Mom Who Had Sex With Two Special Needs Teens Gets Three Days In Jail

A mother from Lancaster, Ohio was sentenced to three days in jail after pleading guilty to having sex with two teenage boys with special needs. 30-year-old Jessica Hatchat was working a summer lunch program when police say she met and had sex with the minors.

“I’ve made a terrible mistake.  (It was) a decision that does not align whatsoever with my character.  I’m very sorry,” Hachat said.

A mother of one of the teens spoke out in court said, “A predator is person who ruthlessly exploits others and I believe that label undoubtedly describes Jessica Hachat. You are an animal that belongs in a cage and should never be allowed to instill morals, values or beliefs into another person,” she said.

  • Jean-Francois Dube

    Define “Special Needs”

    • Alexander Myodov

      Much more interesting is – define “Predator”.

      • Justin Goro

        Define “Alien”

        • Frankie Bones


          • Jon

            Define define.

          • chrisvh45


        • StrawberryShortBus

          You just made me lawl so hard. <3

  • kharaa

    How come the ages of the teens aren’t mentioned, were they adults?

    • Jean-Francois Dube

      They were 17 and sex was CONSENSUAL!

      Special needs means they CAN’T have sex? I know it depends, but again, please define “Special Needs”

      • kharaa

        I agree, with the way people were freaking out, i thought she raped a couple of like autistic 8 year olds.

        16 is legal in some US States, We certainly think they can be tried as adults and given the death penalty. Emotional Reactivism ftl.

      • DudeyPerson

        Yeah I’m really confused.

        I have high-functioning autism. Does that mean I’m not allowed to date and have consensual sex? Like, wtf?

  • Cl4tgp

    They got laid, were they complaining ?

    • Marta

      probably not them who are complaining, more like a overprotective mother

      • IHateFatChicks

        So, you’re trailer trash. Good to know!

        • Marta

          so that’s what stating the facts is? making people trailer trash? good to know. proud to be trash then.

          • IHateFatChicks

            Cupcake, they’re “special needs” kids. She raped them. Had it been a man, he’d have received 10 years in prison. It’s that simple. It’s half-witted simpleton trailer trash losers like you who give real white trash a bad name. You’re a logically, factually and intellectually challenged loser. The teacher received a “p*ssy pass”.

          • Marta

            Wow, you must have a really sad life.

          • IHateFatChicks

            That’s ironic, coming from trailer trash like you.

          • Ken

            Yeah, the moniker I Hate Fat Chicks shows your obvious taste and sophistication.

          • unapologetictruth

            so that’s what stating the facts is? Making people have a sad life? good to know.

          • FrankieFourFingers

            Rape apologist.

          • unapologetictruth

            The fact she could have been sentenced for 180 days for each suggests it goes beyond your ‘facts’.

      • unapologetictruth

        Two teen special needs kids got raped by an adult, one does not need to be overprotective or even related to know that it was wrong, should not happen and is disgusting. The fact you make allowances by saying ”more like an overprotective mother’; makes me hope you never have kids.

    • IHateFatChicks

      It must get cold in your trailer in the winter, trash.

    • unapologetictruth

      Would you be saying that if it was two special needs girls?

  • Jan Kok

    A person with developmental issues might not be legally able to consent to sex, even if they were over the age where consent is legal, depends on the state. And I wonder what would happen if the offender was male and the two special needs teens were two girls…

  • IHateFatChicks

    What a total, complete loser. Had it been a man, he’d be getting 10 years in prison. Double standard. What a piece of human garbage.

  • scanspeak

    “… who Had Sex With Two Special Needs Teens”
    The term you’re looking for is RAPED.

  • edmund chang

    Shes hot. I don’t think a guy can get raped by an attractive girl. It doesnt work that way.

    • like I CM

      You’re either a teenage boy yourself or some kind of stupid

  • Yale Cohn

    The first two days were for the sex, the third day was because the jail couldn’t find the mints she like left on her pillow on the first two days.

  • Darren Serati

    Special needs people need love too. It might have been a good experience for them.

    • unapologetictruth

      Would you be saying that if it were two special needs girls or members of your own family?

      • Darren Serati

        apples and oranges when talking about men and girls.

        • unapologetictruth

          Justice should apply to all fruit.

          • Darren Serati

            If I had a special needs brother, I would want him to be able to have the opportunity to get lucky. Comparing a woman and two teen boys to a man and two teen girls is ignoring all of the basic physical and psychological differences between males and females.

  • Reginald

    Define: Who gives a fuck

  • JoanieBaloney

    Ok, let’s spend more school time giving sex ed and see if we can really screw everyone up until the are all sex fiends.