High-Speed Taser Incident Teaches You: When You Run From Cops, You’d Better Commit!

A Hawaii man tried to outrun a police officer after being detained for having expired tags on his vehicle. The man gets tasered while running at full speed down the street after trying to evade the officer with a pause and a zig-zag. This just proves that if you’re actually going to run from police,

This Bouncer & Kickboxing Champion Demonstrates How To Deal With A Bully

Bouncer and kickboxing world champion Michael Kuhr was being intimidated by a loudmouth outside a club in Germany and handled the situation like a boss!

Five Girls Attack Another Girl, Boyfriend Jumps In & Starts Pounding The B*tches Faces In

How far would you go to defend your girlfriend? A fight broke out in a restaurant in China, with five girls teaming up to beat up another girl. After the melee begins to get out of hand, the boyfriend of the girl being pounded jumps in to break up the fight and begins mercilessly wailing

Family Sues After Police Shoot Girl And Her Dog In SWAT Raid On Wrong Home

Police officers in Orange County, Florida shot a girl and her dog in a SWAT raid on the wrong home back in 2010. Now the family is suing. The girl, who was 17 at the time, reports how she was home alone with her dog when the authorities arrived. “I was 17. I was 5 feet

VIDEO: Woman Burns Her Husband Alive Because Shooting Him Was: “Too Nice”

RENTON, WA – The wife of a man doused him in gasoline and burned him alive because she said to police that shooting him was: “too nice.” Security camera footage shows the man running into a convenience store after the attack, screaming and begging for help. Tatanysha Hedman is in jail after the murder attempt.

Boston Police Seek Power To Deny Citizens Guns: “Nobody Needs A Shotgun Or A Rifle”

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans went on record to argue that police need more power to deny ownership of guns to citizens in his jurisdiction. In an interview with public radio, Evans argued: I don’t agree with that. Having long guns–rifles and shotguns–especially here in the city of Boston. I think we should have, as

Man Shoots And Kills Violent Female Home Invader Who Begged For Her Life Because She Said She Was Pregnant

LONG BEACH, CA – Police are deciding whether or not to charge an elderly man that shot a home intruder who declared herself to be pregnant. Thomas Greer was being attacked and robbed by a male and female couple who fled when they saw him go for a gun. Thomas Greer was violently attacked by Andrea

Black Conservatives Get BLASTED At NAACP Convention For Advocating Liberty

FreedomWorks’ Deneen Borelli attended a convention of the NAACP and was read the riot act by a woman who was flabbergasted that they would dare to attend the rally. The woman yells at Borelli over the fact that she needed food stamps and welfare in order for her to be able to get ahead. Borelli’s

Gun-Toting Doctor Blasts Violent Patient Who Shot A Woman At Hospital

A doctor at the Pennsylvania Mercy Fitzgerald hospital managed to stop an armed patient named Richard Plotts, who attacked his caseworker Theresa Hunt with a gun. Hunt unfortunately died, but a quick thinking doctor named Lee Silverman pulled his own gun and fired back at the patient. From ABC: “When the caseworker was shot, (Silverman)

Not So Sweet: Cupcake Truck Blasts Tweet About “Zionist Pigs”

A cupcake truck in New York City blasted a very anti-semitic tweet today, in a strange rant that is sure to offend many of NYC’s Jewish residents. The cupcake crew truck has received quite a quick backlash from some residents. From Tabletmag: “New York: from figurative Soup Nazis to literal Cupcake Nazis,” a Twitter user named David