Street Justice! When Cops Refused To Stop A Thief, Store Owners Took Him Down Alone

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Liquor store owners in Oakland, California fought back against a thief who police refused to help them with. Surveillance and cell phone footage captured the whole scene.

Video footage shows the thief stealing three bottles of champagne in the store before trying to get away. Store owners attempted to apprehend him, which made the robber get violent. “He started becoming aggressive, and I had a can of mace next to me. so I decided to use it rather than make it worse. That way, I can have control of the situation,” said store clerk Ahmed Erja.

Oakland police have been called on this criminal before but claimed that they don’t respond to that kind of petty crime, which is what forced store owners to take matters into their own hands. Police viewed the surveillance video, but declined to take it into evidence or to comment on the crime.


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  • Amigi

    They should have just shot him in the face. With a 12 gauge. Double barrel.

    • Pat Riot

      Yah, Kalifory has pretty much eliminated that option.

  • Ken Lowder

    And the reason they need a police force in Oakland is? If the police won’t respond to crimes then fire them all and the people will get justice on their own. Any police interference needs to be met with extreme predijuce.

  • Julie Hickman-Rincon

    I don’t understand? They don’t respond to that kind of petty crime? I think the word “crime” means they have to respond. But I guess if you can pick and choose what you want to respond too…

    • Darrin Woodard

      Just recently Las Vegas police stopped reporting to accident scenes unless there is an injury. To serve (our own needs) and protect (you from yourself).

      • grendal113

        Yup but they will mail you an unsafe speed ticket to both parties.

  • Guest

    [email protected]$k those lazy assed bastards in uniform. Either quit and go the fuck home or do your goddamn jobs you pieces of public tax supported shit. Your momma got mugged bitches but thats ok cuz you dont respond to petty crimes, morons! No you assholes make petty crimes up or commit them yourselves you contemptable jerks.

  • FrankieFourFingers


  • Deenohh

    Becoming a police officer is the new form of workfare for low foreheads wwho are to stupid for college or a productive job. They dont arrest criminals, they dont respond to accidents, the courts have said they have no legal obligation to protect you. They will shoot rather than assume even the smallest risk. Most honest cops have already stated that citizens are on their own when it comes to protecting themselves.

  • Brad Owens

    I hope they at least took his bike.