Red Power Ranger Goes Rogue; Pleads Guilty to Killing Roommate with Sword

Ricardo Medina Jr, Former Power Rangers Actor has pleaded guilty to killing his former roommate Joshua Sutter with a sword after allegedly engaging in an argument over Medina’s girlfriend. Medina initially claimed self defense over the incident which now happened over two years ago in their apartment in Green Valley, California. He has since stated that he

Calexit is Anti-Liberty

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Jacob Nestle It’s not often that I wake up, check the news, and feel surprise anymore. I got over that during the Presidential campaign. Now, when President Donald Trump is following through with the things he said he’d do, I’m just trying not to throw things. You know

Government Returns 55 Pounds of Weed, Guns, Truck and More After Verdict

By: Jeff Caldwell, II I need this lawyer. No. No I don’t. But I do just in case. Michael Cindrich was able to obtain a “Not Guilty” verdict from a Los Angeles, California jury in a ten minute deliberation. Cindrich’s client has a medical cannabis card and rights to be a collective operator. A collective

Moron Beats Himself Up In Prison on Security Camera… Blames Cops… Gets Caught

Aleksandr Tomaszewski is having a bad day. But maybe he’d have an easier way of life, if he wasn’t such a moron. After being incarcerated by police from the Lane County Sheriff’s office, Tomaszewski decided to try and get himself out of trouble by kicking his own ass. What an idiot. He was on camera the

Video Emerges Of Male Teacher Brutally Dragging Girl Into Swimming Pool

“My top is falling down…” STOCKTON, CA – Teacher Denny Peterson of the Stockton Unified School District has been put on one month’s paid leave after video emerged of her dragging a female student into a pool. The unnamed student claims that she didn’t want to get into the pool because she had just had

California Assembly Passes Bill Banning Sale Of The Confederate Flag By The Government

The state of California’s legislatures passed a bill which outlaws the state government from displaying or selling items which feature the Confederate flag. The bill, which received only one ‘no’ vote, would still allow the flag in textbooks, museums and other educational type settings. The bill’s author, Isadore Hall (D-Compton) stated: “No Californian should be exposed to