Mad Dog, Sir, Please Don’t Send Me To World War III

General Mattis, Sir, It is with overwhelming respect that I urge you not to take the U.S. to war with North Korea preemptively. When I was a very young boy, I had always wanted to be a marine, that being said, I’d still join the corps in a heartbeat to defend my country from a

Spotlight on a (l)ibertarian: Amy Hedtke

Project Veritas calls her a “citizen journalist”, or government watchdog. The article highlighting her that she likes the best calls her an “anarchist/Republican activist”, and at one point compares her to Marilyn Monroe. Originally, she was a “nice conservative home school mom”. She’s held some local positions, such as on a Parks Board and Library

Suspect Arrested After Being Distracted By Solar Eclipse

Written by Gabrielle Okun Police arrested a suspected car thief after the solar eclipse distracted him in Kissimmee, Fla. Monday. Orange County police officers arrested Jocsan Feliciano Rosado, 22-year-old man, as he viewed the solar eclipse from a parking lot next to a stolen car, reported Fox 5 Monday. Rosado allegedly stole the car and led the

The Left Didn’t Mind Fascism Before The Election- Obama and Svoboda

Written By: Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Facebook or Twitter What a difference a year makes. From a goofy Reality TV style election to outright chaos in the streets. I’m sure many on the Left would love to return to those Barack Obama days, when they had an iron grip on the culture war with

Five Activities to Try More Fun Than Punching Nazis

Punching Nazis is all the rage right now, but did you know there are other things you can do that are even more fun and rewarding? I know, I know, you’re skeptical, but I’ve compiled a “top five” list, and internet lists are irrefutable. 1. Wearing tutus. Everyone knows that once you put on a

THROWBACK VIDEO: White Supremacist Richard Spencer Kicked Out of Event by Black Man

By Grant M. Deltz One of the simply greatest events that I have gotten to witness; white nationalist Richard Spencer was escorted out of CPAC 2017 by an African American gentleman working the venue. See the video courtesy of The Washington Post below:

Our Information Society is Not Yielding More Knowledge

In today’s world, modern celebrities and artists seem to be primarily concerned with their image and whether or not it is aligned with the politically correct thought of the day. It is for this reason that it’s easy to sit up and take note when a celebrity actually goes against the grain of today’s conventional

Anti-Illegal Immigration Ads Violate Twitter’s ‘Hate Speech’ Rules

Written by Will Racke Twitter has rejected a conservative organization’s request to promote tweets highlighting the harmful effects of illegal immigration, apparently because using the word “illegal” to refer to immigrants violates the company’s hate speech rules. Organizations can pay Twitter to re-up previously posted tweets in the form of promoted content. The promoted tweets function

Chinese Teen Dies Within 48 Hours Of Entering Internet Addiction Camp

By Cory Wolfe A Chinese teenager has died less than 48 hours after admission into a controversial internet addiction camp. Li Ao, an 18-year-old man in Anhui province, was a well-mannered son other than seemingly having lost interest in everything except the Internet, his mother said. Liu Dongmei said her son had developed a serious internet

Where the Jokes End: An Exploration of Nazis, Irony and Murder

Irony and satire are spectacular double edged rhetorical blades. Capable of cutting both toward the obvious and obscure. A master of this weapon does not shy away from using either end. In order to be effective, a satirist pits extremes against each other. The using a juxtaposition of an obvious subject of ridicule to critique