Officer “Go F**k Yourself” Is Removed From Duty And Will Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation

The police officer who pointed his rifle at journalists and yelling “I will f**king kill you,” was removed from duty and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Officer Ray Albers, a 20-year veteran, was removed from duties in Ferguson after his actions, which were seen as unprofessional and unbalanced. St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jiminez said

Mom Charged For Giving Her Son Marijuana To Treat Brain Injury, Even Though It’s Legal!

A mother in Madison, Minnesota is charged with two misdemeanor counts for giving her son medical cannabis, despite the fact that the state already passed a medical marijuana law recently. Angela Brown gave her son, Trey Brown, the oil to help relieve his pain from injuries to the brain, which were so severe that the

Deputies Surround Man Carrying Umbrella They Thought Was A Rifle

The University of San Marcos in California went on lockdown after someone mistook a man carrying an umbrella for a rifle. Students were ordered to take shelter in the morning after the San Diego County Sheriff’s department got a call that a bald man carrying a rifle was seen on campus. Police located the man

CNN’s Don Lemon Proves Why Liberals Are So Ignorant About Guns On Live TV

The Stupid! It Burns!  CNN’s premier news anchor Don Lemon thinks that an automatic weapon is “something you can shoot off a number of rounds very quickly” proving that most liberals are pretty ignorant when it comes to guns. In a conversation about gun control, Lemon stated that after the shooting in Colorado, he was able

Gun Owner BLASTS Police Cadet Who Went On Murderous Rampage

A Knoxville, Tennessee police cadet is dead after he went on a murderous rampage at his ex-girlfriend Ashley Womack’s party last week. Michael William Little opened fire at the party, killing one person before he was shot to death by Ashley’s brother Joshua. Little came to the party to shoot his ex-girlfriend and her supposed

Kid Gets Arrested For Killing Dinosaur With A Gun… In A FREAKING Story! – Richmond, VA News A 16-year-old teenager was arrested for writing a story for a class assignment that included him killing a dinosaur with a gun. “I could understand if they made him re-write it because he did have “gun” in it. But a pet dinosaur?” said Alex’s mother Karen Gray.”I mean first of

Los Angeles Will Have To Pay $26M Because Garbage Workers Sued Them For Banning Naps On The Job

The city of Los Angeles will be forced to pay $26 million as part of a settlement to their sanitation workers after they became incensed over a ban on lunchtime naps. Garbage truck drivers won the settlement, complaining that they were banned from naps during their lunch breaks. Apparently the lawsuit could have ended up

Woman Sorry For Posting Video Of Her Dog All High On The Marijuanas

A woman in Michigan says that she regrets posting a video of her dog high on marijuana. Laura Milsee claims that when she came home she realized that her dog, Thor, had eaten all of her tasty marijuanas and was stumbling around glassy-eyed, banging into the wall. The woman initially stated that she uploaded the

Russia Is Asking People To Stop Painting Evil Communist Monuments With Awesome Grafitti

The government of Russia is upset that people are vandalizing their communist memorials. The Russian Embassy in Bulgaria issued a statement that Bulgaria must try harder to prevent their monuments from being defaced. The remarks from the embassy demand that Bulgaria clean up the monument in the Sofia Lozenets district and punish the perpetrators. The

Video: Girl Jumps Out Of Moving Car To Make It Look Like Her Boyfriend Threw Her Out

A video going viral shows a man with his drunk girlfriend where the woman throws herself out of the vehicle and immediately asks him, “Why did you throw me out?” The man was a judge in Dallas named Carlos Cortez, who was arrested on domestic violence charges but was able to be cleared thanks to