Sadistic Woman Attempts Rape “Prank”

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – Kathy J. Rowe, 52, admitted to playing a rape “prank” out of spite of a couple who bought a house she desperately wanted. She is currently facing charges for solicitation of rape, solicitation of sodomy, and stalking. She has plead not guilty to the

NYC Climate Change Protest = Same Old Commie Bullsh*t!

Reason Magazine interviewed socialists at the Climate Change protest in NYC and guess what? It’s the same old commie bullsh*t. “We live in a grotesque era where we have everything we want right now,” one protester says.  From Hotair: One protester said his “movement” was preparing to mount a “resistance” and lead an “actual revolution” that would

Is This The World’s Sexiest Criminal?

Attractive criminals are all the rage these days after a mugshot of a man named Jeremy Meeks went viral and resulted in him receiving a lucrative modeling contract. Now a woman who has 114 criminal charges against her is making the rounds on social media. Stephanie Beaudoin is now being called the “perfect woman,” despite

3 Officers Brutally Tackle Girl For Using Her Phone In School

Post by MC Magic. HOUSTON, TX – School resource officers in Houston, Texas are being accused of excessive force after tackling and ramming their knee into the head of a girl who wanted to use her phone at school. 10th grade student Ixel Perez says the officers brutally tackled and subdued her simple because she

Pistol Packing Pastor Poops Party Of Postal Package Pilferer

A pastor in Baytown, Texas caught a grandmother who police say is responsible for stealing packages from people’s front porches. Pastor Benny Holmes, lying in wait with his gun, caught Laurie Ferguson stealing a package from his front porch and forced her to stay put until police arrived. When authorities arrived on the scene, they

True Story: Cop Crashes SUV Into Dunkin Donuts

[youtube] Cops are stereotyped for loving doughnuts. They are also well known for parking illegally. Perhaps this officer went too far when he plowed into this Dunkin Donuts in Berlin, New Jersey. Apparently this officer just couldn’t wait to get his hands on fried sugary dough. CBS Philly reported: “Police say a Winslow Township

“F**k it! I quit!” Reporter Quits Live On Air, Says She’s Going To Legalize Marijuana:

A TV news reporter named Charlo Greene quit her job as a TV reporter and dedicated herself to the fight to legalize marijuana in Alaska. From the Independent:  Having grown weary of reporting the news, Green told viewers she would instead be putting all her energy into the fight to legalise marijuana in the state,

Watch This Cop Lose It When A Guy Exercises Constitutional Rights At A Checkpoint

A well-informed citizen who exercised his constitutional rights at a checkpoint recorded a video which shows how some officers need to learn the laws they are supposed to be upholding. The good part starts at 3:30 in the video. The officer rips the door open when the man exercises his lawful right to ask whether

Is Living Life Better As A Man Or Woman? A Transgender Tells His/Her Story.

A reddit user who verified their identity as a transgender told her story about what it was like to live life both as a man and a woman. What s/he experienced will definitely shock you. From Reddit: You can call me D. I’m a 22, almost 23 year old transgender male living in the US.

There’s Finally A Satanic Kid’s Activity Book In Schools For Your Little Hellspawns

Last month, a Florida judge ruled that if the Orange County school district allowed Christian groups to distribute Bibles and Christian-oriented religious materials in its schools, it would also have to allow atheist groups to do the same. This ruling came in response to David Williamson’s of the Central Florida Free Thought Community successful lawsuit