SPANKING POLL: Effective Discipline or Child Abuse?

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Written by Jennifer Giorgi

SPANKING & THE GOVERNMENT: Protecting the rights of adults to parent as they wish, or protecting the rights of minors to not be aggressed upon? … This has long been the debate in libertarian circles when it comes to spanking as a form of discipline/punishment. Take the Liberty Viral poll below! It may take a minute to load, so please be patient. We understand this is over simplified. Please elaborate in the comments on our Facebook page!

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  • Donovan

    I turned out just fine. When the parent spanks with the intention and understanding that this is punishment designed to deter from bad behavior, effective teaching is demonstrated.

    If the parent spanks with the intention to cause harm and is outraged, this has the potential to go to far.

    • Alorwin

      “It worked for me” has always been the worst defense for any form of discipline.

  • Sean Phelan

    Spanking with an open hand on the bottom only is acceptable to me. Never in anger and only after a discussion about what they’ve done to warrant it. No ‘weapons’, belts, hairbrushes, phone cords, etc. Fortunately, if done properly, it only has to be done once in their lifetime.

  • Ronster

    as the father of 3 16yos, all I can say is it works for some and not others. One chills with just a Daddy frown, one has to be bribed, and one only responded to a quick swat.

  • Erik Wk

    Every child is different, and what works for some may not work for others. The parents should retain the right to asses their own child and implement an appropriate discipline.

  • Nicole Mosca

    I feel like answering this question, with the photo, implicating that spanking involves hitting your child with a leather belt while the huddle on the floor… which I feel is child abuse would be different than answering the question if it was a butt swat with an open hand. So…. hitting your child with a belt, yes, child abuse. Spanking once with an open hand when they have been exceptionally naughty, NOT child abuse. Every child is different. My daughter responds to time outs, which is the most horrible punishment to her in the world. Making her sit in a chair for five minutes, or just the threat of that is on par with a spanking. My son, not so much… let me add, the chair is cushioned and nice… but still, the belt picture. I can’t get over that. That is child abuse. If my husband hit me with a belt as punishment for something, would that not be spousal abuse?

    • Alorwin

      That depends on whether you’re in the kind of relationship that enjoys being hit with a belt as punishment, Nicole. BDSM relationships are a thing.

      • Nicole Mosca

        Lol, well, yeah, I meant without my willing permission and participation. As an adult, I can consent to that and be down with it… as a child, not so much.

  • Alorwin

    The scientific consensus is that physical discipline is harmful to the child’s development.