McDonald’s Blasts Trump on Twitter; Wants Obama Back

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An interesting tweet came out Thursday morning from the McDonald’s corporate twitter account. The account which is usually used to promote deals, acknowledge holidays, and other posts on par for a marketing type account took a left turn into the political arena.

The tweet was left up for approximately 20 minutes before it was deleted, although by then, it was too late. Screenshots live forever. There were mixed reactions from followers, as would be expected. The #nevertrump crowd discussed how they would be taking their families for an extra Micky D’s meal this week. Trump supporters were, of course, outraged calling for #boycottmcdonalds.

Although initial requests for a comment were not granted, the company quickly tweeted out the following.

The twitterverse is way to smart to fall for that though. Some theories suggest perhaps the initial message was posted by a disgruntled employee as a way of quitting. Other, more plausible theories suggest the Hamburgler.  We may never truly know what happened.


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  • sheriff2016

    The twitterverse might be too smart to fall for it. But Liberty Viral apparently isn’t smart enough to proof read