Parents Turned Their Kid In To Cops When They Caught Her Taking Naked Selfies

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Parents in Dinwiddie County, Virginia turned their 13-year-old daughter in to the police after they caught her taking naked pictures of herself on her phone.

Parents became concerned when they noticed their 8th grade student was trading naked pictures of herself with boys. Some of them were as old as 17 or 18 and sent messages wanting sex with the girl. Parents took her electronics and her to the sheriff’s office in order to “protect her.”

The girl could face punishment in the form of juvenile help sessions and the boys, depending on their age, might face more severe penalties such as “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

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  • Teerexness

    SURPRISE! She’s not responsible! It was a boy, of course. Because males are the actors, and females are just damsels being acted upon. This is where it starts.

  • Nathanael Ginn

    Crappy parents, crappy child, and crappy older teenagers. I do not immediately blame the teenage boys even though they should know better than to mess with a 13 year old girl. Fine parenting though that she is already acting like a slut by that age….

  • Davy Goossens

    congratz on ruining all these lives at once. getting the cops involved is a symptom of lazy parenting, welfare statolatry, and makes matters far worse for the lives of people involved.

  • Mike Okeefe

    Boys being charged for receiving pictures from a 13 year old girl. Then there’s the 30 year old woman having sex with underage special needs boys and she gets a slap on the wrist. That for sure is equal treatment and rights for women, right!

  • Kaguya

    Perhaps a bit too harsh but there are serious repercussions for what the girl and the boys were doing. Maybe the parents had tried less extreme lessons and it wasn’t sinking in.

    • Serious repercussions? Shit, not as serious as they’re gonna be.

  • Julie

    Child abuse.

    I mean parents calling the cops, that’s child abuse.

  • KingAdrock

    The sad thing is, the cops easily could straight out throw the girl in prison. Taking nude pics of someone who’s underage is a crime, even if that person is *yourself*. She could easily be charged with manufacture, distribution and possession of child pornography.

  • Darrin Woodard

    Let me guess, the girl will not receive punishment as a juvenile and records sealed, the boys will be tried as adults and get a few years in prison and be registered sex offenders for life. Sound about right?