Mom Gave Child Tapeworms To Make Her Lose Weight For Pageant

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An unidentified mother in the United States gave her daughter a pill containing tapeworms without telling her.

The mother thought she was doing what’s best for her child in order to help her lose weight before a pageant. But when her daughter started experiencing excruciating pain, she was forced to take her to the hospital side.

After doctors gave her a drug to help find out what was wrong, the girl rushed to the toilet and threw up a cloud of tapeworms while screaming and crying. “It was so gross and she had pooped all these tapeworms. There were a couple that were very long and wiggling around trying to get out of the toilet bowl,” the nurse treating her said.

The nurse added: “We were wondering how did she get those tapeworms, and then you saw the mom turn white.

“She was apologizing to the girl. It’s like ‘I’m so sorry. You know, I did it just to make you a little skinnier. You needed some help before we went on to the pageant.'”

The mother reportedly got the tapeworms in Mexico and was not prosecuted. Some tapeworms can reportedly grow up to 30 feet long.

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