Why You Shouldn’t Rage Against Last-Second Mergers

A scenario many of us experience on a weekly basis: You’re stuck in traffic on a two-lane highway, and the lanes converge into one up ahead. You merged early, and have been patiently waiting your turn behind other cars. Then some jerk zooms by in the other lane, goes all the way to where lane

President Donald Trump Admits to Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election

In an odd Friday night tweet, President Donald Trump seems to admit to knowledge of Russia “meddling” in the 2016 presidential election, claims he “just” learned of it… and then criticizes preceding President Barack Obama. But he HAD done something about it, to include trying to warn then Republican Presidential Nominee Trump regarding such involvement.

Johnny Depp Seems to Threaten to Assassinate Donald Trump… or at Least Encourages Others To Do So [WATCH]

While at a drive-in showing of his 2004 movie, The Libertine, a movie that ironically would come to represent the direction in life Depp is taking, the movie star made some very politically incorrect remarks. At a movie about a debotcherous eccentric who lived fast and quickly arrived at his early grave, the “Pirates of the

Good News: You Might Be Able to Punch 128 Year Old Hitler!

You read that right. Adolf Hitler, widely regarded as one of the most depraved genocidal racists ever to walk the earth, might still be breathing in Argentina. This is not the History channel’s “Hunting Hitler” or any such conspiracy. This story was originally reported by an Argentinian news source after a 128 year old naturalized

Boys in Skirts: Genius Protest or Irrational Tantrum?

Early this morning, BBC correspondent Simon Hall tweeted the following pictures of a handful of male students at Isca Academy in Exeter. Boys at Isca Academy in Exeter wear skirts to school in protest at not being allowed to wear shorts in hot weather. pic.twitter.com/XHrffnSQEN — Simon Hall (@SimonHallNews) June 22, 2017 According to The

The Huffington Post Has Lost Their Collectivist Minds Over White Privilege

Written By Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Twitter: @CallMeSquiggly Follow on Facebook: Squiggly Line Guy Huffington Post has had their worst week ever. It’s hard to set any standards or realistic expectations for such a far leftist rag, but they’ve managed to lower the bar. HuffPo ran two articles on the same day, both aimed

Gallup: 1/4 Americans Say Government is the Biggest Problem

What is the United State’s biggest problem? Is it our government? Healthcare? The economy? Gallup Poll collected data from early June and asked that very question. Based on their results, one-fourth of Americans think the government is the biggest problem. This is the highest number of people thinking it’s the government since the shutdown in

NASA Discovers More Possibly Habitable Planets

Good News! NASA scientists have found over 200 potential planets in their most recent search, of which almost 5% might be habitable. Ten rocky planets have been identified within the habitable zone of their stars in Kepler’s most recent sweep of space. In the dark expanse near the top, or left wing, of the bird-like

Freedom Fighters on all Fronts: NJ Proposes Bill to Return Tax Money to Homeschooling Families

Written by David Fisher Jersey City Assemblywoman, Angela V. McKnight, has proposed legislation that all anti-statists should celebrate. Under its current verbiage, Her bill will give taxpaying parents who choose to homeschool their children $1,000 back per child and up to $3,000 in total for qualifying educational expenses. McKnight, a democrat, explains her reasoning behind

We Aren’t So Different: Elephants Team Up to Save Baby [VIDEO]

Written by David Fisher In a video uploaded last week, a pair of elephants in Grand Park Zoo, Seoul, South Korea teamed up to save a baby elephant from death by drowning. In the short clip, a baby elephant is shown drinking from a pool of water before slipping and falling in. In a frenzy,