SCOTUS Rules 8-0 In Favor of Offensive Speech

Good News! After a grueling eight year legal battle that has consumed the band and attracted the attention of the nation’s highest court, all Asian American synthpop-punk group, The Slants, will be able to rock under their chosen moniker. All eight current members of the court affirmed the right of the band to re-appropriate the term

8 Signs of a Thriving Child

A friend recently gave to me a book titled Gist: The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids. As a father of three small children, I have an obvious interest in such a book. Nearly every parent wants to raise a happy, well-adjusted child who will blossom into a capable, bright, and self-sufficient young man or woman.

Spotlight on a Libertarian: Randy Wiseman

Written by Heather Gwynn Follow Heather on Twitter at @starlasworld Randy Wiseman has an impressive list of accomplishments.  He is an active member of St. Edwards Episcopal Church in Mt. Dora, FL, where he volunteers with his church youth group and takes part in readings during Sunday services. For 45 years, he has owned Wiseman Gymnastics

Fidget Fest? Guess Who’s on The Guest List? Ron Paul, But It’s…..

Written By: Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Twitter: @CallMeSquiggly Follow on Facebook: Squiggly Line Guy The First Annual Fidget Spinner Competition and Vaping Festival has been announced in Seattle, to be held at the Key Arena in Mountlake Terrace. You can view the event page here. The two-day guest lineup looks dope. Check out these images

Brexit 2.0: UK Government For Sale on eBay

Written By Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Twitter: @CallMeSquiggly Follow on Facebook: Squiggly Line Guy A practical joker has listed the government for sale on and is getting bids. The bid at the time of writing this article is £1,020.00 or $1,136.  The description of the item is as follows: The seller is also

Extremism Experts Shift Their Focus to The Left

Written By Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Twitter: @CallMeSquiggly Follow on Facebook: Squiggly Line Guy The term Right Wing Extremist is one that was commonly used over the last eight years during Barack Obama‘s presidency. Right wingers. Gun nuts. You name it. Those claims aren’t without merit. We should legitimately be worried about the Dylan Roof‘s

OC Democratic Party Official Bashes Gay Signature Gatherers During Pride Weekend [VIDEO]

Democratic Party of Orange County Vice Chair, Jeff LeTourneau was caught on camera bashing gay volunteer signature gatherers during Pride weekend festivities. “Which one of you —holes is the gay?” the Vice Chair, who also happens to be gay, demanded to know. Check out the video of the encounter along with more information from FOX

NYT Writer: Cultural Appropriation is the New Blasphemy

Whether it’s hoop earrings, dreadlocks, or Taco Tuesdays, America seems to have a fascination with cultural appropriation. So much so, that it appears things are getting a little out of hand, a fact which author Kenan Malik noted in the New York Times the other day. According to Malik, various editors and artists who reference

What Otto Warmbier Can Teach North Korea

Written by Keith Hanson Earlier this week, in what was initially seen as a potential humanitarian gesture conveying a desire for less strident relations with the outside world, North Korea released from prison and returned to the United States Otto Warmbier, a 22 year old college student who had been arrested by North Korea just over

GOP Baseball Practice Shooter in March: ‘It’s Time to Destroy Trump &Co.’

Law enforcement authorities the shooter at the GOP congressional baseball practice as James T. Hodgkinson (above, left) of Belleville, Illinois. There is a Twitter profile for a James Hodgkinson from Belleville, Illinois. The account was created in January 2014. The account was little used, but it does suggest the user was deeply interested in politics