Video: Girl Jumps Out Of Moving Car To Make It Look Like Her Boyfriend Threw Her Out

A video going viral shows a man with his drunk girlfriend where the woman throws herself out of the vehicle and immediately asks him, “Why did you throw me out?” The man was a judge in Dallas named Carlos Cortez, who was arrested on domestic violence charges but was able to be cleared thanks to

Watch Gov. Perry Turn Himself In To Be Arrested

Texas Governor Rick Perry turned himself in to the police on charges of abuses of power. The Governor stated to a crowd of supporters that “I believe in the rule of law. We will prevail.” From USA Today: Perry’s indictment stems from the drunken-driving arrest last year of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, who

Watch Officer In Ferguson Point A Rifle And Threaten To “F**king Kill” A Journalist

Video has emerged from Ferguson, Missouri where a police officer wields a gun at reporters who are there to cover the events. The officer threatens them, saying “I’ll f**king kill you” as he points the gun directly at them.  

Israeli Magazine’s Readers Voted ‘Ebola’ As Best Birthday Present For Obama

Readers of a news site called Mako decided on what they thought would be the best birthday surprise for President Obama… Ebola. The site asked readers what they would like to send Obama for his birthday earlier this month, with the options being: peace in the Middle East (22%), golf clubs (11%), a box set

Car Insurer Unveils Plans For “Pink Zones,” So Male Drivers Don’t Kill All The Women

A female focused car insurer “Sheilas’ Wheels is proposing to make all female lanes on roads in the United Kingdom. From Female focused car insurer Sheilas’ Wheels has recognised the need to make UK roads safer for women drivers and have identified PinkZones, a concept that would see separate lanes for female drivers on

This New Phone App Will Help You Report Police Encounters

A new phone application invented by some crafty teenagers will help citizens to keep track of incidents of police violence. The app called “Five-O” allowed users to record and document interactions with police, submit ratings of law enforcement, and allow people to see how their departments compare to others. Users can also rate specific officer’s behavior

*BREAKING* CNN Airs “Officer’s Side Of The Story” In Ferguson Shooting

CNN aired an interview on local radio in Ferguson, Missouri from a person who claims to know the shooting police officer Darren Wilson’s account of what happened. CNN reported that there is an eyewitness account which corroborates Wilson’s side of the story and the audio below details why the officer may have been telling the

Guess What The Shooting In Ferguson Missouri Did To This Company’s Stock Price?

One well known company has seen it’s stock market price jump a whopping 25% since the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Can you guess which one? Taser International’s (TASR) stock price went soaring after the tragic events in Ferguson turned into a national event. CNNMoney speculates that investors may be thinking that the

Sharks Are Biting The Internet!

The Internet has discovered that it is being attacked by sharks! Yes, that’s a serious statement of fact. But, oh lawdy, lawd… thank jeebus that Google is coming to the rescue. It appears we’ve known for some time that sharks like to bite undersea cables. The New York Times reported in 1987 that, “sharks have

John Oliver Puts The Militarization of Police On BLAST!

Late night talk show host John Oliver produced a clever and intriguingly hilarious monologue about the militarization of police after the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. From Rare:  After playing a clip of Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III saying that there wasn’t any racial tension in his city, Oliver stated the obvious: “No