California City Demands Militarized Police Truck Get The Hell Out Of Town

The Davis City Council told their police department to get rid of a military vehicle it received within the next 60 days. Citizens of the California city gathered in anger at the sight of the MRAP vehicle entering their jurisdiction so the council responded by passing a resolution to get rid of it. I would

WATCH: Elderly Landlord Defends His Bar From Violent Brawlers Using A Pool Cue

A violent brawl was captured on video when famous horse jockeys punched a local bar patron for making racist statements. Violence erupted in the bar after the first punch, when the elderly bar owner suddenly stepped in and started bravely defending his property from the brawlers by smashing them over the head with a pool cue.

MSNBC: On Ferguson, Rand Paul Is “Courageous”, Hillary Clinton Showed “Cowardice”

Can someone please check the temperature in Hell? MSNBC’s Krystal Ball, who said that Detroit is a libertarian paradise and that Animal Farm is a tale of capitalistic greed, stated that Hillary Clinton exhibited “cowardice” and Rand Paul was “courageous” in their mutual responses to the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Senator Rand Paul wrote an

This Violent Video Shows Why Every Single Cop Should Wear A Camera

An incredible video shot from two different angles, the dashcam and the cop’s bodycam, shows why every police officer should wear a body camera. Police in Celina are happy they invested in body cameras after video emerged of a man assaulting an officer. The first angle you see provided the assailant the ability to dispute

VIDEO: Iraqi Special Forces Tear Into ISIS Fighters (GRAPHIC)

ISIS forces have been in a state of tactical withdrawal in recent days as Iraqi Special Forces have made advances into the Islamic State’s captured territory. U.S. airstrikes have given Iraqi forces leverage necessary to remove ISIS from holding the major dam north of Mosul, they controlled for two weeks. Iraqi special forces released a

Woman Goes To Hospital After Her Huge Obama Statue Is Stolen

Tiffany Bruce was devastated at the loss of her life-sized Barack Obama statue was stolen. She was so ill when she found him missing that she went into a panic. “I peeked my head out the door and Obama’s gone and I kind of went into a panic. I couldn’t breathe, and I had to

WATCH: 6-year-old Boy Gets Run Over By Car, Gets Up & Walks Away

Post by ABC News. ABC News is reporting on an incident where a 6-year-old boy was run over by a minivan but managed to get up and walk away. Luckily the boy only suffered scratches after being run over by a driver in China’s Shangdong Province.  

“Knee Defender” Device Causes Fight On Airplane, Flight Diverted

A United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver was diverted after a fight broke out over a device known as a “knee defender,” which a passenger used to stop the person in front of him from reclining. Apparently a man and a woman got into the argument because the man had attached the “knee defender”

This Photo Shows How Far $100 Goes Across The USA

The Tax Foundation put out an infographic which shows the relative value of $100 across the United States. If you’re living in NYC… it ain’t much! The Tax Foundation also put out a map which shows purchasing power broken down broken down to the city level. As you can see the orange colors signify where

This Hilarious Photo Shows How Britain Celebrated The Anniversary Of Burning The White House

The British Embassy in the United States tweeted a pretty hilarious photo yesterday to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the burning of the White House during the War of 1812. Very cheeky! During the War of 1812, the British torched the Capitol building, which housed the Library of Congress, House and Senate. They also managed