Is This The Most Insane Road Rage Lady You’ve Ever Seen? (NSFW)

Kimberly Ong was arrested after video of her freaking out at a fellow driver went viral. Ong turned herself in after video surfaced showing her driving erratically, honking and screaming at a man. From the Huffington Post: The video, which was recorded by Ryan Arakaki while he was driving his truck, shows Ong driving erratically

Watch Mother Of The Year Follow Her Misbehaving Child To School

One hilarious supermom who is dedicated to correcting her child’s misbehavior uploaded a video of herself following her child all the way to school and shaming her into behaving.

Watch A Roomful Of People Condemn 5 Innocent Men

The World Science Festival produced a brilliant short video which displays the flaws of eyewitness testimony as they relate to our criminal justice system. Saul Kassin of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice gave a presentation titled “The Science of Justice: A Matter of Opinion.” In it, Kassin had a man steal his iPad

Combat Veteran Gives Attempted Murderer A Shotgun Blast To The Chest

abc27 WHTM SWATARA TWP, PA – 23-year-old Craig Everette will not be prosecuted after he punched a hole in the chest of a man who attempted to murder his aunt’s boyfriend in their house. Todd Eugene Taylor came to his estranged wife’s house to confront her boyfriend carrying a shotgun and two handguns. The man

Canadians Want Their Devil Boner Statue Back: “Satan Has Done Less Harm Than [Christopher] Columbus”

Last week Liberty Viral brought you the story about a devil statue with a huge boner that mysteriously appeared in downtown Vancouver. The statue was erected overnight in the place where a sculpture of Christopher Columbus once stood. The city took Lucifer down, but people now want him back because, as Kirsten Hadfield said, “Satan has done

Ambassador John Bolton On ISIS: “I don’t think it’s an imminent threat…”

Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton stated that the ISIS terrorist group is “not an imminent threat” to America. In a brief interview by professional congressional debunker Jan Helfeld, Bolton did express a worry that some of the ISIS fighters have European and American passports. Bolton also stated that the risk of individual terrorism,

Doctor Accused Of Poisoning Her Lover’s Coffee, TV Anchors Think It’s Funny

HOUSTON, TX – A leading oncologist is on trial for allegedly poisoning a fellow doctor who was her lover. Claiming that she took care of things “the Colombian way,” Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angula reportedly spiked Dr. George Blumenschein’s coffee with antifreeze. Television anchors from CBS laughed about it, asking “I want to know what he

Man Jailed For Selling “Cocaine” To Cop… It Was A Crushed-Up Pop-Tart

HALIFAX, NC – Cameron Mitchell was arrested in early September for allegedly selling cocaine to police. The only problem was the only kind of rush you’d get from this nose candy was a sugar high. Mitchell was making a delivery to a convenience store when he encountered an undercover agent who wanted to purchase crack

Mom Angry When Bartender Cut Her Off Because She Was Breastfeeding

CHESAPEAKE, VA – Crystal McCullough threw a tantrum after a bartender cut her off due to the fact that she was breastfeeding while drinking. “I was so angry and so hurt and in disbelief,” she said to MyFoxDFW, “I have nothing to hide. I don’t deny that I had alcohol and was breastfeeding, but it’s

Michael Brown Shooting Video: “He Had His F**king Hands In The Air!”

Video provided to CNN claims that Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri was surrendering to police with his hands in the air. From Talking Points Memo:  Two men could be seen on video reacting to the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in what CNN described on Wednesday night as exclusive footage shot