 year-old’s is not considered a worthwhile arrest UNLESS it is upon an equally small child. Try using your brain instead of letting the anti-equality brigade (the Misogynists’ “Rights” Activists) think for you. They have proven repeatedly they would do anything to erase or muddy equality or fairness.

            ~ALL persons (yeah, non-white, non-male, non-Xtians are ALSO persons) who are under-represented and continually biased against must be given a token to be able to enter into jobs where otherwise they would never even get their job resume looked at. If you wanted EQUALITY and FAIRNESS instead of what you want now (exclusion of everyone lacking your privileges), then no more affirmative action would have to happen! Oh, the conundrum that presents, right? “Hmm, the only way to get rid of affirmative action mandates is to start seeing women, non-whites, and other minorities as equal… damn, I don’t think I would want to live anymore if the Privileged Class had to start doing that.” Your choice.

            ~“women insisting that female circumcision is wrong”, umm, nice giveaway you did there, showing MEN don’t(???) also insist it is wrong? You are garbage and outright misandrist for saying men don’t care. Men DO care; MRAs do not. FGM & male circumcision are UNRELATED. For them to be equal, male circumcision would have to be full removal of the penis and well as the scrotal skin. FGM has NO “circum” in its circumcision. It is full removal of external genitalia — quite unlike [the still-barbaric practice of male] circumcision. women are not pro-circumcision, in fact FATHERS in neo-natal wards decide if their sons get cut, and when surveyed, men want their sons to be “just like their Dad is”. So cut men [generally] have their sons circumcised, uncut men [generally] opt not to. Religions do some jacked up things worldwide, and there are ZERO benefits to male circumcision (unless later in life a serious enough foreskin issue occurs). Religions are staunchly patriarchal in nature, and it would sure be awesome if you could stop making it sound as though FEMINISTS support the patriarchal destruction of natal tissue that a woman’s body just spent NINE MONTHS creating.

            You just proved that the only ones “damseling” are the anti-feminists, AKA the anti-equalists. Grow up and help feminism fight those things you ***claim*** to hate. Because the only ones keeping things the way you ***claim*** to hate are the idiots who are spoon-feeding you your backward talking points.

          • Still doesn’t fit in

            I am studying psychology. Years of grappling with this condition has shown that the best therapy for gender dysphoria is talk therapy first, to see if it really is gender dysphoria, and then surgery and hormones if the client still feels it is necessary. It’s not a perfect solution by a long shot but it has lower suicide rates than every alternative that has been tried. Sources available upon request.

          • ThomasER916

            You’re so stupid and indoctrinated.

            America is dead because losers like you and acting self-righteous while championing a dickless Frankenstein.

          • In Landica Veritas

            “championing a dickless Frankenstein.”

            Wow, how did you know 2 whole years ago that he’d become the president?

          • ThomasER916

            Wow! How are you so stupid and indoctrinated you can’t figure out why you lost the presidential election?

          • In Landica Veritas

            Uh, I *lost* the election because I wasn’t running. You know, the same reason *you* lost the election.
            Now that you’ve boasted how unintelligent you are, are you capable at all of sounding as though you could pass as a worthwhile citizen of Earth? Or is it just more of the same from you?

          • ThomasER916

            You’re really stupid and indoctrinated.

          • In Landica Veritas

            The only reason I would ever want to be a man is because they can repeat nonsense over and over and no one ever expects men to be held accountable to their words or actions.

            “You’re really stupid and indoctrinated” and “There you are being stupid and indoctrinated again” seem to be your go-to responses when something intelligent was expected of you. It’s very apt that looking through your responses, you really have nothing to offer but meaningless, canned responses such as those.

          • ThomasER916

            The average person needs around 50 repetitions to learn. You’re below average.

          • In Landica Veritas

            No, people with mild-to-moderate retardation need to repeat things upwards of fifty times before they comprehend what was asked of them.
            I’ll see if your math fails you again when you try to figure out if you’re below average.

          • ThomasER916

            comprehend =/= learn

            Since you’re stupid and indoctrinated I have to correct your diction.

          • In Landica Veritas

            Every time you repeat your “indoctrinated and stupid” line, you further cement the fact that you are projecting.

            By all means, continue proving that fact.

          • ThomasER916

            comprehend =/= learn

            Did you understand that? Maybe but you didn’t learn anything.

          • In Landica Veritas

            Another failed attempt at calling someone else stupid. Oh, your mirror never fails you.

            (By the way, intelligent people use the “≠”, and not the tedious and low-IQ “=/=”.
            If you ever want to switch it up and appear on the intelligent side, I permit you to use it. It probably won’t fool anyone, but you can still feel momentarily smarter.)

          • ThomasER916


            If you really gave a shit about women you’d be comforting the 1,400 White girls of Rotherham who were systematically gang raped and forgotten. Feminism is being raped away and you don’t give a shit.

          • In Landica Veritas

            Again with your durrrr catchphrase, “stupid and indoctrinated”.

            Tell me how to “comfort” the 1400 white girls of Rotherdam whom you claim were forgotten. For instance, what is it that Y O U do to comfort them? I hope “bringing their name up in vain” isn’t all you do to comfort them, as it is indeed the diametric opposite of comforting them. (Also, by whom have they been forgotten?)

            If YOU — hypothetically, in some completely other plane of existence — actually cared about white women, I would trust that you are ministering daily to the perpetrators of the vast majority of rape, murder, assault, and general terror against white women… which would be your fellow white men. Since you felt the need to bring it up, the overwhelming majority of white women who are raped are raped by white men. The number of white women who are brutally murdered are murdered by white men. Heck, even the majority of CHILDREN who are molested or are murdered are molested and/or murdered by their fellow WHITE men — generally a white man they trusted, such as a [white male] relative or [white male] friend of the family.

            Of course, the overwhelming majority of crime victims are simply raped/assaulted/murdered/robbed by/etc., someone of their own ethnicity because we tend to be victimized by people in our own vicinity. But please, instead of doing your two favorite things (projecting your stupidity and your indoctrinations, and avoiding answers to hard questions) please do share how it is YOU personally comfort the 1400 white girls of Rotherham, and also share with us just who has forgotten them. Because my guess would be that you ONLY give one slight little fck about rape victims when and ONLY when you can finally point to non-whites as perpetrators.

          • ThomasER916


            It’s obvious you hate White people and don’t give a shit about women. You’re the Feminist. You’re supposed to care about women, but you don’t and won’t. Instead you support mass importing actual rapists and pathologically heckling White men.

            Feminism is ethnomasochism.

          • In Landica Veritas

            People who use “It’s obvious that[…]” in their “debate” are propping up losing arguments with a copout. Something can’t be obvious if it isn’t true. It’s not true that I hate whites or women. In fact, unlike you, I actually care about all victims of violence. YOU would rather parade them around only when it benefits your anti-non-white hysteria (because sane folk do not use “ethno-masochism” unless they are MOCKING racists for using “ethno-masochism”).

            Absurdly trying to claim that I hate either of these groups is something you nervously resorted to after I asked YOU to uphold YOUR claims, which you unable to do (otherwise, you would have). Instead you resort to, “I’m not able to uphold my own claims, so I will insanely attack yours without ANY basis whatsoever for my point, and hope that you devolve at some point to my level so I can attack you for it”. If you aren’t good at debate, try taking up some other hobby that you might have better luck with.

          • ThomasER916

            TL;DR – you’re a typical ethno-masochistic female who autistically attacks innocent men while turning a blind eye to Turd World rapists that are mass imported by government. You don’t give a shit about women. Never have and never will.

            1,400 White girls were systematically gang-raped in Rotherham

            Not a peep from you or millions of other Femtards because there’s no way to blame and shame Whitey. Still nothing.

          • In Landica Veritas

            And what have YOU done to comfort those girls (who btw were NEVER all white; they were a multitude of ethnicities)? You asked ME what I do to comfort them, I ask YOU what you do to comfort them… other than gleefully use their pain for your own benefit.

            Men rape and impregnate 1400 unwilling females, and you see “color”. I know why you are hung up on the hallucinatory ethno-masochism… it’s because you’re nothing but an ethno-sadist! One who hates women just as much as he hates non-whites!

          • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

            Oh HOT DAMN that was epic. You are epic.

          • frankie 4fngrs

            Freedom of speech, not hate speech. Hate speech does not exist in my country. Thanks for playing.

          • 633KDAD

            You do realize that trans people have to go through years of therapy right. You need a letter from a therapist to get on hormones, another letter from a therapist to get top surgery and 3 letters (one from a therapist with a Ph.D) to get lower surgery. Yes the DSM lists Gender Identity Disorder as a mental disorder but do you know what the recommended treatment is? Therapy AND hormones/surgery.

            No Trans person I know is asking for special treatment. If we could join and fight in the military we would (I did before I transitioned). Other 1st world nations have no issues with letting us serve but for some reason the US can’t seem to grow up enough to stop worrying about what is in someones pants and what they do with it.

            Yes you have freedom of speech. You have the freedom to say what ever bigoted bs comes in to that hateful mind of yours. You don’t, however, have the freedom to not be called out on it and have people tell you it’s hate speech.

          • Shay Waters

            Bigoted speech yes, but hate speech might be a bit extreme. A lack of understanding does not make it hate speech. He has the right to be an idiot, you have the right to call him out on it, and that is the way it should be. This is America. Labelling opinions contradictory and sometimes suppressive as hate speech is counterproductive to the end goal of Freedom and Justice for all.

          • ThomasER916

            You’re so fking dumb.

            You’re just more proof that Libertarians are Useful Idiots for Cultural Marxism.

          • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

            Yeah, except anyone who uses “cultural marxism” like it’s a real thing is more of a UseLESS Idiot. To society at least. I’m certain the gay bdsm clubs think you’re just peachy though. I take it you left your shift behind the wall early tonight, sailor?

          • ThomasER916

            Your rectal prolapse of tolerance is showing.

          • disqus_bLQYf8KPTD

            Your Useless Idiocy is showing.

            And pro-tip here, straight men never, but NEVER, think of rectal prolapses. That’s just in case you ever want to briefly masquerade as a straight dude online sometime.

          • ThomasER916

            You’re stupid and indoctrinated.

            And pro-tip, since you’re stupid and indoctrinated you trained to behave as if you’re a licensed and registered pop psychologist. You’re not. You’re just another PC cultist.

          • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

            Do you live in an English-speaking country? Are they OK with American ex-pats? I would love to live in a country with no hate speech. The USA is saturated with hate speech masquerading as “free”.

      • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

        I think trans* peeps can join now, yes?
        If so, good luck! But just to be safer wait until t.Rump is impeached. That fool is going to have all of our military dead if no one stops him.

    • ohwell

      Ugly, fat, desperate trash…keep whining about “men’s rights” worthless waste. Die sooner.

      • Divided Line

        You people are becoming a serious embarrassment. It’s like you’re from another century. You’re in the stone ages in thinking about gender and you’re on the wrong side of history. Within a generation, people like you will be ashamed of your stupidity and bigotry and you’ll all be scrambling to pretend you were never the knuckle dragging, hysterical, authoritarian, self righteous, ignorant scum that you are now.

        • Randall Nelson

          They will be treated how racists are treated today.

          • In Landica Veritas

            “They will be treated how racists are treated today.”

            Given the American presidency?

      • José Pablo Bolaños Rigioni

        You got nothing intelligent to say, huh?!?

      • Oh, that kind of human detritus DOES die sooner.

      • Randall Nelson

        This is what men hear when we talk about our rights. Women get billions of dollars for bitching about nothing.

        • In Landica Veritas

          Is that belief behind why men in the absurdly-monikered Men’s Rights Movement bitching, because they have the ridiculous belief that they will get billions of dollars? Because hate to break reality to you, but dat shit don’t happen for women.

    • In Landica Veritas

      Likely not, as the Draft is Patriarchal in nature and they don’t like women to play. In fact I bet no matter what a woman does she will never ever ever be eligible for a Draft Registration card, only men will have that right.

  • Oliver Closeoff Johnson

    than you lord

  • It’s pretty interesting to hear from someone who has lived on both sides, even for a short period of time. D seems to be able to write well enough (or has a good editor), and I could see a book come out of their experience. Even better if D has a M to F friend to provide the experiences going the other way.

    • Rick Westlake

      There is a book, though not from D. “Self-Made Man,” by Norah Vincent.

    • grsdr

      MtFs get a lot of critique if they mention any of these differences, so many just shut up, especially since you’ll probably end up with death threats, and get harassed, feminists.

      • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

        But to be honest here, 99% of M2Fs have diametrically opposite experiences than the one who supposedly wrote this painful to read article. Anyone who’s gone through this transition themselves would cringe at the falseness of this supposed person’s supposed experiences.

  • someperson

    People are ridiculing feminine men because they think it’s a shame to be a woman,especially when you’re born so superior like a man.So it’s still about sexism.And also a proof that sexism also affects men.

    • JRyman

      People ridicule feminine men (women included), because society does not accept men to be anything other than resembling manly attributes. Very much in the same way that society is a lot more susceptible to mocking a woman with more male attributes because she does not fit the femininity image…my own friend didn’t even like her own voice because she kept getting confused for a guy over the microphone…

      tl;dr: Boys don’t like being called girls, girls don’t like being called boys…it’s natural.

      • Benjamin O’Donnell


        • Guest

          No. Calling men ‘white knight’, ‘simp’, ‘betas’, phaggot’, etc., is misandry. And the chief purveyors of misandry are MRAs and MGTOWers. Mind you, good men don’t call men any of those names, just bad ones do.

          • Benjamin O’Donnell

            Sorry what? I don’t remember MRAs saying we should kill every man and help install sexist as fuck laws. Still thats just being a dick not saying a large part of mras haven’t become little angry munchins but still their not even close to femicunts.

    • Mark Neil

      Why is it feminist theory so typically relies upon making an assumption of a malevolent intent, motive or state of mind? Can you actually make a legitimate argument without relying on assumptions of what others are thinking?

    • Nix

      oh fucking please. Go back to your corner, cos theres literally no helping you anymore.

    • BaldwinBravo

      If it benifits men, it’s sexism against women. If it benefits women, it’s sexism against women.

  • someperson

    Because you deleted my comment which contained the link to this man’s story,I’ll put it all here,in this comment.(if you want to find it type on google the title)

    Male Scientist Writes of Life as Female Scientist

    Neurobiologist Ben Barres has a unique perspective on former Harvard president Lawrence Summers’s assertion that innate differences between the sexes might explain why many fewer women than men reach the highest echelons of science.

    That’s because Barres used to be a woman himself.

    In a highly unusual critique published yesterday, the Stanford University biologist — who used to be Barbara — said his experience as both a man and a woman had given him an intensely personal insight into the biases that make it harder for women to succeed in science.

    After he underwent a sex change nine years ago at the age of 42, Barres recalled, another scientist who was unaware of it was heard to say, “Ben Barres gave a great seminar today, but then his work is much better than his sister’s.”

    And as a female undergraduate at MIT, Barres once solved a difficult math problem that stumped many male classmates, only to be told by a professor: “Your boyfriend must have solved it for you.”

    “By far,” Barres wrote, “the main difference I have noticed is that people who don’t know I am transgendered treat me with much more respect” than when he was a woman. “I can even complete a whole sentence without being interrupted by a man.”

    Barres said the switch had given him access to conversations that would have excluded him previously: “I had a conversation with a male surgeon and he told me he had never met a woman surgeon who was as good as a man.”

    Barres’s salvo, bolstered with scientific studies, marks a dramatic twist in a controversy that began with Summers’s suggestion last year that “intrinsic aptitude” may explain why there are relatively few tenured female scientists at Harvard. After a lengthy feud with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Summers resigned earlier this year.

    The episode triggered a fierce fight between those who say talk of intrinsic differences reflects sexism that has held women back and those who argue that political correctness is keeping scientists from frankly discussing the issue.

    While there are men and women on both sides of the argument, the debate has exposed fissures along gender lines, which is what makes Barres so unusual. Barres said he has realized from personal experience that many men are unconscious of the privileges that come with being male, which leaves them unable to countenance talk of glass ceilings and discrimination.

    Barres’s commentary was published yesterday in the journal Nature. The scientist has also recently taken his argument to the highest reaches of American science, crusading to make access to prestigious awards more equitable.

    In an interview, Nancy Andreasen, a well-known psychiatrist at the University of Iowa, agreed with Barres. She said it took her a long time to convince her husband that he got more respect when he approached an airline ticket counter than she did. When she stopped sending out research articles under her full name and used the initials N.C. Andreasen instead, she said, the acceptance rate of her publications soared.

    Andreasen, one of the comparatively few women who have won the National Medal of Science, said she is still regularly reminded she is female. “Often, I will be standing in a group of men, and another person will come up and say hello to all the men and just will not see me, because in a professional setting, men are not programmed to see women,” she said. “Finally, one of the men will say, ‘I guess you haven’t met Nancy Andreasen,’ and then the person will turn bright red and say, ‘Oh Nancy, nice to see you!’ ”

    Summers did not respond to a request for an interview. But two scientists Barres lambasted along with Summers said the Stanford neurobiologist had misrepresented their views and unfairly tarred those who disagree with crude assertions of racism and sexism. Harvard cognitive scientist Steven Pinker and Peter Lawrence, a biologist at Britain’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, said convincing data show there are differences between men and women in a host of mental abilities.

    While bias could be a factor in why there were fewer women at the pinnacles of science, both argued that this was not a primary factor.

    Pinker, who said he is a feminist, said experiments have shown, on average, that women are better than men at mathematical calculation and verbal fluency, and that men are better at spatial visualization and mathematical reasoning. It is hardly surprising, he said, that in his own field of language development, the number of women outstrips men, while in mechanical engineering, there are far more men.

    “Is it essential to women’s progress that women be indistinguishable from men?” he asked. “It confuses the issue of fairness with sameness. Let’s say the data shows sex differences. Does it become okay to discriminate against women? The moral issue of treating individuals fairly should be kept separate from the empirical issues.”

    Lawrence said it is a “utopian” idea that “one fine day, there will be an equal number of men and women in all jobs, including those in scientific research.”

    He said a range of cognitive differences could partly account for stark disparities, such as at his own institute, which has 56 male and six female scientists. But even as he played down the role of sexism, Lawrence said the “rat race” in science is skewed in favor of pushy, aggressive people — most of whom, he said, happen to be men.

    “We should try and look for the qualities we actually need,” he said. “I believe if we did, that we would choose more women and more gentle men. It is gentle people of all sorts who are discriminated against in our struggle to survive.”

    Barres and Elizabeth Spelke, a Harvard psychologist who has publicly debated Pinker on the issue, say they have little trouble with the idea that there are differences between the sexes, although some differences, especially among children, involve biases among adults in interpreting the same behavior in boys and girls.

    And both argue it is difficult to tease apart nature from nurture. “Does anyone doubt if you study harder you will do better on a test?” Barres asked. “The mere existence of an IQ difference does not say it is innate. . . . Why do Asian girls do better on math tests than American boys? No one thinks they are innately better.”

    In her debate with Pinker last year, Spelke said arguments about innate differences as explanations for disparities become absurd if applied to previous eras. “You won’t see a Chinese face or an Indian face in 19th-century science,” she said. “It would have been tempting to apply this same pattern of statistical reasoning and say, there must be something about European genes that give rise to greater mathematical talent than Asian genes.”

    “I think we want to step back and ask, why is it that almost all Nobel Prize winners are men today?” she concluded. “The answer to that question may be the same reason why all the great scientists in Florence were Christian.”

    • Mark Neil

      First off, this story has the same failing as all other feminist stories about socialization, discrimination and privilege… it restricts the discussion to employment, as if that’s all that ever matters. No mention of where men are treated worse than women, such as the original article mentions… why no mention of that? Makes one wonder if confirmation bias plays a part in Barres’s observations.

      There is also the issue of the double standard… insisting innate differences don’t exist when women aren’t doing as well as men (IE science), but insisting on innate differences when atempting to justify where women do better (women are better innate parents to justify family court biases. Ms Obama said “women were smarter than men” without any feminist outrage. Men declining in Post secondary education is routinely blamed on men’s inability to adopt compared to women, often by feminists themselves. Why then is it not even allowed to be discussed the possibility that innate differences explain women’s issues, or that sexism/discrimination cause men’s?

      • Ian Sean

        I think it’s just pretty ladies and shameless men who are treated well, and polite men and frumpy women who are treated badly.

    • Jack

      Maybe the testosterone gave him a masculine boost?

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      „Why do Asian girls do better on math tests than American boys? No one thinks they are innately better.”

      Actually, they are better. Asians as a group are GENERALLY (that means there are exceptions) better than whites. And by Asian I mean Chinese/Japanese/Korean folk first and foremost.

      But of course, this is a politically incorrect point to make because… potato or something.

      • Morrison

        Girls across the board are doing better on today’s math tests than boys are, regardless of race and color. Don’t just believe my little typed words, go check it for yourself, any source you like.

    • Estwald

      …many men are unconscious of the privileges that come with being male…

      …and many women are unconscious of the privileges that come with being female.

      …it is difficult to tease apart nature from nurture.

      …because “nature” and “nurture” are not distinct alternatives. Nurture is nature.

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  • GS Talbert

    Loved it, please 40k and beyond. Love to hear more!

  • chromecommando

    Good to see some publicity. It is just the fact that they are so sucked up in the cultish aspect of feminism and community that they forgot how to stay informed and distance themselves from reality. I do not hate feminism, I support some of the things women still need to be solved but I hate the cultish aspect feminism has grown. It has become the new modern age religion of woman worship, totally distanced from the reality the rest of the world is living in.

    I mean search at Anita Sarkeesian newest event. The event was extremely cult like and paraphrase was ” Listen and Believe”. The idea is that just listen to what we have to say and the craziest thing you can do is to believe everything we say. Right, do not even think at all. Not at all, just believe everything we say.

    And by the way, the attributes that label you as a woman hater apparently is that if you disagree with something, you hate women. If you have questions, you hate women. How crazy are these people in this new age cultish religion?

  • Yan Zhao

    Thanks for writing this. Goes to show that women definitely has it better in society, despite the common belief from fake and real feminists alike that men are somehow better treated.

  • thales

    welcome how long have you been asleep

  • BigMobe

    Failed the first man test. You aren’t allowed to complain about anything that makes your life less enjoyable unless you are proud that its making others lives easier.

    Example 1:
    Guy 1: I lost a kidney.
    Guy 2: That sucks. You gonna have to get over it.
    Example 2:
    Guy 1: I donated a kidney to save some one.
    Guy 2: The world needs more real men like you.

    • Cuivie

      Being a man means pretty much being a disposable utility and being happy about it…. Yeap…

      There’s always suicide. Though, people will complain you’re being selfish.

      • Patrick DiSandro

        Well, yeah. Have you noticed that the countries where men are treated most as disposable (including many middle east countries) are the ones where suicide is most frowned upon as either a cowards way out, or even worse a sin that sends you to hell? I’d never encourage anyone to end it, so long as you live you have capacity for hope, but it’s insane how in some places, unprivileged men are expected to work slave labor, send any income to their family, and how DARE you try and kill yourself and deprive us of our free source of income! Kill yourself and you’ll suffer for eternity!

        • phaidros52

          Dont forget H. Clinton who is convinced that women are the big sufferers in wars because they loose their husband and brothers. Need more info you utility?

          • Patrick DiSandro

            And she stands by that statement… do we really need to point out how actually dying in a war is worse than losing someone who died in a war? Though I don’t think she thinks it is. Apparently the guy dying is more a crime against the woman who was owed his income and the sweat off his back. How dare he die fighting!

          • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

            More women and children civilians die are murdered in war than consigned men ever do.

            But by all means don’t let your complete disdain for women and children cloud your fervor for making men the victim. I mean, let’s all put aside the facts here, which are that men voluntarily cause war, men voluntarily sign up for war, men voluntarily go out and murder in war, and if they’re lucky, they can find some nice rape and torture toys (i.e, women & kids) to enjoy between bouts of slaughtering the unarmed people (i.e., women & kids). Yes, the men doing all of the murdering are still the victims, as society cannot continue if that ever stops being a truism. The women & kids who get mortar-bombed can’t count, because it doesn’t serve to portray men as victims, and we can’t have that, no, no!

          • cybilinside

            Oh dear Lord, PLEASE do not do women the incredible disservice of judging us all by a moron like Hillary! Believe it or not there are actually women out here who don’t think the world owes us something simply because we have a vagina, don’t think we have it so much harder then men and aren’t vapid, judgemental bitches about looks or anything else.

          • phaidros52

            Oh, and all these women you mention (which exist, I admit) are in the spotlight of the US and the world, ja? So, a million of you will never been heard but she will – worldwide.

          • cybilinside

            Well, that problem is easily solved……lets not elect her sneering, dishonest, overly conceited ass come 2016. If she doesn’t make it then, I’d be willing to bet she melts away into anonymity. She’s a has been who just hasn’t quite figured it out yet and the only people who give a shit about her anymore anyway are the penis wearing feminist nazi’s of the world.

          • Randall Nelson

            As a women it is much easier for you too speak out and not get silenced. Watch a guy on campus try to speak out about men’s issues and you’ll understand.

            The only acceptable issues he’s allowed to talk about is women’s issues. That’s only if he admits how great he has it and how he could never understand.

          • In Landica Veritas

            Yes, remember seeing on the TV about those poor campus guys singing their frat’s chant: NO MEANS YES, AND YES MEANS ANAL.
            I mean seriously, I just don’t want to live in a world where men on campus can’t demand rape anymore.

          • NukeWaste

            Yes, but you find like minded guys and have lives. The nasty cunts around you blame people like you as sellouts. Guys have similar problems but are told that everything is their own faults.

          • cybilinside

            Do you think I’ve made it through life with my attitude and opinion on “feminism” surrounded by love and friendship? Not so much. If nasty cunts want to call me a sell out, more power to them. Women get told everything is our fault too….some women just choose to walk away rather than whine bitterly about the injustice’s of life to the evening news. I suggest you ignore them. Seriously, who cares what anyone else thinks? There is a fine line to walk here and it’s taken me a long damn time to learn it. Sometimes when people tell you to quit whining and suck it up, you need to realize that they may just be right and to put yourself in check. And sometimes when they tell you that you need to remind yourself that they don’t know you, don’t know your story, don’t know what you’ve survived….and then walk away because they’re really just not worth it.

          • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

            Really? Guys are told everything is their own fault? I hope guys are told that “they were asking for it” too then, as then men and women would have BOTH of those things in common (women are told everything is their own fault, AND told that everything bad that happens to their children, husbands, friends, family, and property is also their own damned fault. There’s no escaping it.

          • Benny Profane

            I know this is pointless because this article is old and the discussion is dead but what the hell.

            I just had to point out that the only people who say “she was asking for it” are feminists creating straw man misogynists to knock down.

            It is absolutely false and extremely disingenuous to pretend this attitude is espoused by anyone other than a minuscule amount of sociopaths that society rightly abhors.

          • In Landica Veritas

            Is Paul Elam a feminist? Because he is the owner of a website which frequently boasts about women begging to be raped. Try checking out his facebook page. It’s a rape-o-rama there (in between bouts of facebook taking it down for violating violence against women rules).

          • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

            OMG YES ha ha I just wrote about him I thought I was the only one who’s heard of that sick old goat.

          • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

            Hey, this article is even older now and the discussion’s even deader, but I have never heard anyone but fratboy mentality men use the “she was asking for it” line. In fact there’s a guy named Paul Elam (if he’s still even alive) who got famous over his demand that all men must know and fully believe that no woman gets raped, and that she might as well have a neon sign above her head stating as much. He even said that if he were called to jury duty about a man who absolutely DID rape the hell out of a woman, he’d still vote not guilty just so the rapist would go free, because she was still asking for it.

            So in one regard you might be right because Paul Elam ALWAYS says that he’s a feminist. Because “equal rights means equal LEFTS” (with a picture of a left-handed man punching a woman in the face).

          • Morrison

            Nope. “What did you expect dressed like that?” is still used in court when a rape victim is brave enough to take it that far. “Did you willingly accept an alcoholic drink?” is still used in court too. “Did you scream your pretty little head off that you were being raped?” is still used. In fact the full panoply of “You were/she was asking for it” is only used by those who want to make excuses for criminal behavior.

          • In Landica Veritas

            ” Guys have similar problems but are told that everything is their own faults.”

            Except for when they rape women, because as we all know, women are always blamed for being raped. “what were you wearing? were you drinking? did you go back to his place? did you smile? YES????? Then clearly you were asking to be raped, shut up and don’t ruin the rapist’s lie by expecting him to be treated like the criminal he is!”

          • Morrison

            Yeah. Not quite. When we rape someone it’s not our faults tho. We tell her it was her fault for not saying no loud enough. Or tell her it was her fault for drinking. Or tell her “what did you expect when you agreed to a date? That he DIDN’T expect sex??” WE NEVER get told that raping someone was our fault. We NEVER get told that it was our fault for drinking too much.
            I been a man for many decades now, and I can’t remember anyone telling me something was my fault except for parking in emergency zones. And even then I make excuses for myself until everyone tells me ‘OK it wasn’t your fault’.

          • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

            But more women and children die get murdered in war because they are civilians. At least the men sign up to go out and murder innocent people in foreign lands. The women and the children have no say in the matter. In fact when women and children TRY to become refugees (you know, to STOP being murdered), it’s more men telling them no, they have to stay where they are and keep getting murdered regardless.

            And then there’s the other thing that doesn’t generally happen to men in war: the kidnap, rape, and systematic torture-to-death ordeal that happens in times of war. Don’t believe THAT happens? Just ask A-N-Y American soldier and he will brag how that is just one of the perks of invading innocent countries.

            So yes Hillary is right that women lose their sons, brothers, and husbands, but they also lose their daughters, sisters, and mothers too. Because unlike the men, the women aren’t armed or allowed to protect themselves.

          • phaidros52

            Let me know when that stuff is not any more in your blood and you are back from la-la-land. Rarely heard bigger BS, well except from Clinton.

          • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

            Wut? Really?

            OK, what part do you dispute? And where would the rest of the world find this evidence you purport to have private access to that claims anything I wrote is not true?

            Seriously, I am curious. What part(s) can you honestly say aren’t true? Because I can’t find any stats anywhere that say you’re correct or that I am wrong. PLEASE let the world know your source. I promise I will read every link you can find disputing anything I wrote (as long as it actually ADDRESSES what I wrote).

          • Morrison

            Did she say only that?? Because the smarter reason would have been that women (and children) are the bigger sufferers in wartime because more women and children are murdered in times of war, not to mention more women and children get raped, tortured, used as forced suicide bombers and so on. NOT TO MENTION that the soldiers have voluntarily, willingly signed up to join the war AND GET PAID to kill, but women and children neither sign up for war nor get paid for living in war zones.
            Oh yeah also soldiers are given armor and taught evasive, life-saving techniques, while women and children once again are just shot, raped, torn apart, murdered, and used any way the paid-to-kill soldiers see fit.
            If Hillary were smarter, she wouldn’t have just stopped at women losing their sons and husbands. (Besides, most men come back from war. It’s not like they all die. Society cares way more about men and that’s why we allow them to wear helmets and bullet-proof stuff and give them tanks and weapons and training. We just laugh at women and children, and we post their mangled corpses on gross morbid sites for giggles.)

          • phaidros52

            You see the world from your limited US point of view. In the real world soldiers are not volunteers but forced into the army to go to war and they are also not payed. But if you dont see the difference between females suffering the loss of the breadwinner and being shot dead in the filed, there is no help for you anyway.

          • Morrison

            The US is also part of the real world. I personally haven’t even visited the US however. I never wanted to give them my tourism money.
            Here in the real world (and the US too) men do volunteer to join the military and we do get paid. If you’re going to tell me you’re talking about any part of Africa, I’d love to hear from any actual African country citizens on the matter since talking about a citizenry you’re not even part of is just using them for talking points (since you can’t muster any points on your own without exploiting theirs).
            I don’t know about “females” (do you mean women and girls?) losing their breadwinner. I only know about women and girls (female humans) being rap ed, tortured, sold into slavery, and murdered in war. Sounds like dead women don’t need breadwinners. They may or may not be killed in the field, but they are certainly killed in their homes by the intruding men wearing soldier costumes.
            I’m just glad I was born a man, because in case of war I at least have been given armor to protect myself and weapons to kill those who would harm me, and also I’d be taught defensive maneuvers. Meanwhile women and girls get nothing but a dehumanizing reduction to being called “females”.

        • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

          No, very definitely no. Middle Eastern countries REVERE suicide, and it is greatly rewarded with six dozen virgins from the state.

          • Patrick DiSandro

            I get what you’re saying, but you’re mistaking religion with extremist terrorists.
            The two gravest sins of the Muslim religion are the taking of an innocent life, and the taking of your own life.
            In other words, there’s a ton of pissed off terrorists in hell right now.

        • Morrison

          You couldn’t have gotten that more backward if you tried. Middle East countries PRAISE and REWARD men (but not women) who commit suicide. And no hell, just an eternity with 72 virgins in paradise.

          Why not know what you’re talking about before you start talking?

  • NeonLights99

    Of course there are double standards, is it that surprising? But on the topic of wage: I work a cleaning job and as a female, I was hired at minimum wage, then received a three months and year wage increase. Later a friend was hired for the same job but was starting at the same wage I was at after the increases. The reason was simply because he (looked like) he could lift more even though the job involved no heavy lifting whatsoever.

    Double standards work for and against all people, but those double standards are mainly a result of sexism. You shouldn’t be called a “manlet” for being shorter, nor should a woman be berated because she chooses not to shave her legs.

    • PeterPan

      I was employed too and under payed but the guy was able to sale him self better I am guy too so if this happens to guys it will happen to woman too BUT it is not gender issue but rather how you negotiate. I am sick and tired of people not taking personal responsibility for their actions or inaction.

    • Dm Gray

      The shaving thing is one of the more offensive feminist claims.
      If I do not shave complete strangers will feel okay to insult me, and anyone acquainted with a dude will feel outright comfortably pointing out when they need a shave.

      A woman can just wear trousers, or tights, or a shirt (for armpits) or just not make a big deal about it and it likely wont get noticed.
      That facial hair some men wear? It doesn’t disappear by magic.
      If I don’t shave in the morning, I will look like a bum by evening.

      I tend not to give a fuck anyways, and my last partner was actually amused by my evening shadow (and I shaved before the date) because she’d only had younger boyfriends before.

      The whole “having th shave and wear makeup is oppressive gender roles” gets VERY tired, especially when feminists use it to justify men paying for dates (which they do)
      I don’t even mind paying, as if I invite somebody out (regardless of gender or intention) I feel obligated to pay. I just hate morons trying to justify it with their radfem bollix.

  • Mike M

    These comments prove the journalists point. hahaha

  • phidari

    “His/her”? The user clearly identifies as male. Can you not read or something?

  • This was a great read. When I was dating and on dating sites online, all the best men were shorter, I am 5’6″. My youngest living brother is only 5’7″, and picked on so much, hes a little round too. Any short chunky woman can find a man, no problem. Now, being a tomboy is not all that easy. People talk crap because I act manly, but, I do not look like I should be a tomboy. I prefer men who are sweet, but, can change a tire. I once had a 6’6″ boyfriend, pretty boy who, I thought was sweet, that could not do anything under the hood of a car, not even change a tire. It was annoying to me, because I worked in a club and was heading to work, and had to get greasy, and you know that stuff does not come off without some sort of gojo, but, I loved the fact that he was sweet. It took me years of dating to find a man who loved me for the boyish person that I am. We have fart wars, and both work under the hood together. I would rather have a short ugly man who loves me for me than a tall jackass that does not appreciate me as I am. She is right that men do not get treated as well as women, by far!! No time off for kids problems, as a parent, no help from the government, and a ton of other double standards issues. Women are not trying to get equal rights anymore, most of these idiots are trying to take over the world. People need to be treated fairly, equaly, and humanely. Men need rights now because women have way more than their fair share! Womens rights need to be taken away and replaced with equal rights for both genders!

    • james flanigan

      Amen girl , it’s all about equality. I don’t care what color what religion or where you came from . Were all people …

      • ThomasER916

        Equality is a lie.

        A religious lie.

    • Randall Nelson

      Well I wouldn’t call it taking women’s rights away (okay perhaps rape shield laws because that actually violates men’s rights to due process.)

      But we need equality. Boys and men are suffering from this but get no recognition.

    • but-wut-about-da-menzzzz?

      Ugh! You were so right on up until that last coupla sentences!

  • Anna

    The only reason no one cares about what women do is because they anyways don’t get rights for heteronormative behaviour in a patriarchal society. Males are scrutinised because they only get power as binary straight men. Otherwise, anyone else on the spectrum automatically gets thrust on the side of the woman, supposedly undeserving of rights and power like men.

    • HeloJoe989

      For the sake of discussion here…

      Can you provide an example of a right or privilege that a man has, that is denied to a woman?

      Please provide specific examples. Heteronormative behaviors do not count as rights, just behaviors.

      Example: while it may be looked down upon for a boy to play dress up or play with dolls, there is no rule, law, policy that actually prevents him. Hence, the boy is not denied.

      You have to provide a specific case where it is actively denied or blocked, but law or provision

      • Bewildered

        Hetero bashing is in fashion. Anything and everything bad can be ascribed to ‘heteronormative’ behavior.

  • Lawrence Newman

    I would rather have been a woman born in the UK than a man. I would have intact genitals and thusly I could experience sexual pleasure. I am so privileged to have been sexually crippled by the NHS by having my foreskin chopped off. We NEED feminism! Oh … wait ….

    • disqus_fNmWl9E2GF

      Circumcision in the UK is rare, and it is not sanctioned by the NHS. If boys are circumcised in the UK, they are either Jewish, or their father demanded it. I have enjoyed far too many English cocks to not know this.

      Feminism has made gains in the US to stop cutting infant boys’ peepees. It would be nice if the men helped, alas, they will not help feminists do anything, even if it helps males in the process.

  • derintellectual

    Both men and women have their downsides. Its just how you deal with it what counts.

  • sexogrammaticus

    The important detail being left out here is, how attractive was/is this person as a woman vs. as a man? The privilege he speaks of enjoying when he was a woman might have been because he was pretty, not simply because he was a woman. I think in terms of “who has it easier,” the answer is “attractive woman > attractive man > unattractive man > unattractive woman.”

    • Phillip

      I disagree a little. Even unattractive women can find a partner easily. Unattractive men have a much harder time of it. You don’t see them, because they still do their work, and live their lives, but there is a large portion of humanity, mainly male, that simply has to face the fact that they will live and likely die, alone.

      The benefits of “Being a man” don’t really protect you if you aren’t at least average in looks. Being a female gets you more at that level of things.

      An ugly, broke woman gets help from society, in the form of welfare, food stamps, shelters and even others helping them out just because.

      An ugly broke male lives on the streets and scrambles for what he can get himself, with almost no help at all.

      Not that it’s a contest, but it also isn’t the same exactly.

  • mrs.knutson

    Is it just me or has all this “woman should be equal” kind of ruined woman? I believe woman have the right to work and so on and so on but I also believe that the ” old ways” is what built families and marriages stronger. Now you hear a lot of this “I don’t need a man, I can do it all” and that’s great but your emasculating men and at the same time you want them to still treat you like a princess. I’m only 25, the same age as all these war on woman people and yet I don’t get it. I’m happy to be the homemaker to my husband and 4 children and homeschooling. And I am blessed to have my husband who does his part as being the provider. There is no war in our home over who brings the most to the table or anything. And woman who constantly have this “I can do it all fuck men” that’s the attitude that makes men not want you, you aren’t being equal when you’re emasculating men.

    • 17839139

      as a man, why should I be offended when a woman wants to not only succeed in life, but also have all the same opportunities as I do? why should I feel offended if my girlfriend/wife/partner makes more money than me? why is female empowerment viewed as a threat to myself and other men?

      • Nathan

        Because it is so often couched in terms of taking from men, rather than women working for themselves.
        Yes, women should have the same opportunities a man does…and they do!.
        But, so often the conversation is not about equalising opportunity, but about putting into place a system that will support and aid the woman in ascending, due to a perceived ‘gap’.
        This is why gender quota’s are so insidious. There is a ridiculous idea that women should be in 50% or so of the decision making positions and that if they aren’t, it’s due to sexism, rather than any of the myriad of life choices that she may make.
        When the conversation stops being about what men have to give up to make women feel equal, men will probably stop feeling emasculated and threatened.

  • k8m

    All the macho shit D describes here is caused by the exact same patriarchy that affects woman as well, and that most feminists are trying to disassemble…it’s not just women who are effected, but it’s women who, collectively, worldwide, have had a harder time of it. Reminds me of this quote…
    By Nancy R Smith
    For every woman who is tired of acting weak when she knows she is strong, there is a man who is tired of appearing strong when he feels vulnerable.

    For every woman who is tired of acting dumb, there is a man who is burdened with the constant expectation of “knowing everything.”

    For every woman who is tired of being called “an emotional female,” there is a man who is denied the right to weep and to be gentle.

    For every woman who is called unfeminine when she competes, there is a man for whom competition is the only way to prove his masculinity.

    For every woman who is tired of being a sex object, there is a man who must worry about his potency.

    For every woman who feels “tied down” by her children, there is a man who is denied the full pleasures of shared parenthood.

    For every woman who is denied meaningful employment or equal pay, there is a man who must bear full financial responsibility for another human being.

    For every woman who was not taught the intricacies of an automobile, there is a man who was not taught the satisfactions of cooking.

    For every woman who takes a step toward her own liberation, there is a man who finds the way to freedom has been made a little easier.

    • crydiego

      This needs music if want to sell it.

    • Morrison


  • Yusuf

    To say that one gender had it “easy” I’d absolutely absurd. Just because your experiences differ to that of other men or women doesn’t mean that Thai discount the very really experiences of sexism women have experienced and continue to experience on a daily basis. Sexist double standards affect every single person on the planet. I’m black And grew up middle class in Chicago, just because my experiences growing up in this city are not what every one thinks of when they think of south side youth doesn’t mean there aren’t black kids who have serious economic and geographic struggles to over come. This article makes absolutely no actually substantiated argument beyond some anonymous person’s say so.

    • crydiego

      Everyone’s experiences are valid enough for opinion.

  • Michelle Ivana

    i disagree with some parts of this… as a woman i definitely cant act as manly or as butch as i want without getting ridiculed. as a female in modern society im expected to do a lot of things that are deemed feminine (eg. shave my armpits and legs) thats just one example.
    people say women get special treatment because they can use their bodies to get what they want from men. but this works int he opposite direction as well…

    if i dress frumpy, in baggy clothes, and don’t wear makeup i don’t get any type of special treatment. actually, ill get rude men asking me why i’m “covered up”, and i’ll get other women asking me why i’m “hiding” my beauty.
    Im sure if the right man tried to use his good looks to get something from a woman, he could be successful. as for women doing “dudely things” i cant count how many times ive had a man tell me to “step out of the way sweetie” or “let the man handle this honey”.
    and when it comes to men doing feminine things, my brother is a STRAIGHT and MASCULINE man who loves to cook and craft, he makes glass jewelry. no one gives him shit, in fact, he’s a badass.
    MEN are equally as judgmental as women. i think rather than separating men and women and deciding whose more judgmental, maybe you should look at HUMANS as a whole and realize that there are ones that will judge you and ones that will accept you male or female.
    you say women ridicule you for feminine qualities? those women are BITCHES. men have ridiculed me for loads of things, like having hairy arms, or small breasts.

    its true some women like tall men, i happen to be one of them. but guess what, some men don’t like small breasts, others only like blondes. everyone has preferences. it doesn’t make a woman bad if she likes tall men.

    I don’t know who you grew up spending time with, but people aren’t just “OK” with women being man-haters. Im constantly told i shouldn’t be such a self righteous feminist, and i don’t even hate men. Men and women are not given equal opportunity simply because women and men are presented differently by society. there are much less adds targeted at selling things to women in which men are sexualized as a marketing tactic. there are countless adds where women are sexualized as a selling point for men. (watch this almost naked woman eat a sandwich, watch this scantily clad lady sit on the car of your dreams, etc)

    if you got paid more because you were a woman, you had a very nice boss or he was into you. Generally in the working world positions of power and authority (high paying jobs like CEO’s) are filled by MEN. even the highest paid “female” ceo used to be a MAN. in my optinion a man cant just get surgery and take hormones and suddenly be deemed “worlds richest FEMALE CEO”

    THAT PERSON STILL HAS THE MIND OF A MAN, IF NOT AT LEAST THE HORMONES OF A MAN. he does not behave exactly like a women would.

    The same goes for you. You cant claim that you “understand the views of men” because you were never a little boy. you grew up as a female and no matter how masculine you behaves im sure you were still addressed as a female and treated as a female in many cases. and even now, identifying as male, your body still produces estrogen, you have ovaries, and your mind will not function exactly like a mans.

    i’m simply saying that you shouldn’t decide suddenly that you want to fight against the team you came from. women are not treated equally with men in this world, and being a former women you shouldn’t be influencing negative opinions on the gender.

    i don’t want my comment to be misinterpreted, i’m am PRO LGBT! and i think you have every right to identify as whatever gender you like.

    • crydiego

      Women are not bitches, I can’t be so inclusive when it comes to feminist.

  • writeonbrother

    Having been born male is the greatest gift I ever received.

  • 17839139

    From saying that a wage gap doesn’t exist due to your experience as a woman in a low-skill, low-paying job, to saying that since gay/bisexual men don’t discriminate in height towards each other that all men aren’t at all judgmental, your arguments are EXTREMELY flawed and overgeneralized.

    • crydiego

      He is telling his experiences and giving opinion. It is you making the arguments.

      • Yohr Maeker

        no, I’ve heard from a lot of gay men how hard it is to find a partner who isn’t incredibly judgmental.

  • TheSPazCORE .


  • Chris Hamer

    Yes life as a guy sucks. Here is some other advice you likely didn’t get growing up as a girl that you definitely will need. 1) Do not hit a woman even if you are defending yourself from assault. One bruise and you will be going to prison; unless you can get it on film that she was insane and even then it’s risky business. Not to mention that others will come and attack you if you defend yourself. 2) Be careful going out alone with children even if they are your own. Whether it’s taking your daughter shopping, your son to the park, or having the unfortunate chance of sitting next to an unaccompanied minor on a plane; you will be assumed as a pedophile. Now if your lucky it will go unaddressed, if you are less lucky people will ask you questions, and if you have a bad day cops will immediately be called. 3) Everything you do is wrong if women do not support it. That is as simplistic to a rough guide on being male as I can concisely say. Society values women more than men and Feminism has worked hard to increase that gynocentric viewpoint. Your opinion doesn’t matter, if you criticize a woman you are a misogynist, and virtually everything you do inadvertently oppresses women. Now luckily you have a vagina so you get to avoid the “Girl Who Cried Rape” nonsense that saber wielding males need to watch out for. Keep on keeping on

  • TheSharpeful

    Welcome to the boys club 🙂 take of your shoes, sit down and let’s have a laugh at being called “patriarchal white nazi male scum rapist” together shall we? Buy you a beer? /brofist

  • Krolll

    So, in the end, you support women’s rights, you would like to see less ‘negative’ masculinity and you would like to hear less complaining from (feminist) women? Please explain what exactly is different about your standpoint, compared to the feminists you criticize? It is a good, a very good thing that people notice how shitty men’s lifes can be, compared to the lifes of women, but i become very cautious when the actions that follow from that standpoint and criticism are exactly what feminists would like to throw at society. Freedom of speech is a big thing, and i think it is an improvement that men’s problems in society are talked about, without verbal harassment by feminists. But, and this is a big ‘but’: Keep government out of the lifes of us, the ‘ordinary’ citizens and most of all, keep the State and activist ideology out of our schools and our childrens lifes. We don’t need feminism and we do not need ‘intersectional’ feminism either. Change the laws that discriminate men, change the way the state and the media behave, but stay the hell out of our lifes.

  • TheWildOne


  • So refreshing, for a change, to see a balanced article on Gender and Stereotypes. …. and boy will some bitch about it!

  • Yohr Maeker

    Just based on the severe and consistent physical discomfort alone I would rather have been born male. Although it is nice to see men speaking up about their issues although not really doing anything about it, the discussion is being put out there. As a female I find it very difficult to get behind a men’s rights group cause they focus too much on their hatred of women rather than making constructive changes in society.

    • Estwald

      …they focus too much on their hatred of women

      …they focus … on their hatred of feminism… {fixed}

      • Yohr Maeker

        Nope, if that were the case it would be fine, but it’s just constant whining and ragging on everything feminine and painting with the same general brush stroke of vilification that feminists do towards men. It’s quite the bi*** fest.

        • Estwald

          …the same general brush stroke of vilification that feminists do…

          Counterpartism is effective.

          • Yohr Maeker

            What is it accomplishing though? Sure there needs to be a public and loud shaming of certain behaviors exhibited by women, especially in their treatment towards men and their capacity to take advantage of a favorable system in Women’s favor, but there is no real drive to actually do anything.

            They all claim that feminism is preventing them from speaking out about their issues out of fear of being shrugged off as a misogynist, but really? Is that all that men have to be afraid of, being labelled as a hater? Yet another group being held down by a made up entity, much in the same way African Americans claim to be held down by the white man, or women still today claiming an unfair patriarchal system. If it’s not all in your head, than all the more reason to take action.

            I read an article yesterday addressing “deadbeat” parents and the billions of dollars, the majority being from fathers, that are owed in alimony. It was appallingly, abhorrent, biased, feministic garbage journalism that seemed to only lay out the perspective from a false victim, blatant parasitic behavior of Women’s expectation of their ex’s in shilling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain the lifestyle they grew accustom to before the divorce, and was met with thousands of outraged comments who are fully aware of who the true victims are. But why is there no one leading the charge is fixing these issues? It’s as if Men feel that they have been on the wrong side of history for too long that they no longer have the right to bring a semblance of balance back to gender equality.

            Women would support men today for much needed changes, much like how when the feminist movement was relevant, men stood up for Women’s rights. But understandably, it isn’t very easy when there is so much hostility towards the demographic one belongs to, in that you don’t feel right in creating a profile on those websites that aren’t exactly addressing the issues I was hoping would be anyways.

            Everyone is so content sitting behind their computers and just complaining about feminists, dating issues, double standards and the idiosyncrasies of the opposite gender, and the cyclic garbage of creating delusions about who has it the worst.

          • Estwald

            …why is there no one leading the charge is fixing these issues?

            I nominate you.

            One must begin by getting noticed, by attracting attention.

          • Yohr Maeker

            I’m already a very outspoken activist for Men’s rights.

          • Estwald

            Hang in there; it can be discouraging.

          • Truly. Just listening to the ilk that have taken over the so-called Men’s “Rights” Movement is enough to make anyone not want to hang in there.

            But awesome way to avoid the question and try to create a whole new goalpost like ya did there. Even Paul Elam grew a conscience and has dropped out of the Misogynists’ “Rights” [non-]Movement.

          • Estwald

            … the ilk that have taken over the so-called Men’s “Rights” Movement

            I do not participate as an activist in the Men’s Rights Movement. If I must be represented by an ideology, then consider me a radical pragmatist.

            With respect to feminism: I recognize no obligation to conform to feminists’ expectations. I do not recognize the validity of the theories that are most commonly cited in support of feminist ideology. I do recognize that feminists advocate measures that create impediments to my pragmatic interests.

            I was responding to a commenter who stated:

            I’m already a very outspoken activist for Men’s rights.

            I offered that commenter some encouraging words. While I am not an activist myself, I recognize that most of those who are activists are acting to impede the progress of feminists; they are acting in favor of my pragmatic interests.

          • If your pragmatic interests are that all Jooz and mudpeople must die, it is well within argumentative rhetoric to call you a Notsee, whether or not you get off your couch and slap on the armband in public.

            Feminism (as it exists in the real world) seeks parity between genders, sexes, colors, ethniticies, sexualities, and pretty much freedom to access of rights to things that this country very vehemently tried to exclude anyone from having (except for wealthy, white male Xtians). Feminism is NOT the StrawFeminism that the MRM purports it to be.

            The Men’s “Rights” Movement (as it exists in reality) seeks to knock down non-males, non-whites, non-religious zealots, non-heterosexuals, and also non-MRA conformists. It has websites and memes galore to support this evidence, with anti-woman and anti-immigrant and anti-anything-not-straight-white-Xtian-male-citizen. It is NOT seeking parity, fairness, inclusion, beneficial societal change, nor “rights”, but for the “right” to hurt feminism, laws, and the fabric of society.

            Since you openly acknowledge that your pragmatic interests are definitely not those of feminism, you have placed the armband on your own arm symbolically.

          • Estwald

            If your pragmatic interests are that all Jooz and mudpeople must die…

            Those are not pragmatic interests, therefore further comment would be irrelevent. However…

            …it is well within argumentative rhetoric to call you a Notsee, whether or not you get off your couch and slap on the armband in public.

            …it is within argumentative rhetoric, and your prerogative as well, to call anyone anything you please, to slap imaginary armbands around their wrists, and imaginary couches underneath them. It is hardly my business to dictate to you what fantasies you might have that involve couches, and armbands, and Nazis – and in public.

            Feminism (as it exists in the real world)…

            Feminism (as it exists in the really real world) is a movement whose aim is to advance what its participants consider to be the interests of women. Feminism is a form of radical pragmatism. So you see, you and I really do have something in common in this, the really real world. – Hmmm… ..which reality is the real reality?

            The Men’s “Rights” Movement (as it exists in reality)…

            …the real reality?

            As a non-participant in the Men’s Rights Movement (in whichever reality it exists) it is not my job to defend it. I have observed, however, that spokespersons for that movement often describe the Feminist movement in terms similar to those in which you have described Men’s Advocates. From this, the only conclusion that I can draw is that you don’t like them and they don’t like you.

            To draw any further conclusions I would have to read the “websites and memes galore” to which you have referred. Fortunately, the websites are publicly available (I am not sure about the “memes galore”) for anyone to read and draw their own conclusions. I have done so, and my conclusions are different from yours. One such conclusion is that certain factions within the Men’s Movement have been more successful than anyone else in challenging Feminist hegemony.

            Feminism is NOT the StrawFeminism that the MRM purports it to be.

            I do not participate as an activist in any “MRM”. I am not concerned with what the MRM “purports” Feminism to be. Why would I need “the MRM” to tell me what Feminism is? Feminists themselves publish books and articles, teach women’s studies classes, make public speeches, and appear on television talk shows all to tell me what feminism is. Why would I consult with “the MRM” to learn what Feminism is when I can learn about it directly from Feminists themselves?

            One thing I have learned from the Feminists that I have described above is that Feminism is distinctly different from what you have described. While I recognize your prerogative to determine what Feminism means to you, the Feminists from whom I have learned what Feminism is have a much greater influence on legal, social, educational, and economic policy than you do. What they say Feminism is has a vastly greater impact.

            Since you openly acknowledge that your pragmatic interests are definitely not those of feminism, you have placed the armband on your own arm symbolically.

            No couches this time? Just armbands?

            So, if I had kept to myself rather than openly ackowledging my observation that some people’s interests (in this case my own) are different from other people’s would I still have earned an armband?

  • TPH

    Thanks for writing this. It’s great to see a viewpoint that isn’t politicized or run through feminist newspeak.

  • Sabina

    What the problem really is, is that the gender hate and negative discussion never stops. It goes both ways and every place is different. If people would quit talking about it online, opening their mouths to people who are being rude, stick up for themselves, and get rid of the drama in their lives, there may not be as much crap to rant about. Take people and situations on a case by case basis and don’t lump a whole gender into something negative, or even positive, for that matter. Sexist issues are first world problems here in the US. There are far greater problems that we should be taking care of…and maybe if we focus more on what we need to take care of, some other things will fall into place as well.

  • colin

    I think the world would be better off if things went back to the way they were intended to me I think women belong at home raising the kids (yes bare foot and pregnant) etc and the guy goes out and brings home the pay check and then he helps with the home etc. If this were the case there would be more good paying job’s for men etc. I say wake up lady’s

  • Phillip

    This is fascinating, and not what I expected to hear at all.

  • Elliott D

    My experience has been totally opposite. I am guessing that a lot of this life experience has to do with age, class and whom this ftm person is choosing to be around. As a middle-class ftm person at 32 years of age… I’ve been around office enviroments and was treated poorly as an “unattractive” “female.” Now I’m confident, I wear whatever I want, I am socially acceptable and cheerful and people understand who I am. I’m 32, everyone wants a 32 year-old gentleman that can dress properly, cook, fix the house, car, bake a cake, grow a beard, braid a daughter’s hair, protect the family, stand up for a lady’s right to do the same…. In my experience other males have been more brotherly than either females or males were before I fixed my hormones/appearance/body. Everyone’s different, but I believe this person is experiencing “life” and classifying experiences through the lens of transition and gender…. rather than the experience of being a high school drop out who worked at a gas station. You get underpaid at a gas station the older you get…. because your resume hasn’t gotten any better. Simple.

  • Kadyn Ward

    Ummm, LibertyViral needs some serious education. Always refer to a transgender person as a person, not “a transgender”, and always refer to them with their chosen pronouns. In this case, he/him/his. The article heading is cringe-worthy.

  • Emilio Lizardo

    You still have breasts and a vagina, girl pretending to be a man. Don’t talk the talk until you walk the walk.

    The limitations and responsibilities of men are rational responses to our biology. The problem is that Feminist don’t care to see the tough side of being male. Of they use it to further attack masculinity.

  • NukeWaste

    End the PC crap. Guys get screwed over. White Guys the worst. We need a club. Just to piss off the privileged.

  • Jean Valjean

    I’ve always wish that someone would create a reality show where a group of young pretty women get the “movie magic” treatment so they can pass as guys and then live their lives for a few months as guys.

    They go out into the world, drink in bars, apply for jobs, try to meet women, go to school, etc. all as males.

    And then we get to see their reactions to how they are treated.

    I think of this as similar to those occasional shows or clips where the really hot girl puts on a fat suit and goes shopping to see how it feels to be fat while trying to shop in the petite section of a store and then being told she should try big and tall. Oh the poor tears!

    Of course, this show of mine will never happen. Why? Because no one actually cares how men feel or what we experience. After all, feminists have already told everyone what it’s like to be a man. What with all their years of actually being men right?

    I’m glad this person above wrote about his experience. I hope he takes the time to write more. I think a lot of women would benefit from it.

    Hahahaha. I’m just kidding. Women don’t give a f#ck about men!

  • Summers

    Hello, D. As an M to F, may I offer some practical advice if you have problems with others’ perception of your sex? There is an op. which uses Hydroxyapatyite (derived from processed coral), which can be applied to existing living bone e.g., your jawbone or orbits (brows) or other areas of facial skeleton, to produce a more ‘heavy’ male appearance. It is non-infectious-because it is inert- and applied as a malleable paste, which rapidly hardens to contour. Your natural bone eventually grows into it and it is permanent. (It can,also be burred off, if you are not entirely happy with the result). I had this treatment to enhance my cheekbones, and was very pleased with the result! There is a Dr. Called Van der Ven, in Belgium, who can do this (altho’ I am NOT advertising for him), he can be found on thr Internet. However, there should be a U.S. Dr. who could do this for you nearer your home? The technique was originally developed to help people who have facial disfigurement due to accidents, etc. Good luck.,P.

  • Summers

    P.S. That should read ‘Hydroxyapatite’. Pl. excuse the typo.

  • Morgan S

    What I don’t like about being a woman is that I can’t ever just be ‘one of the guys’ simply because I have tits. Guys don’t look at me as a person they could just chill and talk about chicks or shows with or whatever. They look at me as just a vagina to fuck.
    Also, a very small but VERY annoying thing is the guys who think they are obligated to open the door for you even if you got there first. It’s time wasting and irritating. Honestly, when a date holds the door for me or grabs my bags for me, I stop seeing him after that. hahaha I have arms and legs. I can do it.

    ANYWAY, another thing I dislike is the fact that you guys don’t realize all the fucking medical shit we deal with. You ever wonder why they never tell stories or make movies about women being trapped on an island by themselves or surviving an apocalypse? Because they’d have to talk about how she managed to deal with her periods and vaginal infections n shit. Yeah. That shit happens a LOT if you’re even slightly not careful so it would be a fucking mess down there if there were no babywipes and soap around. hahahaha
    There are things like Endometriosis and similar diseases and just random things that a lot of us deal with constantly that y’all have no idea about. Many of us are dealing with constant pain, fatigue, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, temperature flashes, nausea, diarrhea, weird cramps, cravings, confusing mood swings, etc that we don’t discuss around you guys because you’d think we were either making it up, just complaining to complain, being ‘girls’, or ‘just on our period’. That’s your favorite excuse. And I know because I’ve heard all these statements from every guy and ‘doctor’ around and so have all the other hundreds of girls I know with the same or similar conditions. We don’t even need a ‘condition’ or disease to have problems with our bodies! It just happens! You guys DO have it lucky. No flipping idea. Not to mention that sexually transmitted shit effects us WAY harder than you.

    uuuugh I could keep writing for days. But I do realize you men have some problems. I do. I, personally, don’t care what your height is but I know many women do. But it’s the same for us! I know that when I’m out with my girl friend and she’s taller than me and has blonde hair, the guys are immediately drawn to her and don’t even see me no matter what length my hair is, what I’m wearing, makeup, etc. It’s true. It’s simply because she’s got those tall, tan legs that men fall over backward for. It’s the same on both ends. Guys are just as picky as girls. Just sometimes about different things. Maybe not the lonely guys. lol But those guys need to go find the lonely girls and then everyone’s happy.

    Another thing I hate is the fact that men a lot of times feel like just because I’m a girl at a club or bar, it gives him the right to stick his fingers down my pants. I’ve literally had that happen more than once. MORE THAN ONCE!!!! At normal-ass clubs and I was dressed in jeans and a regular shirt. Nothing slutty. I was dancing with my lesbian girl friends and not giving ANY hints that I was interested in being molested. But that shit fucking happens. You don’t see girls doing that shit. It’s all just bullshit that you guys can possibly say you have it easier. I don’t use the pay excuse anymore because it’s true. Women are getting better pay now. But we have so many other things going on that you refuse to acknowledge.

    You guys think you’re not judgmental. Well, imagine if all the women in the world stopped shaving everything, stopped dying their hair, stopped wearing any makeup, stopped dressed up for you, and stopped lathering in perfume. Would you be okay with that? Pretty sure you wouldn’t because any time I talk to men about what kind of pussy they prefer, it’s almost always shaved. Y’all make us shave ourselves to look like children and then freak out if we suggest even a trim down there.

    Anyway..Just tired of guys thinking they have it easy. Who cares if some ignorant asshole thinks you’re “less of a man” if you want to stay at home with the kids. That doesn’t even make sense anyway because where I’m from, a LOT of the dads stay at home with the kids. And I’m from your average half-republican, half-democratic suburban area with average-nice public schools and private. Most of the homes either have a stay at home dad and a mom who works or both parents working evenly. So stfu and eat your donut. What do you care? If it makes you fatter, it’ll probably just look like a beer gut which most women don’t mind or think is ‘cute’ as I have heard some say. When we eat that crap, it goes all over and we’re so fucking scared of getting fat now because of the male marketing out there telling us to look like Playboy models. *barf*

    Hokay. Now I think I’m done. I really COULD keep going but I need a fucking donut break. hahahaha

  • Dagoberto Alfredo Borja

    Now you know the horror show!, You can thank the “Feminist” for that!. Good Luck!, You have seen there is no “Male Privilege”.

  • Randi

    Transgender people do not exist. Simply due to the fact that transgender insinuates that these people have changed their DNA entirely.

    You have a psychological problem if you believe you are another gender, it’s best to try and treat that with modern science and psychology. Anyone who thinks i’m being insensitive needs to understand the basic science behind what I am saying.

    These are nice people, they just need to be prevented from manipulating their body and seek mental help from a psychologist, and psychologists need to be trained to treat this issue.

  • Shay Waters

    The wage gap is only relevant at the top of society where a prominent male role might be worth more than a female role, at the bottom of society the opposite happens to be true. If you are a low education person, I guarantee that opportunities are better for women than men. I once was cooking and a waitress came back in the kitchen in tears. I asked her what was wrong, she was distraught that she only made 50 dollars that day. I told her don’t feel bad, that is tax free, after taxes for the same amount of hours I will be bringing home 30 bucks. That is the best it will ever get for me. She laughed a little bit and said “how do you survive on that?” Good point, probably why all the men in my neighborhood are in jail or dead.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is this?

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    I love being male! I would never in ten million years want to be a woman!

  • MelMelMel

    A few reasons why I think this article fails:

    There is a logical fallacy in thinking that any one person’s experience
    can definitively answer the question “is life better as a man or a

    The arguments the author makes lack context. While the author claims he
    made more money while living as a woman, he fails to place his
    experience within the context of the much-talked about and
    much-researched wage gap between men and women in which men make more
    money than women on average.

    The author also fails to understand and address how patriarchy (a
    system that privileges men and conventional masculinity) is the reason
    why he is gender policed by his friends who ridicule him for liking to
    cook and do crafts. All genders are adversely impacted by patriarchal
    systems, albeit in different ways. So I think this question of “which
    gender has it worse” leads to a divisive, short-sighted meaningless

    This question of “what gender has it worse” is confounded by looking at
    other intersecting identities (e.g., a person’s race, disability, class
    status, undocumented status, etc.). For example, there are specific
    forms of oppressions that cisgender white middle-class women face that
    are distinctly different from those that cisgender black middle-class
    men face. For this reason, I think this question of “which gender has it
    worse” is incredibly reductive.

  • Theo

    Why did you misgender him? If you’re talking about a trans person, you need to use their preferred pronouns.

  • georgia

    I think it would be interesting to see how men and women get treated differently I will keep my eyes open to that now.[before I did not take much notice]

  • unknown

    You only need a woman that are nice, and the world lie at the feet of them, and the man has to toil like an ox.

  • Kyle

    Wow, you’re referred to as a “manlet” at 5’9″? I can only imagine the hard time most FtMs have then since they vast majority are well under your height! Not to rain on your on your “guys are SO accepting!” parade, but as a gay man I still don’t want a short man (5’9″ is average, not short) HOWEVER, I do not know of a homosexual male who would date a transman for the simple fact that we tend to worship and enjoy (genuine, non prosthetic) penis like no other group of human beings. Not having one creates a huge liability/insurmountable obstacle for any transman who ids as gay, which is a pity as much as it is a reality. I can’t imagine the pain of feeling every bit like a particular gender with a specific sexual orientation and not being able to manifest both in a fully satisfying manner. But since you id as bi and females are still on your particular menu, if you will, you have a much better chance of finding a tolerant, open minded woman with whom to have a romantic relationship than you will a gay man.

  • Raquel73

    All the dudes whining on here should shut their yaps and go back to grunting. Bunch of sissies.

    • Morrison

      fake sock puppet is fake. operation lollipop fail.

  • What an unfortunate load of rubbish this story is — and yes, it IS a story. Shame on Liberty Viral for using something they got from National Enquirer reddit. Reddit is an online bulletin board where known jokesters go to out-lie one another, to out-shock, out-mock, to out-burn anyone and anything. Oh, they are also 100% pro-MRA (Misogynists’ Rights Activists) and 100% anti-female. You can take their word on good video games, but be smart and eschew anything having to do with opinions on gender.

    The overwhelming majority of this story could have benefited from the word NOT! at the end of each paragraph, as this reddit boy’s story does not match the realities of people who really HAVE gone through the FTM transitioning. I am a strong colleague and supporter of all trans* and I absolutely hate when I see their plight taken advantage of like this for some bonus MRA buIIsh!tery.

    A fair portrayal of living as trans* would have shown what it is like for MTF as well as for FTM (not that this reddit joke above even portrayed the FTM it tries to claim). A fair portrayal would also have included the very sad fact that too many of us consider FTMs and MTFs (female-to-male trans* and male-to-female trans*) as a wholly different creature than a standard cis-gendered male or female. You thought GAY PEOPLE used to get society’s bad treatment??? Try being trans* today and see if you get treated well for more than a few seconds.

    This faked persona above gives a p!ss-poor perspective on what being a man is like, although the treatment the reddit liar describes jibes very nicely with the MRA agenda. He certainly gives a better less bad portrayal of a trans* person though, as trans* people very often get shunned and treated very poorly in comparison to cis folk. We can’t really blame the reddit boy too much though, as he most assuredly has never spoken to any real trans* folk in his life. I would extend an invitation to anyone who might like to know what an actual, real-life trans* person goes through to contact me here and I will be happy to facilitate a very rude awakening.

  • Chanel Cotton

    As a women I love working with all men. I work a thrid shift I’m one of the hand full of women.

  • ResistJerks

    yeah, ok Liberty Viral, a teabagger blog that makes its living on making shit up to preserve the white patriarchy. Lying is bad you know. Let’s pretend that a transgender man realized that women (who make up less than 20% of legislators, less than 5% of Fortune500 CEOs and less than 30% of judicial roles, own 3% of all property in the world are somehow better off after thousands of years of being considered nothing but property. No legitimate data to back up this propaganda piece because…Anecdotal stories are enough of a evidence for irrational libertarian teabaggers. “Unicorns are flying in the sky”. It must be true cause I just wrote it here. See what I did here?

  • Sora Lee

    Just want to point out that you can’t use the word transgender as a concrete noun: It’s an adjective usually, or maybe an abstract noun at a push. That’s not just for semantics, but also because it is a bit rude to use the word such that it is no longer necessary to affirm the person’s humanity (i.e. a transgender person as opposed to just a “transgender”).

  • DynamoDolly

    Size, shape, gender, religion, ethnicity, whatever! it doesn’t and SHOULDN’T matter, what should matter is the merit of the individual, of chemistry between 2 people regardless of petty differences.

    Keep being you, you’re awesome. <3

  • Gabriela


  • Gabriela

    Since 2007 trying to be what I was supposed to be (a woman), I now think it’s impossible. After SRS (I’m not regret about the surgery), vocal surgery (not regret, either), lipoaspiration and nose surgeries… What I can say is that: if I love taking sauna, run a lot without a hat, swimming… So, no way to use a wig to do lots of my beloved exercises. No way to be me. And I’ll never have a botton like any other woman, nor hip (like the Brazilian women have). Because I have no Hair (impossible to have natual hair to go to the beach, to a sauna, to run, to walk for 6 miles a day), no Hip, no botton, and my face is quite the same to the people who didn’t see me for the last 15 years or more… I will return to my man condition just getting rid of my breast. It’s better to be happy making my exercises to try to be a fake woman. I’m a fake.

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    I love being male. I can’t understand why anyone, even a woman, would want to be a woman – they’re pathetic, vacuous, selfish creatures and most men try and stay away from them as much as possible unless it’s for a f u c k; unfortunately it’s not totally realisable to avoid them permanently… Does that seem harsh? Nah, Hell No!

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  • TathD

    This is so fake. I mean, of course it is, it’s from effing reddit. Haha!