Watch These Terrified Robbers Run Like Hell When They Get A Shotgun Pointed At Them

Two thieves who attempted to rob a jewelry store in Fresno, California got a quick taste of swift justice when the store owner pulled a shotgun to counter their handgun. Surveillance video from the store shows the two would-be thieves looking like they will need a change of underwear as they flee from the gun

Alleged Sex Predator Democrat Says “OMG I Just F***ed My Boss!” On Live TV (NSFW)

Virginia State Delegate Joe Morrissey is in hot water after his recent comments on live television. Morrissey was discussing his recent felony charges related to allegations that he slept with a 17-year-old in his law office. While trying to downplay the concerns, the Democratic delegate read a text message that was sent from his alleged

Kevin Sorbo Talks About His New Libertarian Movie On Fox News

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comActor Kevin Sorbo of “Hercules” fame appeared on Fox News to discuss his libertarian movie “Alongside Night,” which is in select theaters across the country. Sorbo plays the role of Elliot Vreeland, the Nobel Prize winning economist who is kidnapped, possibly by the American government. Sorbo discusses his role in

Hot Waitresses At This New Restaurant Are All Carrying Guns

A Colorado town called Rifle has a new restaurant where the waitresses are all packing heat. All nine of the servers carry guns as they serve patrons. On the wall of the diner called “Shooters Grill” is a sign that says, “Proudly clinging to my guns and Bible.” From the DCNF:  Bucking the proliferation of

This One Hilarious Tweet Shows Why Liberal Feminists Are So Idiotic About The Hobby Lobby Decision

Liberal feminists are in a rage over the fact that they can’t force people to pay for their birth control. Just what is so empowering about forcing women to be dependent on their employers? We don’t know, but one thing is for sure, Sean Davis has summed up the real issue at stake in the

While Liberals Complained About Not Being Able To Force People To Give Them Free Birth Control, These People Were Actually Empowering Women

While idiotic liberals were complaining about women losing their rights because they couldn’t force employers to pay for birth control, this tampon company was inspiring women to be empowered. Read More on this story: Outrage over Hobby Lobby’s coverage of Viagra and vasectomies is laughable, says this feminist | The Libertarian Republic 

This Sign At A Place Where The American Revolution Was Fought Shows Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

A sign at the place where some of the first battles of the American Revolution happened shows why we can’t have nice things. Lincoln, Massachusetts was a key locale during the fight for independence. And they didn’t fight using their fists.   In Lincoln, Massachusetts, Paul Revere was captured by British soldiers. It was in Lincoln where

Historians Find Camera With Undeveloped Film From World War 2 Soldier Who Died In Battle

Historian and veteran Mark Anderson was searching for war artifacts with historian Jean Muller when they found a rare item in the mountains of Luxembourg. In a foxhole that was dug during World War II, the team located a camera that belonged to an American soldier who died in the battle. The camera belonged to

Angry Americans Block Bus Carrying Migrants, Force It To Turn Around

From Yahoo: Protesters have blocked buses carrying migrants from overcrowded facilities on the Texas border to a Southern California processing center. Several dozen protesters, some waving U.S. flags and signs denouncing illegal immigration, converged Tuesday outside the Border Patrol facility in Murrieta. The buses finally backed away from the facility. Their destination was not immediately

Thug Violently Sucker Punches 77-Year-Old Man

Eric Rolland is in jail after violently sucker punching a 77-year-old man in Grovetown, Georgia. Jacob Cooter, a veteran, had set his case of water on the counter because it was too heavy to hold while he waited in line. Rolland interpreted this as line-jumping and punched Cooter in the back of the head. Rolland