Instead Of Strippers, Women Can Now Hire A Sexy Manservant

A new company is advertising incredibly attractive men in evening attire to work for women who don’t like the idea of a stripper. Yes, this is a real service. The idea comes from Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khaja, who wanted to sort of rewrite the traditional rules for bachelorette parties. “ManServants started as a

These Two Pictures Show Why Job Seekers In Illinois Are So Screwed

The Illinois Policy Institute produced a map which shows Illinois as being dead last in private sector job creation. And it gets even worse… Michael Lucci of IPI found that June was the largest monthly workforce loss in the state’s entire history. 21,700 Illinoisans left the workforce last month, which means that they don’t count

Son Of Hamas Founder Converts To Christianity, Sides With Israel

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of the man who founded the Hamas terrorist organization is speaking out about his role as a spy for Israel. Yousef, son of SheikhHassan Yousef, has helped to prevent dozens of suicide attacks and assassinations as well as assisted in the hunting down of militants, including his own father.

Police Seek Suspect In “Unprovoked Hugging” Incident

Police in Michigan are searching for a man who was involved in a non-aggravated assault when he hugged a staff member at the University of Michigan Hospital. Authorities report that the hug was “unprovoked.” The man giving the unprovoked hug was said to have been a recently released patient at the hospital. An employee claimed

Cop Shoots & Paralyzes Man Over Unpaid Parking Tickets

A Constable in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania shot and paralyzed a man who was being served a warrant for unpaid parking tickets. Kevin McCullers, who many never walk again, was backing out of his driveway going to a donut shop when he was surprised by the Constable. The officer fired on him as he pulled out of

MSNBC: Rand Paul Is Talking About Issues Even Democrats Won’t Touch

Senator Rand Paul earned a faint bit of praise from a panel on MSNBC yesterday. The group remarked on Senator Paul’s speech at a recent urban conference, where Paul declared his avowed support of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts. The panel didn’t go so far as to suggest that people should support Paul, but

Couple Got A Police Visit After Searching Pressure Cookers. CBS Reported: “Home Searched By Terrorists”

The home of Long Island residents Michele Catalano and her husband were searched by police back in August of 2013 after they performed an Internet search for pressure cookers. In a slightly ironic twist, the CBS report on the story reported that the home was searched by “terrorists.” Authorities claim that the searches came because

Women-Only Parking Spots Are Becoming All The Rage

A shopping mall in China has recently unveiled women-only parking spots, marked by pink lines in order to help females who are bad parkers. The spots are about 30 centimeters wider than other spots. The owner of the mall denies that they are meant to imply that women are bad drivers. The spots have generated

Video: ‘Terrified’ Deaf Family Plows Into Crowd Of Zombies In San Diego

Two pedestrians were struck by a car that was being driven by a deaf family in San Diego. The family claims that they were “afraid of the crowd” of people participating in a Zombie Walk, where people dress up as monsters to roam the streets. Initially the family patiently waited for the zombies to cross

VIDEO: Thug Wearing Police Costume Harasses Red Light Camera Protesters In Chicago

A man wearing a Chicago policeman costume harassed a group of red light camera protesters on the sidewalk yesterday. The officer threatens to arrest the people for their offensive signs and for for recording him. The officer was identified as Sergeant Brown (Badge #2404), and was intimidating citizens for exercising their constitutionally protected rights.