Should Patriotic Americans Support or Oppose Trump’s Wall?

Written By: Squiggly Line Guy
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There is hardly anything worse than unsolicited offers. Whether door to door magazine sales, vacuum cleaner salesmen, or some random person wanting something you have, generally nobody is interested in entertaining offers for things they never had an interest in buying or selling. It’s why there’s a market for No Solicitation Stickers.

It was the winter of 2003. Some friends and I decided to drive up to the Cascade Mountains in Washington State and camp outside the town of Leavenworth. For a week. In 4 feet of snow. In a tent. It was certainly an experience, but not something I would do again. Besides, I’ve been cursing frigid temperatures ever since. I certainly had needed to bring more layers, as well a sub zero sleeping bag rather than standard. The only thing that kept me remotely comfortable was my brown pair of Moon Boots. I’m not interested in parting with them, so don’t ask.

We made one trip into the town of Leavenworth in the middle of the week to get propane. We also cheated and bought a meal at McDonalds. I cannot confirm nor deny that we may have bought swords from a cutlery to run around in the woods with. We were walking back to the truck to leave town and back to camp when a man stopped me and asked, “Are those Moon Boots?” I replied that they were, and he offered to buy them right off my feet for $30. That wouldn’t even buy me a pair of sneakers in this tourist trap, and these were the only shoes I had. “Fine, $50.” I wasn’t interested in parting with them, and this was just a waste of my time. “They’re not for sale,” I finally quipped back having had enough. Also, I had borrowed them from my dad for the trip.

Like I said, there is hardly anything worse than unsolicited offers. What would have been worse though, would have been just taking the boots off my feet and throwing $30 at me and running away. We would still consider that theft because it’s not a voluntary transaction. Not only had I not been willing to sell them, but it certainly wasn’t at a value that I would have found acceptable had I been selling. Transactions begin with the seller setting terms of the sale. Whether those terms are auction, a firm price, or a negotiable price, the seller should always ultimately be in control of the price they accept. They have the final say. We would say the buyer having control of the price at the threat of force is ludicrous and the antithesis of markets.

That is ultimately what Eminent Domain is. The government seizing your property at a price they deem fair to themselves, at the threat of force to you. A lot of us don’t like that either. It’s why there’s a market for Gadsden Flags.

Chapters known as III% which are locally formed Patriot Militias have classically been opposed to Government overreach and intrusion on property, often time at the threat of returning force initiated by Government. We saw this at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada when citizens pointed guns at the Federal Agents who had come to take the family’s cattle. The III% were also largely supportive of the armed occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

The additional sentencing of Dwight Hammond was largely viewed as a ruse to force the family to sell their ranch which was adjacent to the refuge. The likely buyer of such a transaction? The Federal Government, to incorporate into the refuge. The Hammonds have claimed a longtime pressure from the Government to sell. This additional sentencing, and the grievance of the Federal Government holding so much property in the West and attempting to usurp private property into it, was the basis for the refuge takeover.

But the question is, are these principles part-time?

The Texas Observer has reported that a woman by the name of Yvette Salinas has received a 21 page “Declaration of Taking” Document, offering just $2,900 for a 1.24 acre parcel of her ailing mother’s land. The letter states that if the offer is not accepted, the land would be seized through Eminent Domain. Will patriots stand for her property rights? I don’t believe they will. Because it’s for The Wall. But does this change the fact property rights are being violated? From the Texas Observer:

Salinas says her family doesn’t want to give up their land, and they are consulting with lawyers to decide what to do next. But fighting the federal government could mean spending years in court. If they lose, DHS could take their land. Salinas, who is 29, says it makes her sad that the family’s legacy could be divided by an ugly wall that will cause problems for Los Ebanos. “We don’t want this wall — the town is pretty much united on that,” says Salinas. “But we don’t want to get sued by the U.S. government either.”

This is the definition of extortion. The document also did not provide them any avenues or options for legal recourse. They are exploring legal defense through an attorney themselves, at their own expense. They don’t want to give up their property. As the rightful owner, that should be their choice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a parcel of land or Moon Boots.

The article from The Texas Observer also states that the Federal Government only owns 33% of the land needed for the proposed wall. The remaining 67% is private property owned by private citizens.

So why would patriots not stand up for Salinas’ private property rights? Because many in these Patriot Groups largely supported Donald Trump for President. I sadly believe they will ultimately resign themselves to the Government’s “Greater Good” (tyranny) when it comes to the violation of rights perpetrated by figures they like. When it comes to Government tyranny, Donald Trump is their lipstick on a pig.

Of course, not all of those who stood with the Bundy family are willing to suddenly kiss the ring of Government. Gavin Seim, a former Washington State Congressional Candidate who was present at the standoff at Bundy Ranch sees things differently. Or maybe he sees them the same, as it is others who have suddenly changed with the administration. Seim was made famous after recording a video of himself pulling over an unmarked police car illegally engaging in traffic enforcement. He let the officer off with a warning.

Seim directed Liberty Viral to a Facebook Live broadcast video he shared, where he says that he is sick of people pretending they have freedom just because they elect a new politician. He lambasted Trump for laughing in a room with Sheriffs about Civil Asset Forfeiture. Seim called Civil Asset Forfeiture a system without trial or due process, and a five billion dollar lawless system for funding localized war machines. He extends these principles to all forms of Government theft, whether Civil Asset Forfeiture or Eminent Domain. Seim believes that the most fundamental component of Liberty is Loving your Neighbor. If we were to love our neighbors as we do ourselves, we would value their freedom as we do our own.

If you are a principled patriot- a real Militiaman, you should be opposed to Government intrusion on property no matter what the reason; whether for a wildlife refuge, a solar wind farm, or a wall. Will you stand boldly against Trump’s henchmen in defense of property like you did Obama’s?

I invite you to prove me wrong. I promise the opportunity will present itself.