10 Best Signs At The #MarchForLife

1. Babies > Hillary Clinton 2. Many regret their decision to have an abortion. 3. For a second I thought it said go f**k yourself.  Nope, it was referring to Planned Parenthood, and it says go fund yourself.  Sounds pretty libertarian to not have taxpayer dollars funneled into abortion services. 4. Women’s rights are not the only rights to

Feel Bad About Your Abortion? Sue the Doc!

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Aaron Mathis Follow him on Twitter @The_Real_Mathis *This is a Liberty Viral Opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the owner of this site or the editors.  Des Moines, Iowa may become the first in the nation to test a new anti-abortion tactic.

Why I am a Pro Life Libertarian

Written by Grant M. Deltz “You cannot have Liberty without life, therefore, life must be defended, as should our Liberty.”  Now, think, when was the last time a far right pro life supporter mentioned the unintended pregnancy rate or the struggles of being a single mother? When was the last time a far left Planned

Nick Cannon Calls Abortion “Real Genocide”

Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor Rapper Nick Cannon recently appeared in an interview with The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God where Cannon had some choice words  on the topic of abortion and the election. When Donald Trump’s proposal to reverse Roe vs Wade came up, he said, Hillary was, think about all of the things they did with Planned

Pro-Life Case to Vote for Gary Johnson

Written by Aaron Mathis Follow Him on Twitter @The_Real_Mathis After I wrote my last oped piece entitled A Working Man’s Case for Gary Johnson, I was contacted by several folks I know who asked me how I could vote for a presidential candidate who supports abortion. Understand, I am rabidly anti-abortion and pro-life. I think

Pro-Life Video Uses Science to Piss Off Pro-Abortion Advocates…

By: Liberty Laura *Drops link and slowly backs away*

I’m Pro-Life Because I’m Pro-Choice

By: Laura Meyers I’m pro-life because I’m pro-choice. It’s not really an antithesis if you think about it. I’m pro-choice because I believe in the individual. We must protect individuals rights to choose how to live their lives. We must think as individuals, not as a collective. Pragmatic group-think sucks if you’re the voiceless minority. Especially

Woman At DNC “Shouts” Her Abortion Story, Crowd Cheers

By: Liberty Laura Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America gave a speech yesterday at the Democratic National Convention and told the story of the time she aborted her first child because, “…it was the wrong time. I made the decision that was best for me,” she said. “To succeed in life, all we need

Gary Johnson Knocks It Out Of The Park On Bill Maher! [HD VIDEO]

Gary Johnson appeared on Bill Maher as the only sane option that is going to be on the ballot in all 50 states. He spoke of women’s right to choose, marriage equality, legalization, and cutting military spending by 20 percent. Maher admits he hopes Johnson gets in the debates! Check it out here: