Judd Apatow Comes to Grips with President Trump

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by: David Fisher In a recent interview with Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, Judd Apatow, writer and producer, shared his personal emotional toll from the 2016 presidential election. Asked if he was at danger of losing himself to the Trump phenomenon, Apatow only lamented, “There’s a danger

An Open Letter to the Children of Trump Voters

Written By Crystal Byrd To the daughters whose parents have championed Donald Trump: Sweet girl, Please hear me when I say that no matter what you may hear around the dinner table or see your parents post on Facebook, your body belongs to you. No person has the right – or any business – to

Bill Clinton Meme Contest!

MEME ME!   It’s time for another Liberty Viral Meme Contest! Here are the instructions: 1. Use the above photo and do yo’ thing! 2. Post on Liberty Viral’s Facebook page 3. Wash, Rinse, Repeat SO…. What do you get if you win, you might be asking? Kidding! Sort of…. The dankest memes will be

How Many Taco Trucks Does America Need?

Written by Crystal Byrd Passions are ignited and people on social media have identified a crucial policy position for the candidates. America needs to know- just how many taco trucks do candidates support on American street corners? Here’s the interview with Marco Gutierrez who is a founder of Latinos For Trump:   Age before beauty,

Jill Stein Doesn’t Earn Free Hugs Project Endorsement Just Yet, Where’s Gary?

The Free Hugs Project interviews Jill Stein, but leaves endorsement on the table for other candidates willing to talk. By: Crystal Byrd Good ol’ Gary Johnson, just spent a whole lot of money on memes, but missed this golden opportunity to get out the Libertarian message with the wildly popular Free Hugs Project. Green party

Gary Johnson Rolls Up to Campaign Rally in a Lowrider

By: Grant M. Deltz Before a campaign rally in Albuquerque, Gary Johnson showed the nation that he is the only presidential candidate with swag when he took a ride in a lowrider. As the car (equipped with hydraulics) bounced up, Johnson hoped that this display of being cool gives not only himself a bounce… but also some

Donald Trump Says He Regrets Saying Some Things [VIDEO]

By: Grant M. Deltz  Donald Trump gave a speech Thursday night in Charlotte, North Carolina where he outlined an optimistic new vision for his campaign, and America. As big as this pivot is for his campaign, the most surprising part of this speech was when Trump expressed regret for things he has said during his

THROWBACK: Watch Gary Johnson Crowd Surf Like A Rockstar in 2012

By: Grant M. Deltz For a fun Throwback Thursday today, lets check out this legendary video of Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson crowd surfing in Utah during his 2012 campaign. Maybe if he gets on the debate stage he can crowd surf again to show Donald and Hillary how lame they are. Long story short, he

Bedtime Stories with Granny Hillary

A bedtime tale inappropriate for children of all ages as told by Granny Hillary Clinton By: Crystal Byrd Gather round boys and girls it’s time for a story. Granny Hillary has a wonderful tale to tell. A story of a girl and her dream. A story about loving yourself and finding your destiny. Once Upon

The New Independent Candidate To Run For POTUS Worked For Goldman Sachs

By: Grant M. Deltz The newest Independent presidential candidate, Evan McMullin, has been backed by the anti-Trump conservatives as a pragmatic third option. For anti-Hillary voters backing McMullin, they may be disappointed to learn that the former CIA agent has more in common with Hillary than they think. Taking a glance at McMullin’s LinkedIn profile,