Man Rages on Cops After They Tased His Wife [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura In an altercation with police, an officer tased a man’s wife. After she collapses, the man goes off on the cops. Check it out:

Senator Tim Scott Says He’s Unfairly Targeted By Police Because Of Skin Color

By: Liberty Laura Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) spoke on the Senate floor yesterday, and delivered a power speech about the”deep divide” between communities and law enforcement, and while some police officers are good guys, others are not. “I’ve experienced it myself,” he explains. He told of instances in which he felt he had been unfairly targeted

CNN Commentator Says Black People Can’t Be Racist

By: Laura Meyers On CNN today, political commentator Marc Lamont Hill state that black people cannot be racist because they lack the “institutional power” required to “deploy racism.” Hill was asked to respond to comments made by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani calling the Black Lives Matter movement “racist.” “First of all, by the way, Black

Cop Fired After Threatening Little Girl on Facebook [PICTURES]

By: Jeff Caldwell Overland Park, Kansas Police Department immediately fired a police officer for his Facebook comment on a woman’s photo of her child. Lanaydra Williams lives in Dallas, TX. She says she doesn’t know anyone who lives in Overland Park. The former officer’s comment on William’s 2014 photo came a couple hours after the recent Dallas