Larry Sharpe: I want Austin Petersen to stay in the Libertarian Party!

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio Controversy broke out Friday evening as liberty champion, Austin Petersen, toyed with the idea of running for Senate as a Republican. READ MORE: AP4RP? 2018 Party Choice ‘No Easy Bake Decision’ for Libertarian Sweetheart Former Vice Presidential candidate, Larry Sharpe responded on Sunday via Facebook with an important

AP4RP? 2018 Party Choice ‘No Easy Bake Decision’ for Libertarian Sweetheart

Written By: Alex Furman Published in a closed Facebook group early Saturday evening (made public with his permission), 2016 Presidential candidate Austin Petersen expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of the Libertarian Party citing specifically low expectations and divisive infighting. Petersen then made a more serious suggestion- that he would rather “kiss the Trump ring” than associate with the

Thomas Massie Considered for Science Advisor to the President

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Current owner of Liberty Viral, The Libertarian Republic and former Libertarian presidential candidate, Austin Petersen, received an anonymous tip from someone on Donald Trump’s transition team. Representative Thomas Massie is being considered for Science Advisor to the President. Here is what Petersen can share with us: Hey, I work for the Trump transition

Bernie Sanders Calls for Free-Market Capitalism [VIDEO]

Written by Jeff Caldwell, II Yesterday United States Senator, Bernie Sanders, uploaded a video calling for free-market capitalism. The headline of the video reads, “We can import lettuce and tomatoes from farms all over the world, but somehow we cannot re-import from Canada brand name prescription drugs. That is why Americans are paying the highest prices in

Gary Johnson Gives Fox News a Lesson in Non-Interventionism [VIDEO]

Written by Alex Furman Follow Alex on Twitter @Elvisandhismom Breaking from tradition, libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s normally snoozish interview cadence picked up steam early Sunday morning during his interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News. Wallace pressed firm the Presidential candidate throughout the interview on everything from polling averages to taxes, but the Emmy-winning journalist only

4 Reasons Austin Petersen Won’t Be President in 2020

By: Jason Hinrichs Co-founder of The Reformed Collective, Seminary Student, and Austin Petersen Fanboy There’s nothing to look forward to in the 2016 election season. Instead, let us look forward and ask the right questions? Why will Austin Petersen not be in the oval office come 2020? Here are a few: 1. He Hates Safety

Meet the Bernie Sanders Supporter Arrested for Burning a Flag on Independence Day

By: Jeff Caldwell Bryton Mellott, a 22 year old Illinois man, was arrested on the 4th of July for burning an American flag on his property. According to Mellott’s Facebook page, his name is pronounced Turd Ferguson. He has many Bernie Sanders photos and posts, including a cover photo of an MTV image of Bernie holding a

Top 10 Libertarian Beards (Bearditarians) of 2016

By: Lauren Mckinnon Are you a Pogonphile? (That’s Greek for “beard lover.”) Who doesn’t love a burly man with a beard? We have found the Libertarian Party’s hottest of the hairy manbeasts, and compiled a completely gratuitous list for your enjoyment! These studly men are far from follicularly challenged, and sure know how to rock their

Mitt Romney 2016?

Pat Bolland of Sun News asked Austin Petersen if he thought Mitt Romney should run in 2016. His response would only surprise you if you didn’t know that Petersen – AKA Leif Bieberson – was a liberty champion!  

Progressive: ‘Libertarian Reagonomics Caused the Rise of ISIS’

Progressive talk show host Thom Hartmann argued on Russia Today that ‘libertarian Reagaonomics’ fueled the rise of ISIS in the Middle East. Hartman believes that too much economic freedom is what sparked the revolutions that became known as Arab spring. However, the facts are that the Tunisian fruit seller who immolated himself and started the