Milk and 5 Other Things That Aren’t Racist

Written by Gavin Hanson

From milk to video games, are democrats becoming the new conservatives?

It seems like just yesterday that Fox News was saying video games would make you violent, now the Huffington Post says they will turn you racist! The political climate these days has become clouded. Paradigms are shifting and once clear lines in the sand have eroded in the winds of time. Between the “The Alt-Right”, “Antifa” and Reddit, there is so much happening it can be easy to get lost. If you are scrambling to align yourself within the new topography of identity politics emerging in the wake of Trump, we have good news, not everything you read on the internet is true! Here are a few things that don’t make you a Hitler loving political apostate.

1. Milk

How on earth this gained any traction is anyone’s guess. Milk, you pour it over your cereal and take it with your coffee, but as the Washington Times so gracefully put it, “If you drink milk, you may be a neo-Nazi racist.”

Oh wow,

Liberal outlets have been breaking the news with phrases like this one associating milk with racism after California State’s college newspaper investigated. “Evidence” that the favorite breakfast drink of children across the country is part of a systemic plot to encourage white superiority comes from genetic differences in the evolution of lactose tolerance between Caucasians and Africans and some good ol’ fashioned trolling. Apparently, neo-Nazis and SJWs alike have found the fact that Africans and Europeans have a convergent adaptation to the consumption of lactose tolerance on separate genes, something taught in college and high school biology classes across the country.

4chan trolls who appeared on Shia Labeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” stream chugged milk, but with the murky culture of 4chan, it can be hard to know if the perps intended to demonstrate white dominance or just gaslight large audiences of liberals at once.
The biggest problem here is not that anyone is taking away a delicious, creamy drink, but that they said that drinking milk was a “white” thing to do and that by drinking milk white people participate in racism somehow without even interacting with anyone else. In this way they don’t just link racism to milk but simply being white.

This is why I only drink chocolate milk.

2. Memes

Still making Harambe jokes?
You need to stop.

Not just because it’s lame, (because it is) but because the guys over at might brand you a Hitler-lover. This is another sad chapter of the media snafu that should have ended with the regretful shooting of a gorilla when a child fell into its enclosure last year. But Harambe is not alone in the crosshairs. (sorry)

Have you heard of Pepe – the sad frog meme that Hillary Clinton and The Anti-Defamation League famously labeled as a symbol of hate for its popularity among online anti-PC groups? How about Trash Dove – the dopy purple pigeon, a harmless Facebook sticker that went from cute to divisive in less than a week?

Memes are generally considered to be simple pictures that convey a meaning or punchline as a sort of definition. But a meme is simply context, a template, for the rest of a joke. They can convey any meaning an artist or nine-year-old with Photoshop desires. Making something a Hitler joke doesn’t make you, or the thing, racist. Throw a black rectangle on the upper lip of a picture of your dog and see if it, or you, start goose-stepping around the kitchen.

3. Global Warming

I thought we were supposed to be the conspiracy nutters, right? In a claim reminiscent of the Bohemian Grove and Alex Jones’s homosexual frogs, protesters in London shut down the London City airport with a message probably new to most. They claim a causal relationship between English large, per capita emissions and the Isles’ relative safety from rising sea levels.

Harmful emissions are not limited to one source; China and the US are both major contributors to global warming and both have large portions of their populations concentrated in near sea-level cities. However you feel about the severity of manmade global warming, it takes a logical leap to presume it is, or has been, an intentional aggression or even racist oversight. I strongly encourage every liberal arts major to study statistics or formal logic to understand correlation does not imply causation.

4. Free Speech

This one was inevitable wasn’t it?

The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees that no matter what powers mean to stop you, you are free to speak your mind without fear of being locked up or harmed for your opinions. The Freedom to oppose any government or religion you please is often considered a prerequisite for modern western culture and the line that separates freedom from oppression.

The sentiment that free speech is somehow built on white systems of power has gained some ground here in the states thanks to a Harvard University alum, published in the school newspaper, who claimed that, by framing modern fights against racism in terms of “free speech,” white people were attempting to “keep structural power in white hands.”

Freedom of anything; speech, assembly, meme-ery – is not morally deprived because it can be misused. If you use your free speech to say things that can, and maybe should, get your ass handed to you, that’s your problem, not the law’s and certainly not mine.

5. Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg)

The Swedish YouTube prodigy with the most subscribers on the site, 54 million, started out video gaming for views, but has diversified his online presence with a TV show on YouTube Red and a recent focus on vlogs and rants with an ironic shit-posting bent that’s just so hot right now.

Recent YouTube ad scandals that all started with a fateful Wall Street Journal hit-piece on the wacky trend-setter, called him a white supremacist. The obviously cherry-picked video compilation offered as proof of Felix’s intolerance has gotten him dropped from his deal with Disney and has since mushroomed into something much bigger. Advertisers (ironically including Pepsi) have begun dropping their ad campaigns on the site and YouTube has reacted by tightening its demonetization rules. Since then, the dispute has entirely engulfed the medium, nearly every major and minor personality of YouTube has commented on the hoopla. People’s livelihoods are being threatened and the newest popular medium for entertainment and art is being stifled in its prime by reckless journalism.

Pewdiepie, whose humor has been getting edgier in recent years, has recently been making jokes referencing or using Hitler and Nazism as punchlines, but he is no friend of fascism. You can be sure the Fuhrer would not have approved of being plastered over anime babes or being shot in the testicle for spectacle in a YouTube video.

Obviously you don’t need to understand English literary genre to work at the Wall Street Journal so here is the definition of satire.

6. Video Games

Are the video games corrupting the youth? Shouldn’t we put a stop to the awful influences that companies are projecting onto our kids?

Yes, this is still a subject of debate and no, you haven’t been sucked through a wormhole into the 1990’s, again.

The déjà vu of video game demonization in the twenty-tens is that the moralistic conservative language of yesteryear has been transformed into modern arguments for the conservation of progressive beliefs. The Huffington Post sidesteps the absurdity of old conservative gripes about video games creating unhealthy beliefs in children while unironically explaining that kids can be brainwashed into attaching negative beliefs to others.

In video games, much like in life, you can do whatever you want. The responsibility to act like a decent human is your own. When people mislabel inanimate objects or activities as racist they take away the agency of the player. They rationalize the human, racist behavior as a product of a system rather than an action of free will.

Gavin Hanson

Gavin Hanson

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Gavin Hanson