WATCH: Libyan Jet Crashes Into City

A fighter jet in eastern Libya crashed into the city of Tobruk, killing the pilot and one child. The jet was performing as part of a ceremony for another pilot who was killed in a crash just recently. Although the event was officially an accident, militants claim to have shot down the jet on their own.

Cop Beats A Kid’s Pet Chicken With A Shovel, Then Decapitates It

PHOTO:  Carolyn Lange Atwater, Minnesota Chief of Police Trevor Berger admits to killing a boy’s pet chicken on August 16th, claiming that it violated a city ordinance which bans fowls. Ashley Turnbull, the mother of the boy who owned the bird is filing a formal complaint for the beheading. Turnbull admits that she did receive

Sexy Bikini Coffee Barista Shop Owner Charged With Prostitution

The owner of a lucrative chain of coffee restaurants, Carmela Panico, was arrested and charged with prostitution and money laundering after a two-year investigation. Girls at her chains reportedly performed sex acts on each other for customers as they brewed their coffees. Panico allegedly ran “drive-through brothels” which earned millions in profits for her and her

PHOTOS: Are These The Nastiest Airline Passengers In History?

A fantastic new Facebook page called “Passenger Shaming” has emerged, and it’s got some of the funniest photographs of rude airline passengers that we’ve ever seen. One look at these and you’ll know why libertarians are so hung up on personal space and private property.   Speaking of personal space, have you heard of the

Rick Perry Tweeted This Hilarious Meme Before Quickly Taking It Down

Texas Governor Rick Perry tweeted a hilarious meme before quickly taking it down yesterday. From the Washington Post:  The woman in the picture above is Rosemary Lehmberg, the Travis County district attorney whom Perry tried to have removed from her job after a drunken-driving arrest in April 2013. Perry’s threatened veto to funding for the Travis

Woman Blows Up Car Of Man Who Refused To Buy Her A McFlurry

A Jacksonville, Florida woman violently attacked the man she was with after he refused to buy her a McDonald’s McFlurry ice cream shake. “One witness said she saw her pour alcohol and gasoline on the man’s car, light it on fire, and then run off,” WFTV reported. From WFTV: Witnesses said the woman was angry after

The Jerk Who Reported A Kid’s Lemonade Stand Is Now Being Investigated Himself

Turnabout is fair play?  Doug Wilkey of Dunedin, Florida has been contacting authorities multiple times in the last four years in an attempt to get a local neighbor kid’s lemonade stand shut down. Now it turns out that he’s the one that police are investigating. Wilkey had complained to authorities that the stand was an

Kid Comes Out Of The Closet To His Family & Is Violently Attacked And Disowned

A 20-year-old man named Daniel Ashley Pierce uploaded a video of himself coming out of the closet to his family. The video has gone viral after people were horrified at the reaction of his family, who violently attacked and disowned him during the so-called “intervention.” The video starts with Daniel’s mother saying, “Daniel, I want to

These Are The Stories Of Men Who Say They Were Raped… By A Woman (NSFW)

Can men be raped? A study by the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity reported that 43% of U.S. high school boys and young college men report that they had an unwanted sexual experience. The kicker? 95% of the attackers were females. The same reports found that 18% of the encounters were a result of violent

Iraqi Terrorist Blows Himself Up With His Own Bomb, Dies Gruesomely (GRAPHIC, NSFW)

An terrorist in Iraq attempted to plant an improvised explosive device but met the definition of “epic fail” when the IED blew up in his own face. Iraqi soldiers can be heard talking above him about the plot as the man dies horribly right in front of them. Apparently the man was creating a bomb