Policeman Arrested For Raping Women During Traffic Stops

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A police officer in Oklahoma City was arrested on allegations of sexual assault. Officer Daniel Holtzclaw was believed to have assaulted at least six women while on duty.

Holtzclaw was booked on charges that included oral sodomy and sexual battery, as well as rape. The suspected assaults are believed to have been a result of traffic stops. The officer is being held on a $5 million dollar bond.

From the Huffington Post:

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty said at a news conference that Holtzclaw stopped women while he was working and forced them to expose themselves, fondled them and in at least one instance had intercourse with a woman.

Authorities have statements from six victims and expect a statement from a seventh, Citty said. He also said investigators believe there are additional victims.

The department began investigating Holtzclaw after a woman complained to police June 18, the chief said. Holtzclaw was placed on leave that day.

“We started the investigation and we started looking at traffic stops he had made throughout the previous months to try to identify and initiate contact with females that we knew he had stopped during that period of time … to see if they had been sexually assaulted,” Citty said.

“Trust is something that we are constantly having to work on,” Citty said. “When something like this happens, I have to hope that most of the community realizes that our officers, 99.9 percent of them, are trustworthy, and when something like this happens, our officers take this very personally.”

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  • Layla Godey

    Juxtapose this story against the recent story of the police officer who basically said to just do as the police say, go along with whatever he tells you to do, he’s the cop and you should do as you’re told with no questions asked regarding their authority to “order” you in the first place.